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“Reader Emails” Incl Bachelor Wines, The Twins Possibly Getting a Show, & Josh Speaks Out on the Breakup

Just watched Jimmy Kimmel. Sea change from ABC’s previous efforts at secrecy. Looks like they finally gave up the ghost. How can anyone still do that new Bachelor Fantasy Game?

Comment: This email was sent in before yesterday’s column was posted, but yeah, go back and check that out. The fantasy game isn’t “whoever has the most points” wins. Tons of people are getting tons of points = tons of entries. And then they just draw a name at random. Someone with 500,000 entries by the end of it could end up getting picked, or someone who has 10. Your chances are basically slim and none to win that thing.

Okay, this has been killing me. On the Sunday special, last night’s episode, and during the season preview Corinne kept mentioning she runs her family’s multi-million dollar business. I’ve been trying to Google it but I can’t find anything. Any insight as to what it is, or if it even exists? Thank you!

Comment: Armor Garage in Florida is owned by her dad. She’s a glorified secretary essentially. She doesn’t own sh**. Nor will she ever. You honestly think if her dad said to her, “Honey, I’m retiring. You are now taking over our garage flooring business” Corinne would have any interest in that? Of course not. She’s spoiled, she has a nanny, she lives off mommy and daddy’s money, and she’s interested in being famous. Not a hell of a lot of depth there. Maybe she’ll eventually be a multi millionaire one day, but it certainly won’t be because she becomes CEO of a garage flooring business.

An old journalism friend of mine made reference to this on Facebook this morning:

My New Year’s resolution: to respond to all criticism with this quote:

“My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

Hilarious and certainly in the running for all time greatest bachelor line.

Is it just me, or is the program getting progressively more salacious?

Comment: They try and ramp up the sex factor every season. Corinne is giving them TV gold. I’ll be willing to bet, if not guarantee, that Corinne will have that phrase on a t-shirt or tank and selling it off her IG page before the end of the season. And honestly if she isn’t, then she’s a moron. She’ll be forever tied to that quote. Might as well do something with it. Unless of course, you know, she’s really interested in the garage flooring business.

Hi Steve,

2 quick questions for you

1) Have you ever considered holding your spoilers until the night of the premiere or day after just to see who Jimmy Kimmel would pick with out you? I think it would be hysterical to see him clearly miss the mark after his “track record”, and out him/his wife as a reality steve reader. That is unless ABC steps in and to give him hints. No. It’s better when I do it first because then it’s obvious he copies me. If he goes first (and working for ABC he obviously could easily get it if he wanted) and puts the correct four out there, then people would say I just got it from him.

And 2) I stumbled on a Carly and Evan live Instagram video and as they were answering question they stated that Carly is living in Evans apartment downtown while Evan and the kids are living in an home outside of the city because that is the appropriate thing to do as an unmarried couple for Evan’s children. Given the discussion over the last couple of weeks (podcast and column) about Amanda and Josh’s choice to do the complete opposite, do you think that comment was in anyway a dig at Amanda and Josh?


Comment: I don’t know if it was an intentional dig, but at least they’re doing it how it should be. Good for them.

Quick question that you’ve probably already answered before. When do they take the group promo shot with the lead and all of the women from the first night? They all look put together and sober so it makes me think they do it at the very beginning of the night. I’m trying to figure out how it’s natural to have the lead walk inside and start talking to the women, stop for a photo op, and then resume the party.

Comment: I knew the answer to this at one point because I asked someone, but now I forget what it was. I wanna say it’s right after everyone gets out of the limos but before the cocktail party even starts. It’s either then, or once the cocktail party is over, but before the rose ceremony begins. I’ll ask again.

Your sources suk…you can’t possibly know anything going on with Vanessa. she’s beautiful and and a lovely person.. . can just tell from watching on my TV she will make a great wife to Nick some day. All u do is trash them to build yourself up. How do u know she wasn’t well liked in the house? Probly jealous girls who know what a great girls she was. You a sad man and you have nothing better to do. I think u should get a real job like Corine ha. I so want u to be wrong so I can laugh in face, but you prob right. I just think u make stuff up so people will click on your site. You need a reality check…

Comment: I mean, I literally can’t even…


Hope you enjoyed your time off! A few questions

1) How do these bachelor couples determine if the do press release for their breakup? It seems crazy that grant and lace did one but Amanda and josh didn’t? Especially when Amanda and Josh seem to be more “famous”? Also any idea why Amanda went to ATL to visit Josh when they broken up? I think it’s however they decide they want to do it. Amanda and Josh waiting this long when it happened 3 weeks ago was a head scratcher. Especially since everyone was bugging her about it on social media. And him as well. Even her statement was unclear as to why she didn’t come forward sooner. All she said was people were unclear so she felt it was time to say something. Yeah, exactly. But why not earlier? Guess we won’t know.

2) If you were a betting man (which we know you are with all your vacations in Vegas) who would bet on to be the next bachelorette? I know its purely your opinion and not based on a source but still interested to hear your answer. I would bet Rachel. Then again, when I bet, I’m looking to make money. Rachel is a bet that you’d have to lay money to win money. I like betting dogs. Raven is an underdog right now for the role, so the best value to actually bet would be Raven. I’m getting to gambling technical here. My first answer. I would bet Rachel.

3) Did you see Kaitlyn bet Jimmy Kimmel double or nothing that her and shawn would be married one year from now? Do you think that will actually happen, and if it does would ABC televise it? Like I say, I’ll believe when I see it. As for ABC televising their wedding if they do get married, that I don’t see happening.

4) Seems like there are a lot of potential bachelor weddings that could be coming up, how will ABC pick whose to televise-thinking ben/lauren, Kaitlyn/Shawn, Carly/Evan, Jojo/Jordan. Ben and Lauren would be first I assume since the ABC family just gave them their own spinoff show. So of course they’d televise their wedding.

5) Are JJ and Julia still dating? No. And I believe you will see why on “Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp.” Heard it was a disaster for them.

Dear Steve,

Firstly, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and continued success with your column and new podcasts this year!

1. Now for my first question, I wanted to ask you how much of chance do you think Rachel has at becoming the next bachelorette next season? While watching the season premiere last night I could not help but think that if the producers were ever going to go with a Black lead that it would be Rachel because she seems like an intelligent, successful individual with a nice personality. I was wondering if you thought that the same? I would read Monday’s column.

2. I know that you get a ton of insider information from your sources concerning the status of the bachelor couples after filming ended, I was curious what you have heard about Nick and Vanessa’s relationship so far? I would read Monday’s column.

3. I was watching the live chat with Evan and Carly last night and I must say that they seem like a down-to earth couple who do not desire a life in the spotlight and I know that this would be speculation since there was no formal announcement about a wedding date, but do you think that they might get their wedding vows televised this summer on BIP 4? I think that would be an appropriate place for those two. But we’ll see.

4. In concern to Ben and Lauren’s wedding, do you think that ABC would televise it sometime this year? Thank you!

Comment: I think they would televise it, but I have no idea when it’s happening.

Read your most recent post and since you are low on questions, here are some of mine.

I think in your last podcast you mentioned briefly Kaitlyn and Shawn. Did you not think they would stay together (at least this long)? What do you think about them now? Definitely surprised they’ve been together a little over a year and a half. But again, until I see them walk down the aisle, I’ll just always be skeptical. Not of just them, but all these couples from the franchise. There’s too much of a business side now to take anything these people do at face value. That’s not being cynical, it’s just being realistic.

If you had a daughter who would want to go on the bachelor would you give her your blessing? Just out of curiosity. Not a chance in f***ing hell.

Who are your bachelor top 5 from all seasons? (i know your top 5 celebs has like 20 women on it lol) It’s such a hard question to answer. However, I will say one thing that I tweeted out this past Saturday which probably went unnoticed. I never talk about any friendships I have in this franchise. There’s no need to. People have no clue who I talk to, what we talk about, and a lot of things I’m told, and they never will. But I did and still want to wish Emily O’Brien congrats on her wedding day this past Saturday. One of the nicest most genuine girls in the franchise that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. She’s always known how I’ve felt about her, yet we were always able to be friends around it. It was never weird or awkward. There’s always one thing about Emily which will stay with me that she did, a kind gesture, that I’ll never forget and I’ve told her as much. She knows what it is and that’s why I’ve always considered her a good friend and even better person.

With that said, I’ll now go ice pick myself in the face knowing she’s officially off the market. Kidding. Sort of.

Heard anything about how Jen feels now about Nick? In my opinion he was an idiot to let her go. They seemed quite good together on BIP. They don’t talk based on her IG live video I saw. And why would they?

Has Chris Harrison actually hooked up with any of the previous contestants? Yes. Selma was definitely one. And he dated AshLee Frazier as well. Those are two I know of. I’m sure there were others.

Love your David S. Pumpkin t-shirt, gonna watch the sketch now! Thanks. It’s pure brilliance. My best friend got it for me. Also, I got quite a few 80’s t-shirts as well this Xmas season. It’s pretty much all I wear around now.

Have a nice bachelor season!



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