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    Podcast #125 – Interview with Katheryn Golden & Nicole Tutewohl of “Temptation Island” & Some “Bachelorette” Filming Notes


    We continue our journey through “Temptation Island” this week with two more podcast guests, including our first “single” from the show. Katheryn Golden, the blonde who was John’s overnight date joins us first to talk about her journey and she has plenty to say. I knew Katheryn would be fun to talk to but even she exceeded my expectations. She certainly has no filter and doesn’t hold back in expressing her views, which is refreshing. She is up first, and then she’s followed by Nicole Tutewohl, who recorded with me while on a vacation in Maui of all places, where TI was filmed. Since we had Karl on last week, figured it’d be best to have Nicole on this week. Nicole gives her side of things, which in all honesty, pretty much matched up a lot with what Karl said. However, Nicole does fill us in on what really happened during their breakup at the final bonfire which is something I don’t think any of us knew. As always, if you want to reply to … Continue reading

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    Podcast #124 – Interview with Karl Collins and Evan Smith of “Temptation Island” & Some “Bachelorette” Filming Notes

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    More good “Temptation Island” stuff today as we have an over 2 hour podcast talking to two of this season’s major characters, Karl Collins and Evan Smith. Karl is up first talking about everything that went down with his relationship with Nicole, where he thinks it went wrong, where is he at with Brittney now, and even where things are at with Nicole now. That and much more with Karl. Then Evan joins me for a, shall we say, sometimes spirited debate on everything that happened on the island with Kaci, things going on post-show, their relationship pre-show, and how things are with Morgan now. I know a lot of you are expecting some giant fireworks between us due to the social media war that seemed to be going down last week, but you might want to temper your expectations. We talk about a lot, Evan shares his side, I share my thoughts, and for the most part, I think it went well. It was a tough position to be in because there were certainly … Continue reading

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    Podcast #123 – Interview with “Temptation Island” Host Mark Walberg & Kaci Campbell


    Probably one of the more anticipated podcasts in a while coming at you today, as I talk with the host of “Temptation Island,” Mark Walberg, and our final conversation of the season with Kaci Campbell where we can address a lot of things that we couldn’t during the season. I first wanna say that Mark’s insight to this show is excellent. His analysis of these couples is so spot-on and the advice he gives is really second to none. One of my favorite people to talk to. I’m guessing we will no doubt have him on again at some point during season 2. Maybe have him on in the beginning to preview everything then at the end again to give us a wrap up. After listening to him today, you’ll know why. I could listen to him dissect this show for hours. As for Kaci, we dive into everything. It’s all out on the table. It’s emotional at times for her, I think it’s cathartic at times, and at times I think there’s clarity. One … Continue reading

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