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    Podcast #153 – Interview with Taylor Nolan and “Temptation Island’s” Ashley Goldson & (EXCLUSIVE) Peter’s Final Four


    Earlier this week Taylor Nolan announced on her podcast that she had broken up with her boyfriend of over a year, so I figured lets bring her on to talk about it and reports that suggested she may be open to a reconciliation with Derek. She sets the record straight on that along with other things on Podcast #153 today. And just as a heads up, this podcast takes a very sexual turn when we begin talking about Taylor becoming a licensed sex therapist. Topics of masturbation, threesomes, vibrators all are fair game this week, so in case your virgin ears don’t want to hear talk like that, just know you’ve been warned. Can’t say I’ve spoken to many 26 year olds who are as sexually open as Taylor is. Then again, can’t say I even speak to many 26 year olds in general, so maybe they’re all like this now. But wow, Taylor sure has no problem sharing a lot of her personal life today and I … Continue reading

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    Podcast #152 – Interview with Luke Parker & “Temptation Island’s” Casey Starchak


    Hope you cleared out a good 3 hrs of your day today because we’ve got a long one. Luke Parker joins me for a very insightful 2 hr conversation about his time on the “Bachelorette,” and needless to say, it’s a liiiiitle bit different than what you were shown. This does not mean he makes excuses for his behavior, it does not mean he doesn’t own up to the things he said and did either. What he does do is provide a perspective of where his head was at during a lot of filming, and maybe some of the things you didn’t see because they weren’t shown which may help explain some of his actions. A very interesting conversation to say the least. Then, Casey Starchak joins me to talk about his journey on “Temptation Island” this season, with episode #2 happening tonight on USA. I know a lot of people have already formed their opinion of Luke based on what they saw this season. All I ask … Continue reading

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    Podcast #151 – Interview with Ashley Howland of “Temptation Island”

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    Tonight is the premiere of “Temptation Island” on USA. The first episode has been online for a week now (and it’s included below), but in a switch up from last season where Kaci Campbell joined us every week, this season I’m gonna have one person from the four couples join me every week, which will cover 8 weeks. I was supposed to have another guest this week for the podcast, but things fell through, so for this week, it’s just Ashley. I spend the first 15 minutes discussing what’s going on in Peter’s season for those who aren’t following along on Twitter and IG. Also, I talk a little bit about the Rachel/Raven feud that I’m still continuously asked about on a daily basis. Have I heard what the issue is? Yes. But it’s not my place to chime in. If they want to address it, they will. I do however question the way in which Rachel is bringing this story about. I just don’t get it. The … Continue reading

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