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“Reader Emails” Incl Bachelor Wines, The Twins Possibly Getting a Show, & Josh Speaks Out on the Breakup

Hey Steve,

I know you’re not doing the reader emails on your blog right now, but I recall you saying in an article that if we e-mailed you with some questions, you would possibly get back to us so here it goes:

1. I know it’s never happened on The Bachelor before, but do you think there will ever be a chance that the number 2 girl will be let go before the final rose ceremony? Why has it never happened on The Bachelor, but it has happened four times on The Bachelorette? I think it’s possible, but 21 straight seasons where it hasn’t happened, my guess is it’s unlikely. They seem to like to embarrass that final girl. As to why it’s never happened? I have no idea.

2. Do you think the producers would ever let two girls with the same name be in the final two or would it just be too confusing for the audience because I believe the closest they’ve ever gotten to that were two Sarah’s in the final three of Charlie’s season? Hmmmmm, well American Idol had David Cook and David Archuleta in the finals, so why not? A strange, but good question though. That would be kinda weird, wouldn’t it? Not so much that it’s an announcement like on Idol where you have to wait to hear the person’s last name to win, but more so for magazines and all media outlets, every single time leading up to the finale having to specify each girl with a last initial. Just seems it wouldn’t be fun to do.

And a couple fun ones for you…

3. If you could’ve had any one Bachelor’s cast of girls, which season’s cast would you choose (i.e. Juan Pablo’s girls, Sean’s girls, etc.)? The ones that jump out at me are Ben Flajnik’s and Ben Higgins’. Juan Pablo’s weren’t bad overall either now that I think about it. That’s tough.

4. If you could’ve been cast on one season of The Bachelorette, which one would it have been? The one “Bachelorette” I always liked was Jen Scheft. Granted, that was ages ago, but at the time, she was the cat’s meow for me. But I’m assuming you probably meant in recent years, you know, when the show has become a pop culture phenomenon. Hmmmmm, I think I have two answers for this. I think Andi is the best looking “Bachelorette” in recent seasons. I mean, they’re all good looking, but I’ve always found Andi very attractive. But if you’re asking legitimately who do I think I would’ve enjoyed being around the most? Ashley Hebert for sure.

Oh, and I have also noticed a little pattern in when they switch it up with casting their leads a little bit. It’s probably nothing, and I’m probably over-analyzing this way too much but…

I noticed that three seasons before Nick’s, they pulled the “double Bachelorette” thing. Three seasons before that, they had Juan Pablo who never even had a one-on-one with Desiree and didn’t even make it to the final five. Three seasons before that was Emily who won her season of The Bachelor. Lastly, three seasons before that was Brad Womack who was coming back for a second try.

Probably nothing, but I just thought I’d bring it up anyway. Maybe we’ll see come the time of the fourteenth Bachelorette. Whether you respond to me or not, thanks for your time, and good luck on another season of spoiling!

Comment: Well that’s the first I’ve ever thought of that. Definitely interesting to note, but I guess we won’t know if it means anything til future seasons happen.

Hi Steve,

Long time fan starting with DeAnna Pappas’ season. I was wondering why the franchise never does updates with Blake and Holly (Durst) Julian…they MET on Bachelor Pad – got Engaged on the taped finale with a Neil Lane ring and actually GOT married and it seems are happily married. She was crowned Mrs. South Carolina so it would seem she at least likes publicity. Are they trying to shy away from Bachelor Nation or is someone not fond of them? Maybe because Holly took a sandblaster to her face and people won’t recognize her anymore. Not to mention, over the holidays I must’ve had 3 or 4 emails asking me what’s going on with Holly and Blake because she never posted about him anymore and was making cryptic IG posts. I haven’t heard anything either way with them, which is probably a good thing. I don’t have the highest opinion of Holly and haven’t for a while. But honestly, I have no idea why the show doesn’t keep up with them or if there’s any truth to the emails I’ve gotten.

I also want to say that I think you are actually being too humble. I think you were at least a factor in choosing Nick. I think they are trying to combat the spoilers by letting the couples be on display and choosing Nick when I actually think they were going to go with Luke. I do not think they were trying to mess with him, I think they changed their mind. One of the reasons I believe is to surprise everyone (thus you had something to do with it); but I also wonder how Luke tested … he is soft spoken and gentle and sweet and maybe…boring? Just my thoughts. I really don’t think I had anything to do with the decision. Someone told me that Chris Harrison went on Heather McDonald’s podcast recently and I guess confirmed the reports that I mentioned all the way back on Juliet Litman’s podcast in September, that I’d heard Luke was being a diva about wanting his music on the show, but the show wanted full control. Apparently Chris Harrison mentioned the same thing on Heather’s podcast as the reason it didn’t work with Luke. This is coming from a tweet or email I can’t remember, but if anyone who heard that podcast and can confirm it, that’d be great.

I know you are very cynical about EVERY contestant that comes on the show … but with the recent increase (it seems) in marriages and even children…wouldn’t you agree SOME of them are sincere in looking for love…like Jade and Tanner and Ashley and J.P.?

Keep up the good work – see you next year.

Comment: I can’t say that I think they’re sincere in looking for love. I think all of them come on for the experience and IF they fall in love, it’s a bonus. But it’s really an impossible question to have an answer to when you think about it. My opinion is, the show has changed so much, social media has really “destroyed” any sincerity the show was trying to achieve, and it’s impossible for me personally to take these people seriously anymore.

Podcast #4….Oh… and Chris Soules is an alcoholic.

When you do reader emails…
Can you address/confirm or deny this data from your end?

Don’t think u ever revealed that…But….seems plausible.

Comment: I think Abby said that. I’d heard rumors over the years that Chris loved to get his drink on. As for is he an alcoholic? That I don’t know.

Hi Steve,

I might be super late to this news but are Becca and Robert officially dating now? It certainly looks like it. Yes. They released a statement (or at least Becca did) some time in December I believe.

Also, just wondering – any updates on Kaitlyn/Shawn or Ben/Lauren? Which do you think will get married first (if at all)?

Thanks! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Comment: Looking like both are going to. But like I’ve always said, I will believe it when they walk down the aisle. I’ve seen too many couples from this franchise say all the right things, post all the right pictures, and basically swear up and down the person they chose they were going to marry and it didn’t happen. So we’ll see.

It is sad to hear your funny witty dry sense of humor l have enjoyed these past many years be dragged down by the use of foul language. I do not understand the necessity of these expletives- when you have been given such gifts of expression that are far and above the opposite. Why?

Please refrain – you are a classy guy and do not need to use those words, that in fact, may have the opposite effect.

Have a blessed day!

Comment: I have done 5 podcasts now. Those 5 podcasts have totaled almost 3 hours of airtime. I believe in episode 2 I cursed three times. And that’s been it.

Can’t win for tryin’ I guess.

Hi Steve, I love your site. It’s made watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette so much more interesting.

I have a question for you. Do you know who the first contestant was to use the phrase, “not here for all the right reasons”? It’s become such a catch phrase, used in satires of the show, etc. I assume it was a female contestant,
but not sure.

Comment: Interesting question, but I don’t have the slightest clue. I don’t think it was ever some major moment in show history though. I think it just became a “thing” every season, that it just caught on because there was always someone there accusing someone else for being there for the wrong reasons.

Hey Steve, do you know what CH was talking about in his “women to watch” article when he said Raven is a sweetheart but doesn’t let anyone walk over her and the women find that out? I took it to mean she stands up to someone and wondered what it could be. She’s probably my pre-season favorite and it seems she’s kind of hidden in all the promos.

Appreciate the spoilers.

Comment: Not sure if it was any one specific moment or instance that he was referring to. If he is, I don’t know about it. I wouldn’t say that Raven was hidden. Granted, in episode 1 she never got major time with Nick that we saw, but, did get an intro video, a memorable limo entrance, and a few ITM’s. Definitely others way more hidden than her. But definitely an early favorite and I really think it’s a Rachel/Raven showdown for “Bachelorette.”

Hi, Steve! Apparently you can create groups for the Bachelor Fantasy League as Caila has created one. I’m not sure what they are for exactly, but I was wondering if you had created one so I could join. Also, I love your podcasts! They have been great so far, and the fourth one with the listener calls was definitely my favorite. It was very interesting to hear specific details from that reporter about Nick’s ego. I can’t wait to hear more calls from listeners. Hopefully you will be able to get Olivia on soon. Anyway, hope you have a great day!

Comment: I have not created a group. I did answer all the questions for Week 1, but I know I’ll be bad and forget future weeks. It’s just not all that important to me. Plus, if God forbid my name got pulled in the drawing and I won, 1) I doubt they would let me go 2) I wouldn’t want to go. So I’m basically just doing the contest to see if I can get every single question right.

It’s not looking good for Olivia. She knows I want her. But I think she’s scared off by the whole “Reality Steve” thing because she does other people’s podcasts. I would absolutely love to have her, but I’m not gonna force it. I’ve contacted her, she knows I want her on and I told her it’s up to her. Ball is in her court now.

I think I have a good guest lined up for next week’s podcast as well that has ties to the “Bachelor” franchise. Many fans I think are familiar with this person.

Hey Steve,

I read your column religiously. I find it funny how no one ever mentions getting their spoilers from you 🙂 anyways, i was watching the blogger @SomethingNavy’s live video on insta during beginning of Nick’s show and she said to her followers:

“Guys i did something bad. I went on “reality-” no i won’t tell you all but i read who the final four are and spoiled it for myself”

Just wanted to let you know she ALMOST shouted you out haha what is it about not giving up your name?

Thanks for all the columns! I love them!

Comment: Never heard of that person before so I have no idea why they wouldn’t say my name. But I’ve come to realize that people like to claim my spoilers as their own and there’s nothing I can do. When major media outlets blatantly do it, I’ll point it out. But some person I’ve never heard of on IG I have no interest in wasting my time with. It is what it is. People know where to come to get their spoilers for this franchise. Been doing it for 7 years now and the site has taken off because of it. I wouldn’t sweat something on IG like that.


I can’t stand how you just can’t let Nick have a happy ending. You’re already trashing Vanessa and it’s only been one episode! It’s so obvious you can’t stand Nick, are jealous of him and want to see him fail! I could’ve predicted you were gonna say that Vanessa a villain because you want to see them fail so you can be right. I used to love reading your stuff but now it’s so biased and one sided I just laugh at it.

How do you know Nick and Vanessa are having issues? She looks so happy in all of her IG posts and you can tell he adores her. They are perfect for each other and your so called “sources” are probably feeding you wrong info again like Kaitlyn and Shawn! Remember that????? Your pathetic and so is your site. I’ll take my readings elsewhere. Too doo loo!

Comments: Bye.

And it’s “you’re.”



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