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    Podcast #83 – Interview with the “Bachelor” Season 5’s Trish Schneider Cullins


    Gotta say it’s refreshing sometimes to talk to contestants that aren’t part of the current era of Bachelor Nation. Definitely got that today in speaking with Trish Schneider Cullins, who was arguably the first true villain this franchise ever had. She appeared on season 5 of the “Bachelor” with Jesse Palmer and made quite the name for herself. You still see her listed to this day as one of the all-time villains in any list a media outlet does when talking about past contestants. Then again, that was also 2004 that Trish was on and she basically set the standard. Now none of her stuff would be considered all that scandalous since we have characters like her essentially every season. But back 14 years ago, yeah, it was quite a big deal and she’s the contestant everyone was talking about the next morning after the “Bachelor” aired. We get into all of the antics she was involved in during today’s podcast, along with what she was doing before … Continue reading

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    Podcast #82 – Interview with “Entertainment Weekly’s” Dalton Ross, ABC Responds to the Lincoln Conviction, & “Dr. Reality Steve”


    Another fun podcast with a “Survivor” junkie as we’re joined by your #1 source (I think) for all “Survivor” news and goodies, and that’s “Entertainment Weekly’s” Dalton Ross. Honestly, one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever done and here’s why: you can tell by listening Dalton loves what he does. His passion for this show, and his coverage for a show that’s been on over 16 years and spanned 36 seasons is basically unprecedented on the internet. You just don’t see this type of coverage anywhere. Loved talking to Dalton about all aspects of the show, from his time covering it, his trips on location, to the career of Probst and his vital role in the franchise – all great stuff that if you’re a “Survivor” junkie, you’ll love this podcast. And seriously, if you’ve NEVER watched the show, I beg you to listen to this and tell me you didn’t learn a thing or ten just about TV in general or get a better understanding for … Continue reading

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    Podcast #81 – Interview with Lauren Bushnell


    Well it was a long time coming, but so glad I was able to finally get Lauren Bushnell on the podcast. Started the conversation with her about six months ago, we always wanted to do it around the launch of her wine, but it kept getting pushed back, and I know Lauren was always a little skeptical in regards to speaking about Ben and their relationship. She’s moved on, she’s had a boyfriend for a year now, and she knows anything she says about her past relationship can get taken out of context, misconstrued, etc. But she was honest about her thoughts on him telling both her and JoJo he loved them, their break up, the “Happily Ever After” show, and Ben’s podcast. I think she was very respectful of their relationship, but I get that it’s tough to talk about when it was over a year ago and you’re in a new relationship. So I thank Lauren again for opening herself up and being candid about how … Continue reading

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