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    Podcast #146 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin of “Entertainment Weekly”


    So glad to have Kristen Baldiwn from “Entertainment Weekly” back on the podcast for the third time. Always fun chopping it up with some TV talk with Kristen as being the TV critic for, she always has opinions on the shows we all watch, including the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” We also dive into Hannah’s upcoming appearance on DWTS, and we have a little 90210 talk because Kristen and I are loving the reboot. Not to mention, I actually text her during it because I can’t control my emotions sometimes ha ha. And then we end with a little fall preview from her regarding which upcoming shows you should be watching once the new season of TV starts. Posting early today since I’m off to Vegas this morning for my annual trip. Wish me luck. Wish basically means pray that there’s someone this weekend that can roll craps for a good hour or so. That’d be great. As always, if you want to respond to the … Continue reading

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    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Recap, BIP Reunion Taping Spoilers, & Episode #22 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

    Photo Credit: ABC

    As mentioned last week on Twitter, the BIP reunion taping that was held last week, will air on Tuesday night, Sept. 17th, the night after the DWTS premiere. We know this show tapes their reunion shows every season. Whether it’s BIP, the MTA, or the WTA, they’re always taped. However, this is the first time I can remember them waiting three weeks to air it. Usually the MTA and WTA are taped about 10 days before they air. But BIP was taped Aug. 27th and isn’t airing til Sept. 17th. Now, a lot can happen in that time, and seemingly there is stuff I’m hearing about at least one couple that might not even be together by the time that airs. I mean, we’ll see them leave that reunion as a couple, but in real time? I’m not so sure. I need to find out more about what’s going on with Tayshia and JPJ, but it certainly doesn’t look good. At the reunion, they showed her showing up … Continue reading

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    Podcast #145 – Interview with “Rob Has a Podcast’s” Melissa Deni Talking “Big Brother”


    Definitely mixing it up this week and doing something I haven’t done in 144 previous podcasts, and that’s talking “Big Brother.” I’ve never watched the show before this season (outside of the two celebrity editions), but because former podcast guest and friend Holly Allen was cast, I decided to give it a try. It’s definitely grated on my nerves at times (especially last night), and I think the show is ridiculously corny and annoying a lot of the time, if you take away the bells and whistles, it’s still a social game in the end. And you all know my favorite reality show has always been “Survivor” because I love how your fate is determined by the people that you inevitably have a hand in voting out. So I’ve stuck with it and I have a really good talk with Melissa Deni of “Rob Has a Podcast” today about it. I’m such a novice when it comes to this show, and she’s watched every season, so it was … Continue reading

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