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“Reader Emails” Incl Bachelor Wines, The Twins Possibly Getting a Show, & Josh Speaks Out on the Breakup

Hey Reality Steve

Love your site and your spoilers- I’ve wanted to go to your annual party the last 2 yrs but was pregnant once and couldn’t the next… Some day I’ll get there, it’s on the bucket list!! Stay tuned, as there could be a Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party announcement coming soon. Trying to finalize the date and location as we speak.

Anywho my ? Is do you think Danielle M has a shot at bachelorette? I know you say they have a formula and she’s not in the final 4, but she makes it to final 6 and just seems to have the real it factor- she’s beautiful and seems like she will be portrayed as reallylikeable… Just a thought. from social media standpoint she sends so well liked. I’m rooting for Rachel but as long as you keep spoiling I’ll keep watching no matter who the lead is!


Comment: I’m not gonna say she has zero shot based on what the show has pulled the last few seasons, but I think it’s very unlikely. Definitely attractive, has a tragic back story, but seems much too reserved and shy to be the female lead of this show. Who knows? Maybe she livens up as the season goes on, but the impression I get is the show would overwhelm her.

hey Steve,

I’m not typically much of a conspiracy theorist, but Nick being…well, Nick, can’t help but think something’s very fishy about his final four. From a suspicious eye, it sure seems like his final four choice is his deliberate attempt to muscle ABC and Bachelor producers into appointing its first black Bachelorette. After all, if your final 4 proves to be correct, which I’m sure it will, they will have no excuses NOT to choose their first black lead in Rachel, assuming she is likeable and normal as it appears she is. Let’s see … they won’t choose #2 because the rarely do, they won’t choose #4 because Nick made sure to keep that spot saved for an unpickable, unlikable nutjob like Corrine…so #3 Rachel it is. Checkmate, Nick. Thoughts?

Comment: Impossible to say this final four was “deliberate” in an attempt to give them their first black “Bachelorette.” If Rachel is chosen, I’m sure there are those that will think that. Something I mentioned back when I spoiled the ending on Nov. 22nd. But if she isn’t, then that theory held no water. Lets just see how it plays out.

Hi Steve,

Happy New Year! I’m excited for the new season and your recaps. I’m also enjoying the podcasts a lot, it’s easier for me to follow than the video since I usually had just the audio on for that.

This is neither here nor there, but I just found out I’m very distantly (through marriage) related to Josephine. My husband has met her a handful of times. Makes watching the show that much more interesting knowing I have a connection to someone I’m making fun of.

Anyway, here’s my random Bachelor question since your reader emails are low. Hopefully it’s enough time to make it in. I was thinking about how Nick has now made 4 Bachelor franchise appearances. I forget how many Chris B made (was it 4 as well)? I think it’s been about a year and a half since Chris B has “retired” from the franchise. Are you surprised that he’s actually stayed away? Or have you heard anything to the contrary? I definitely respect him for realizing how it’s negatively impacted his life.

Thanks for keeping us entertained!

Comment: Chris Bukowski actually was on 5 shows. Emily’s season, Bachelor Pad 3, showed up for the first night on Andi’s season trying to be a contestant. Then was on “Bachelor in Paradise” 1 & 2. He’s the only one to do five. Remember, on “After Paradise” they did that whole thing and he gave this whole speech (not to mention a blog post) where he talked about how the show had consumed his life, he lost relationships over it, etc. So based on what he said then, and I commended him for it, I’m not surprised he stayed away. If he ever comes back, that’ll make that post and his “retirement” meaningless.

Hi Steve,

Longtime faithful reader here. Congrats on the podcast. They are awesome! I’m loving your success, it’s extremely well deserved. That being said, here is my question for you…for an upcoming season, would you ever consider NOT releasing your spoilers until episode 2 or 3 maybe? It’s so incredibly annoying that every blogger, tv show host, “bachelor nation” blogger etc manages to nail the final four and the “winner” after episode 1 every season. I would personally love for you to hold onto your info a bit just to show them that without you, they could never guess strictly off the episode. Just a thought, as I’d love to see your rub it in that EVERYONE reads your spoilers regardless of what they say. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Comment: No. There’s just no point to hold on to the ending for longer than I need to. People expect spoilers so I give it to them. I don’t concern myself with others who pretend they don’t read or haven’t heard then magically “guess” the final four and winner. Happens every season. Like I always say, I talk “Bachelor” and give inside information and spoilers, and other places talk about me. Let them.

Hey Steve,

I love your blog and your spoilers! Just some questions that I have regarding last night’s premiere.

I am very curious as to your thoughts on how Vanessa will be portrayed during this season. I know you said she wasn’t well-liked but do you think they will downplay the extent of what really went down? Or do you think they will try to make Rachel look really good for the sake of The Bachelorette? I know we can’t necessarily predict the edit each contestant is going to get but I’m curious to see your thoughts.

Also a quick side note about Andi and Kaitlyn on Kimmel last night. Was it just me or was Andi trying really hard to sell the fact that her and Nick are friends? I mean it’s an ironic front especially after she essentially trashed him in her book.

Thanks for all the spoiling you do!

Comment: Well, you kinda answered the question about the edit. We don’t know. I have no idea what they’ll show. I gotta assume they’ll show the Rachel/Vanessa argument since it was a big deal at the time, but who knows. I report what I was told happened, but yeah, can’t control what editors are going to do. Vanessa wasn’t the most well liked in the house, but I really don’t know how much they’ll show. Nikki was very disliked my most others in the house and she got a favorable edit and they chose to leave a lot of stuff out, so maybe the same happens with Vanessa. Maybe it doesn’t. We’ll know as the season goes on.

Andi and Nick aren’t close to being friends, so whatever she was trying to sell, nobody should buy.

Could you go more into detail about the fights between Rachel and Vanessa? and why she wasn’t well liked in the house?

Thank you!

Comment: I assume the group date after party in Wisconsin is one thing. Using her time with Nick to “warn” him about Danielle L. is never a popular thing. The Rachel fight in Bimini is another. I shared with you what I know. I don’t know exact details of the fight with Rachel. It happened, it was heated, and the girls were on Rachel’s side. I’m not sure when their beef started, what caused it start, but it came to a head in Bahamas.

And again, I feel like already I’m going to have to repeat myself a lot on this throughout the course of the season, but just because Vanessa wasn’t the most well liked in the house, doesn’t mean I hate her. It doesn’t mean I have it out for her. It doesn’t mean she’s never going to find love in her life, and she’s a miserable person who will die alone someday. It means that for those 8 weeks of filming, in a house with 29 other girls chosen randomly by a casting department trying to piece together an entertaining television show, that she wasn’t one of the more popular ones – and nothing more. If they all love her now post show, great. Most people do get over things once this show is over. I’m just telling you what was true during filming, and that there were more than one or two girls who didn’t like her. Consensus I heard was that she was not the most popular and rubbed people the wrong way.

Hi Steve:

Long time follower of your website, and I finally got to view one of your recommendations. Thanks to my daughter’s Netflix subscription, I managed to watch the first 4 seasons of Friday Night Lights over the holidays… One of the best, and I’m not even a big football fan (grew up on baseball). So… Thanks for the gift! I know you’ve stated it in your writings, but I don’t remember, which was your favorite season? I’ll be watching season 5 shortly…That’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. It’s hard to say. I guess I’ll always be partial to season 1 because it started it all, but it’s all excellent.

Also, am enjoying your podcasts… Though I faithfully watched your videos, they were sometimes a bit painful – so much better now! Good luck with continued success in 2017, and thanks for all you do…

Happy New Year Steve!

I’m not sure if you’re starting to take reader questions yet? Here are some for when you get started:

1.) What was with all of the red dresses? Do you think producers persuaded some women to wear red (like saying, “You know, Nick really loves when women wear red!”) to create some controversey? It seems like if they wanted more balanced colors on the first night, they would have just asked some to change into different dresses. Absolutely they did.

2.) Your conversation on your podcast with the blogger who knows Nick was VERY interesting. He seems well-liked within the franchise though. What do other contestants/his friends (like Ashley I., the twins, and other cast members with whom he hangs out) think of his inflated ego? No idea, but it’s basically impossible to get an honest opinion of him from those people because they’re always going to back him. I just can’t take anything they say regarding Nick very seriously. Too many things I know, some of which I’ve seen directly, to know otherwise.

3.) Any intel on Ben and Lauren? They used to post frequently on social media, but have really tapered back and the few posts they do share don’t regularly include each other. Recently they spent Christmas apart (she in Oregon and he in Indiana). Is a break up on the horizon for them?

Comment: No. Don’t follow either of them so I have no idea what their social media is like. Never watched their show either, so I really have no idea what’s going on with them.

Hi Steve,

Hope this makes the cut for reader emails this week- can’t remember what day you do them.

My opinion on the Liz thing is basically just that she is embarrassing herself. To me, any girl who says she likes that a guy doesn’t remember her after having sex needs to find her dignity. Not bashing anyone who has casual drunk sex, go for it if it’s your thing. But to actually say she likes that he doesn’t remember her and that it’s mysterious? Hell, I’d feel like a creepy stalker if I showed up after sleeping with someone once 9 months ago and never speaking to them again. He obviously didn’t care to track her down, and I think she’s smart enough to realize that and probably just wants to get the bachelor fame perks like her BFF jade. That’s my theory- Agree or disagree? I agree she should’ve never come on the show in the first place. She was planted there by producers for a storyline and nothing more. They knew the second they cast her she wasn’t lasting, but I’m guessing they convinced her it was a good idea. She’s not the first contestant to be lied to and swindled by producers and won’t be the last.

Maybe I’m the only one who’s seeing this, but I don’t see why the reasoning she gave for coming on was so bad. Yes, she shouldn’t have done it because she was never going to win, but once she did, ok. She had sex with him, knew about his reputation back then, had no interest in giving him her number because she probably just felt it was a fun night, his reputation precedes him, so why even bother. Then she does watch BIP and sees something that maybe she didn’t see that night or this idea she had in her head about him, and then realizes she can at least try. So, I can see her thought process up to that point, BUT, once she got to that point, she should’ve just said, “But yeah, I had my chance, maybe I shouldn’t have pre-judged him and no need to explore further.” But I guess she was convinced otherwise.

My actual question I have is hypothetical.. Say Rachel is the next bachelorette- do you think they would still do their usual 3ish black guys and the rest white? Or would they cast a lot more minorities and make it actually diverse?

I hate how much thought I put into this show but love it at the same time. Thanks for being my bachelor outlet- Have a good week!

Comment: Well this season I believe has 7 or 8 non-white women on the show. If Rachel is the “Bachelorette,” I’m guessing we’ll get more than 7 or 8 black guys. I would like to think the cast would be more diverse. But again, with this show, you can’t be surprised by anything they do.

Hey Steve,

Love the podcasts, they absolutely catapulted your site to a new level.

I finally watched the first episode of the Bachelor and it hit me that this was a fantastic business deal produced by Nick and ABC.

Nick’s time at Salesforce in addition to all of the training and coaching he has received in LA paid off in putting him in the Bachelor driving seat.

This completely benefits Nick’s brand while giving ABC exactly what they wanted. Nick will deliver all of the goodies: drama, tears, candidness, backstory and the first African American finalist.

On night one the world fell in love with Rachel Lindsay. Rachel is smart, beautiful and dynamic and I hope she benefits from this franchise just as much as Nick has.

Listening to Nick talk ever so insincerely is quite entertaining and his “journey” has been perfectly staged.

All I keep thinking of is Jen and how she was just another stepping stone for Nick.

Thanks to Nick this season will be hand delivered wrapped with a perfect bow to ABC. Everyone wins.

Can’t wait for the next podcast!

Comment: Thanks for your thoughts. I’m guessing Jen feels exactly the same way. Played like a fiddle.

I was shocked at how much of an accent Kristina had! I thought she was adopted super young? I’m surprised she still has that Russian accent

Comment: I don’t know when she was adopted. Never looked into it. But yeah, her accent is pretty thick. As I tweeted out on Monday, she’s absolutely a Russian spy sent over by Putin to invade our reality TV landscape. All part of his master plan.

Always appreciate the work that you do, but I have a question about Jimmy Kimmell. Why do you believe he gets his info from your site?

ABC has already had him cross over onto the show, meaning the relationship is there, so isn’t it possible he just gets his information straight from the show people? They tell him which girls to pick, intentionally using one incorrect pick to give the illusion that he is actually watching the show.

Comment: Because it’s out there every season before he tapes that first show, and every season he basically has the same final four and winner. And since my site is the only one on the internet that consistently does it, it’s not hard to believe it’s where he gets it from. Could he get it straight from show people? I guess. But I really don’t think they are feeding him secrets of the show. Nor do I think he would go out of his way to ask for them.

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