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    Podcast #56 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Eliza Orlins


    I got caught up in running errands yesterday before my trip to California today so I never got around to writing your episode 1 recap. If you check my Twitter yesterday, I broke it down as well as I could in tweets, but next week, you will have your episode 1 recap, I promise. Lets face it, there was a part of me that was so giddy about seeing “The Last Jedi” tonight that it was hard to write the episode 1 recap. Not to mention, I was also prepping for Friday’s podcast that I’m taping in LA which you’ll hear next week. I’ll tweet out a picture of us Friday once we’re done. As for this week, so excited to venture into the “Survivor” world since it’s my favorite reality show of all-time hands down. And my first guest is a friend of mine, Eliza Orlins. You remember her from “Vanuatu,” and the first season of “Fans vs Favorites.” Had quite some memorable moments during her time … Continue reading

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    Podcast #55 – Interview with Johnny Bananas


    Podcast #55. One year anniversary of the Reality Steve Podcast. It’s Johnny Bananas. That’s about all you need to know. 75 minutes of pure, unadulterated, no BS from the greatest competitor in Challenge history. Although some of you who dislike him, and we know there are plenty, will argue that. We hit on that right off the bat. I love the fact that I can ask a question to him and get a 10 minute answer, like he did when I asked him about what went down with Sarah on “Rivals 3.” Even if you don’t like him, if you actually listen to what he says and the points he makes, he’s a really thoughtful guy and cares tremendously about this show. You can hear it in his voice. Something else to keep in mind when listening. We recorded this last Friday, Dec. 1st. So nothing that happened this past Tuesday night on Champs vs Stars was discussed and I didn’t bring up “Challenge: Vendettas” which aired its … Continue reading

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    Podcast #54 – (SPOILER) Your Final Four Breakdown & They’re Trying to Silence Me


    Last year when I started this podcast on December 5th, the first few I did were all just me talking. Didn’t really know the direction the podcast was going in. Once I started doing interviews, as you know, that’s been what it’s become. Taking it back “old school” today by having no guests and it’s just me talking. I will tell you the Final Four Breakdown in today’s podcast, but first wanted to explain to everyone what is going on and why I’ve pretty much been radio silent for the past week. Does it suck? Sure. This is no fun for me. But when the big bad wolf comes around and starts bullying me again and infringing on my freedom of speech, I have to defend myself. My podcast will explain everything that’s going on, and for people that don’t feel like listening for 30 minutes, these next few paragraphs are a condensed version of what I said, followed by your spoilers on Page 2. They’re trying to … Continue reading

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