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The “Bachelorette” Episode 8 Recap Incl Podcasts, Dean, and BIP Premiere Date Set

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-As mentioned earlier, there really isn’t much to discuss with the Dean hometown. To me, it was a complete exploitation of his situation. Of course, the show will stand behind this notion that THEY were the ones who brought his family together for the first time in 8 years, yada yada yada. Please. We all know why that hometown was shown, and that’s so that people would be talking about it the next day. I don’t care what his dad looks like or where he lives, but I found the whole thing odd that Dean doesn’t talk to his dad for two years, yet, he will on TV? Seemed like it was more painful for him than it was cathartic. I don’t see how what we saw last night helped in any way.

-And yes, people now feel sorry for Dean and he has a storyline heading into Paradise. I get that point. But know this: 1) Don’t feel sorry for Dean 2) I think Dean is lost. Fact: Dean hasn’t had any parental guidance since he was 15. No mother and dad abandoned him. So to say this guy is ready for any sort of serious commitment at 26, knowing his past, knowing how he’s dealt with it, and hell, how he’s even acting now essentially playing both Kristina and DLo, I’d say the guy is just not all there with relationships. Maybe he never will be, I don’t know. You know every season I hear things about contestants, most of it negative. And lovers of those contestants dismiss it as bitter exes, or people who are jealous or whatever. It’s not my place to pile on Dean because it could do some real damage. I’ll just say I think this kid is lost and has been for a while and it’s affected the way he is in relationships. I hope he figures it out sooner rather than later. Will anything serious develop with Kristina or DLo? I doubt it. The guy just isn’t there.

-Rose ceremony time. “You guys…this was a big week…meeting families…very important to know who you are and where you came from…truly feel like having feelings of love…very very hard week for me…decision not been easy…person I have to say goodbye to tonight….sorry but you’re absolutely an amazing person…I just don’t feel like eating on the floor and sitting on rugs the rest of the my life.”

Bryan: I think his mom really got screwed last season on DWTS. She could’ve lasted longer.
Eric: Is Eric gonna do his dance with her when she eliminates him next week?

“Rachel, gentleman, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. Hey, did you see I appeared in this episode BEFORE the rose ceremony? Like, I actually had a speaking part where I had to memorize the four guys Rachel went on hometowns with and asked her to describe each one. It’s a very tough job I know. I can’t believe I remembered all that. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

Peter: No way! I totally thought she was going with Dean, the 26 year old with the messed up family life and basically nothing to offer her.

Remember next week they change it up a bit because Rachel’s sister was deep into her pregnancy when this was filming, so all three guys meet Rachel’s family at a rented house here in Dallas before all heading to Spain for the overnights. Bryan’s visit with her parents does not go well and that’ll be the wrench they throw at everyone to make you think she doesn’t pick him. Since up to this point, everything with Bryan has been perfect with no hiccups. Well we know this is television, and there’s ALWAYS an obstacle that they throw at the eventual final couple to make you think maybe that person isn’t picked. Next week you’ll get it with Bryan meeting her family.

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