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“Reader Emails” Incl Bachelor Wines, The Twins Possibly Getting a Show, & Josh Speaks Out on the Breakup

We had a mad rush of emails from last night into this morning, which was good because we were running really low as late as yesterday afternoon. Thanks for getting your emails in. Remember, “Dr. Reality Steve” tomorrow, and I’m extending to anyone who has a Dr. Reality Steve question if you want to be part of the podcast. I can record it today, we don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want for fear of someone knowing you and your story, or whatever. But I think doing one a week on the Thursday podcast would definitely be a good fit. Right now we have two “Dr. Reality Steve” emails for the column, so we need more of those. Hoping to get 5 or 6. The column will still be up with those in them, but yeah, would like to do one Skype call and add it to the podcast. Juliet Litman from the “Ringer” will be tomorrow’s guest, and obviously we have a ton to talk about, so that’ll be fun. Podcast #4 with listener calls got such a good response, I’m sure at some point this month in a bonus podcast I’ll release another one assuming people want to call in and be part of it. But the weekly Thursday podcasts will most likely always have a guest, then I’ll verbally do a “Reader Email” that may or may not have made it into today’s column, and then hopefully one “Dr. Reality Steve” call-in. Think of it as Loveline and I’m your Dr. Drew. Except without the degree and fancy mumbo jumbo doctor speak.

Did you see that you can now purchase Bachelor wines? Makes sense for them to capitalize on this, but I’d like to hear from someone that actually purchased these and have drank them already. Are they even any good? Or does this taste like any other $10 bottle you can get at the grocery store on your way to a house party that you feel the need to bring something over? If anyone’s bought these, gimmie your review of them.

Saw this story last week and got excited. It’s funny, because I think I said this a year ago. I know I specifically mentioned it to Juliet Litman on the last podcast I did with her in September wrapping up “Bachelor Pad.” I always said I thought someone should give these two a one hour show to just say and do stupid, blonde silly things. Hilarity will ensue. I mean, I doubt they’re getting a show so they can do book reports for us and break down the US economy. It’s basically gonna be the “Simple Life” 2017. They know what kind of characters this show wants them to be, they’ve played in masterfully on Ben’s season then on “Paradise,” so it’ll be just be more of that. Count me in!

For all those that have asked me over the years if a family actually lives in the “Bachelor” mansion and how does it all work, well, here’s your answer. Don’t you think it’s a given now that one of the kids in this family will go o the show just for storyline purposes. Then they’ll make sure one of the other contestants in the house does some property damage to the house which will then in turn piss the child off? It’s inevitable right? Those kids are mostly of age to be on this show now. Gotta make it happen.

And finally, after 3 weeks of neither Amanda or Josh acknowledging their breakup, now both have spoken out on the matter in back-to-back days. Yesterday I posted what Amanda said, now here’s Josh’s thoughts on the breakup. Which again goes to show, no matter what these people post on social media, and now matter how many kissy selfies they take, or staged photo shoots of them looking lovingly into each other’s eyes – it means nothing in terms of if that particular couple will get married someday. Instagram couples show you what they WANT you to see, not what’s really happening. Get used to it.

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  1. yoyotono

    January 4, 2017 at 10:13 PM

    Why is Freeform picking up all these Bachelor spin offs all of a sudden? Is it due to it being two different ABC-owned channels?(dumb question, I know)

    I did not watch Ben and Lauren’s show, they are an adorable couple but not good TV. I will definitely watch Emily and Haley’s show, they are hilarious and have spunk.

    I also think it would be great to get Olivia on your podcast (I know you’ve reached out to her already), I actually liked Olivia. She was supposed to be “the villain” and edited to look that way, but if you filmed anyone for several weeks it’s not hard to edit anyone with a personality to look anyway you choose. Some women can not live around a ton of other women 24/7, especially with limited distractions (TV, internet…etc). I know for a fact that I can’t do it.

    The Shark girl was adorable in the first episode of Nick’s season. Right now I pick the Shark girl to be the next Bachelorette.

  2. rob22

    January 5, 2017 at 7:32 AM

    The Ben & Lauren show was a lot like the Bachelor since every episode featured other Bachelor/Bachelorette alums. The “hook” in the show was the (probably manufactured) drama around whether Ben was getting cold feet about the wedding & the edit that Lauren was becoming high maintenance (true/manufactured, who knows?). Other than that, you had Chad show up during a camping trip of alums, the Twins regular presence, a lot of BIP couples and etc. I think Ashley I was there at one point. Probably about a dozen former contestants participated & I’m probably understating. So, I think Freeform is just taking popular couples and inserting them into semi-real life, mixing in some alums & the typical Bachelor drama formula & hoping Bachelor fans will watch. They might even add in a televised wedding where there is interest and possible ratings. Just consider those shows to be Bachelor spin-offs and it becomes more understandable. But obviously they won’t draw the ratings ABC needs, therefore they fall to one of their cable channels. I didn’t see the ratings for Ben/Lauren, but if they were decent, I’m sure that will drive more and more of these types of shows.
    As you might imagine, the show wasn’t too interesting and if the alums hadn’t been there to spice it up it would have been at zero.

  3. jlal

    January 12, 2017 at 9:19 AM

    I don’t like Nick at all. I know they’re all on for their careers, but he seems to really be lacking in sincerity. Plus, can’t stand to listen to him talk, all slushy like he has marbles in his mouth. Drives me crazy. I think he mumbles to cover his speech impediment.

    Also, what is wrong with this site. It is so slow? I don’t have that issue with other sites, so know it is just this one.

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