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    Podcast #136 – Interview with Haley Stevens, the Ex-Girlfriend of Jed Wyatt


    A lot to cover in today’s podcast as we speak to the woman Jed was dating before he appeared on the “Bachelorette,” Haley Stevens. I know a lot of you have questions, I know a lot of you are sick of her, and I know a lot of you are calling her an opportunist. Just listen to the podcast. That’s all I ask. Haley has been a musician for 10 years, long before she met Jed. Yes, when she speaks out, coverage of her being musician is going to be known, but it’s not like she’s headlining at the Grand Ole Opry next week either. We cover everything from their relationship pre-show, how she handled things during filming, the interviews, she’s done, and post-show what’s been happening. There are spoilers in this so you’ve been warned. Also, there is a part around the 1 hour 14 min mark where Haley and I get our wires crossed and I reveal to her something about someone from Jed’s past who came to me after Haley’s story last … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jed’s Song, & Hannah Speaks Out

    Great googly moogly. Another wild ass day yesterday in Bachelor Nation with the amount of emails, calls, and texts I was fielding. There will be a good payoff, I promise, just need to get everything in order. This season has turned into a real sh**show onscreen and a crazy ass one off screen, that’s for sure. Don’t worry. Nothing is changing about the spoiler. That’s intact. There’s just so many other things going on, and things I hear, that I have to determine once again the validity of everything I hear. Sometimes it’s easier than others. But this season hasn’t been nearly as cut and dry as season’s past, so there’s a lot more digging that needs to be done. What I do know is when I made the spoiler change last week, it was the right call. And thank God I did, because as you’ll read in a few of the “Reader Emails” this week, was running that story last Tuesday no matter what from what I’m hearing. And I had no idea … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

    The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 6 Recap, Vegas Party Date Set for Next Year, & More from Jed’s Girlfriend

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Lets get this out of the way first since you won’t hear much more on this until next January. Some people that have contacted me about next year’s party already know this, but I can now make it public. Next year’s 6th Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party will be Friday, June 5th, 2020 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. One thing I can tell you is that there will be a maximum number of people I set next year, and it’ll be lower than this years. This is first come, first serve. Anyone can come. I won’t have the hotel discount code until next January probably. I don’t even know if airlines are offering flights now for June of next year, but anyone who books a flight and shows me their itinerary is confirmed for the party, as long as it’s not already full. If you’re local and driving, a hotel booking is all I need. And if you’re a Vegas local, I understand that emergencies can happen, but I ask that you please … Continue reading

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