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Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

(SPOILERS): “Bachelorette” Rachel Episode-by-Episode Spoilers Incl an Update to What Happens at the End

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This has been a really weird season to say the least. If you were following along during filming, every date in LA and South Carolina was spoiled publicly. In episode 2, I’d posted pictures of Rachel’s first group date at the Malibu Wine Safaris, then Peter’s group date, and the basketball date was attended by hundreds. Then in tonight’s episode, the Ellen date was made public basically that day, we saw pictures of Rachel and Anthony riding around LA on horseback, then the public was in attendance for the mud wrestling date. The next episode (which won’t be til the 19th since there’s no new episode next week due to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, even if there is a Golden St. sweep) when they go to South Carolina, all three of those dates were public as well – Dean’s 1-on-1 in front of the public at the Russell Dickerson concert after the Goodyear Blimp ride earlier in the day, the group date that was a Spelling Bee in front of the public, then Jack’s 1-on-1 date that was in public as well. After that in Europe, only one date got out publicly, and one I had a picture of. And honestly, it’s been tough to nail down some of those eliminations. Which makes what I’m about to tell you a tough pill to swallow for some.

I can honestly tell you that every season since I’ve been spoiling, I get told all the time from somewhere by someone “Oh, your spoiler is wrong” after I release the ending of the show. Just in the last few seasons, I was told specifically that Chris picked Becca after I posted the spoiler – didn’t happen. The next season was the Kaitlyn mess when I had her as single and was told two days before her snapchat fiasco she was engaged to Shawn. Then I was told Ben picked JoJo – he didn’t, was told JoJo picked Robby – she didn’t, then someone said last season Nick picked Raven – he didn’t. So it happens every single season like clockwork. I fully expect it, it’s usually nothing, and I’ve never wavered from my original post. And yet again, it’s happened this season after I posted the spoiler. However, after looking into it deeper, this time it turns out to be right. I’m sure all the Rachel/Peter fans are about to go into cardiac arrest, but I’m here to tell you…the spoiler I posted on May 17th was wrong. Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo.

I know, I know. A ton of “WTF,” “Wait, what,” “But how…” I know you want answers. Unfortunately, without compromising sources, I can’t give you specifics because that’d be giving away the who/how/what. What I can tell you is this: The same source that told me JoJo was engaged to Jordan is the one who told me this one. They originally told me she was engaged to Peter but after I was told earlier last week from a different source that the spoiler was wrong, I had this source who told me it was Peter look into it, and they stand corrected. She is engaged to Bryan. That’s the best I can give you at this point. I know that’s not going to satisfy a lot of you, which is totally understandable. I’m sure I’ll hear “Are you sure” for the next 2 months. My answer will be the same. “Yes.” But you truly won’t know until the finale on August 7th. And when you see incomplete spoilers in Norway and Denmark in the ep-by-ep spoilers to follow, you’ll probably be even more suspicious. And there’s no point to tell you I’m 100% solid, 1000% solid, or a million % solid on this, because I basically said that about Peter. That was wrong. There were no social media snafu’s this weekend by either party, nothing crazy went down. The bottom line is my source was initially wrong when they told me it was Peter, they corrected themselves, and are sure she’s with Bryan now. And so am I. If they’re wrong, I’m wrong. The good thing is we got it corrected early enough to where it hasn’t even been 3 weeks. Still 2 months of the season left for you to digest this and now follow along a completely different narrative than you have for the first two episodes. Nothing I say will convince people who want to believe she’s with Peter that she’s not and she’s with Bryan. All I can say is in two months, you’ll see that Bryan is the correct ending.

So where do we go from here? Obviously the narrative that she’s with Peter has been run with by plenty of outlets. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel is even wrong too after he picked Peter on premiere night (he has been wrong before though. More on that coming tomorrow). So if you’re one of those people who likes to spread the spoilers around and comment on stories or the Bachelorette Fan Page, start flooding them once again with the news that Rachel is engaged to Bryan. Because just like what happened with Kaitlyn, even though the spoiler was corrected in mid-June, when the finale rolled around first week of August, people were still tweeting/emailing me that night with “You said she was single.” So yeah, spread the word. We’ve got two months to do it as Rachel’s finale isn’t until August 7th.

In case you missed it, I tweeted this on Saturday…

Pretty vague. No explanation for it. Basically that was my hint on Saturday that Rachel chose Bryan. “Fo Fo Fo” is an old NBA term Moses Malone once used, basically meaning “Four Four Four.” And that was my way of saying now this show is 4-for-4 the last 4 “Bachelorette” seasons where the guy who got the first impression rose is the winner. Josh got it, then Shawn got it, then Jordan got it. Well, Bryan got it to make it 4 seasons in a row. And how about this one to boot? All four of those guys all got their first 1-on-1 date in episode 5, just like Bryan does this season. Your response might be, “You really think they’re gonna rehash the same pattern four seasons in a row?” Hell, I even heard Shawn Booth said that on Kailtyn’s podcast last week in an article I read. He doesn’t think it’s Bryan because he got the first impression rose just like him. And? After it happened with Josh, going in to Kaitlyn’s season you could’ve said no way they do it on back-to-back seasons. Then Shawn won. Then going into going into JoJo’s season, you could’ve said no way they do it three seasons in a row. Then Jordan won. So yeah, patterns hold well on this show. And it just so happens that particular pattern held true to form for the fourth season in a row. UPDATE: So much for that. It’s actually 3 seasons in a row as I was just emailed that it was Nick who got Andi’s first impression rose, not Josh. Oops. Silly me. So three seasons in a row, not four.

So where does this leave Peter? Well without knowing for sure because we’re still over 3 months away from the “Bachelor” announcement (the last two Bachelors Ben and Nick were both announced on “After Paradise” the week before the BIP finale), but I’d say he’s the front runner now. We don’t really know exactly what their thought process is, and after the Nick stunt they pulled last season, I guess anything is a possibility. The only thing we pretty much know for sure is the “Bachelor” will be someone from a previous season. They haven’t strayed from that in over 20 seasons. Will it be one of Rachel’s guys? Good probability, and Peter obviously will have a built in fan base, he’ll be well liked, and probably even more so now that the Peter/Rachel crazies will have to focus their attention somewhere else for the next 9 episodes. But yeah, not really going out on a limb saying Peter is going to be serious “Bachelor” candidate and we shouldn’t be surprised if he gets it.

As I say every season, I’m only as good as the information I get. I had no reason not to believe my source when they initially told me it was Peter in the end. But when I was tipped off to a wrong spoiler last week, and we both looked into it further, they realized they’d made a mistake and that it’s Bryan. It certainly explains a lot of things that were always running around in my head once I heard Peter. Something just seemed off to me when I heard it. But I had no reason NOT to believe it wasn’t true. Look, I get that there are some missing pieces in Norway and Denmark that you’ll see. There are even some things that might end up being flat out wrong in terms of dates/eliminations in the European countries that will probably add to your suspicion that the spoiler is wrong because I’m just not as detailed this season. I don’t know what else to tell ya’. For whatever reason, this season was tougher to get some of the middle episodes. It happens. But all I can tell you is she’s engaged to Bryan. And you have every reason to doubt it because I told you it was Peter less than 3 weeks ago with the utmost confidence. Sucks. I hate being wrong, especially about the ending, but like I said it’s not like I’m finding this out the day before the finale or something. It’s been corrected and you’ve got two months to watch the show in a different light now. It’s the new reality. Bryan can suck Rachel’s face off until the end of time.



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