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    “He Said, She Said” w/ Ashley Spivey – Episode 12

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    Our last episode of the “He Said, She Said” podcast of 2018 is upon us. Since two weeks from now is New Year’s Eve, figured it’d be pointless to release the podcast then. So our next episode #13, will be released on Jan. 8th, which is the day after Colton’s premiere. So keep that in mind moving forward and enjoy today’s podcast with two interesting callers dealing with two different issues. It also contains Ashley’s insistence that I see “Love Actually” at some point this holiday season, which is tough since I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time binging on “Beverly Hills 90210” from the past, so we’ll see. Anyway, that’s the latest on that. Hmmmm, lets see, anything else going on? Something in particular you’re waiting on? Why yes Steve, we are. I’m aware. I get hounded by it every day. All I can is it’s coming. You’ll get it. And there are some interesting things I’ve heard since the last update and I’ll tell you … Continue reading

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    Podcast #108 – Interview with Jonny Fairplay


    On a bit of a “Survivor” run with the finale coming up next week. Pretty funny how guests come together sometimes. When I had reality TV casting director Shannon McCarty on a couple weeks ago, I mentioned how nowadays you see people come on these shows just wanting to be like other people before them. I threw out the name Jonny Fairplay to her. Someone who was listening tweeted at him mentioning that I brought his name up, Jonny DM’ed me, we got talking, and here we are. Another podcast that I recorded this morning so we could talk about last night’s episode. Unbelievably enough, Jonny is someone I’d actually forgotten to inquire about as a podcast guest in the past. Tons of “Survivor” contestants as we know, and he’d just slipped my mind for whatever reason, even though he’s arguably the biggest villain in this show’s history. So great to finally have him on and, as you’d expect, he was as Fairplay as Fairplay can be. Everything … Continue reading

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    Podcast #107 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Stephen Fishbach


    Haven’t talked “Survivor” all season when we’re in the midst of one of the all-time greatest seasons they’ve had in recent memory. So who else would I turn to? The Survivor Know-It-All, Stephen Fishbach. One of my favorite guests because I could listen to this guy talk “Survivor” for hours on end. As I say every time when I talk to “Survivor” people, it’s my favorite reality show, always has been, I’ve watched every episode of every season, but if you ask me basic questions, I’d probably get many of them wrong. I just don’t retain a lot of info when it comes to this show, probably because it’s not my job. That’s why to hear Stephen recall things from years and seasons ago like it is nothing I’ll always find pretty fascinating. The guy is an encyclopedia when it comes to this show and we do a deep dive into “David vs Goliath” this season, even though it seems like there’s a clear cut winner. If you … Continue reading

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