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“Reader Emails,” Reaction to Yesterday’s Post, SNL Spoofs “Bachelor” Again, & “This is Us”

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Hi Steve,

Did you see Arie’s ex Sydney’s Instagram story yesterday? It’s her waving and she tagged Courtney Robertson. My guess is that she sees Courtney checks her stories, and that they don’t get along so she called her out. I thought it was funny. What do you think of the Sydney/Courtney situation since you had the chance to talk to both? Do they hate each other? I personally would not be okay if my boyfriend was spending alone time with a girl that he slept with but maybe I’m too jealous, seems pretty weird to me. I don’t think either is a fan of the other. Sydney did an IG live on Monday night during the show (hey, did you see me in there asking questions), and I guess Courtney popped on and wrote a comment to her, which probably wasn’t too smart. She probably should’ve just ignored it. So Sydney posted what she did.

Also, I’m predicting that Arie is going to propose to Lauren during the finale and she’s going to reject him live on air. I know it’s a long shot but it would make for great TV.


Comment: If Arie proposes at the ATFR, which I really think is an awful decision, there is zero chance Lauren says no.

Hi Steve,

I’m not gonna get into all my thoughts about your recent game changer post, but I do have one question:

Why did Arie go to Lauren’s parents’ house to “ask her back out” (whatever you call it)? Does she live with her parents still orrrr is that production just trying to make it more dramatic? even though it’s weird and like not a thing to have your parents involved with an ex asking for you back. Obviously it was arranged by production and she knew what he was showing up for. She lives in Dallas.

Also, I bet Tia is the least happy of anyone about the recent change of events and what it means for her. I know I would be!

And I guess we now know why Lauren and Becca don’t follow each other back on instagram. Ha. Here’s the thing about follows on IG with these contestants. I always say that IG never tells the full story. I don’t think it’s really relevant when two people follow each other on IG because I know plenty of people who follow other people on IG from this franchise yet talk tons of sh** about that person. I think it’s more relevant, and you can read into it how you want, but I think it’s more relevant when two people DON’T follow each other than when they do. Becca follows a lot of girls from her season as I looked last night. And she loves posting pictures of them during filming. She doesn’t follow Lauren. I think that shows that they certainly weren’t besties while there. Doesn’t mean she hated her, but it takes zero effort to follow someone you just went through this crazy ass experience with. And she made enough of an effort to follow a bunch of other girls and post pictures with/of them, yet, she doesn’t follow Lauren. Hey, maybe Becca will start following Lauren today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. But I think not following up to this point is all you need to know, because now following is a bit late.

Thanks for making my day with this juicy goodness!!!!!!

Comment: Yes, Tia has to be the most disappointed girl in Bachelor Nation right now. That’s ok. She’ll absolutely be on BIP, so it’s not like we won’t see her again.

I have a few thoughts on Arie vs Jason.

When I watched the season with Jason, Molly and Melissa; I always thought Molly was the one for him. I was actually quite surprised when he chose Melissa. I really liked both of them and thought he had a difficult decision but saw more of a connection between he and Molly. I was shocked during the ATFR that the breakup happened the way it did but wasn’t surprised by it happening.

I’m struggling to see a connection between Arie and any of the women. They’ve shown his connection with Becca some but they haven’t really focused on anyone but Krystal in my opinion. I see him just jumping from one girl to the next. I feel awful Becca has to relive all of that along with what she is going through now.

One thing that Arie possibly has working for him vs. Jason is that Arie at least broke up with Becca in “private” compared to live television. I don’t think the hate for Jason was so much that he changed his mind but that he did it “live” taking Melissa by surprise. I wasn’t a reader back then so I don’t know if Melissa knew in advance or not. For the general, unspoiled public it came across that she had no idea what was coming. Whether that was Jason’s call or ABC’s, it definitely all got thrown at Jason. Even though Becca and Arie’s breakup was taped, at least the whole world wasn’t watching him tell her he loved someone else.

Thanks for all the juicy details!

Comment: Fair point. I still think he’ll be more hated than Jason though and it’s because he already had a not-so-great reputation going in, he proposes to a likable girl, and within the next 60 minutes, we’ll see him break off an engagement for someone else.

Hi Steve,

Sorry, but I have several questions, some of which have nothing to do with the current season, but I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. By the way, love your spoilers.

1. I remember you mentioning awhile ago that you have changed your mind about Rozlyn Papa’s side of the story regarding Jake’s season. What happened? Why do you believe that she lied to you and that she did have a relationship with a producer on the show? I was curious because you were adamant that she was telling the truth for a few years and then you casually mentioned that you felt like she was lying. I know you probably can’t go into details, but shed some light on this, and be as specific as you can be. She lied.

2. Now that you’ve revealed that Becca was ditched by Arie a week ago, what are the chances that she won’t become the Bachelorette? Have you heard anything? I know you mentioned that the gig would be hers probably if she wanted it and I agree that she would be compelling. Personally, I hope she does do it. Also, any insight into if she would go back to her ex, Ross, like Melissa Rycroft did with her now-husband? They got back together pretty quickly after Jason dumped her for Molly, from what I recall. Also, any chance they would add Ross to the mix as one of the contestants if she is the Bachelorette? Do you know of anything regarding their relationship right now, as in do they have contact or if he’s still interested in working it out with her? Even if he has no idea if Becca is with Arie or not now, wouldn’t he want to contact her, anyway? There’s like 7 questions in here. No, I don’t think she’ll go back to Ross or he’d be on her season. Why? She just rejected him. I think Becca will take the “Bachelorette” gig because of all the support she’ll receive the next 5 weeks. It started yesterday. Go read her IG comments. So many people in her corner. That has to give her hope.

3. Do you have any insight into why Arie picked Becca in the first place if he was so torn? Any info on what went wrong, other than Arie is a moron. Personally, while we’ve seen very little of Lauren yet, I think she’s really dull and uninteresting. She reminds me of a less plastic and even more robotic Emily, who I didn’t care for all that much. Perhaps that is why Arie likes her! I think the ex coming back probably toyed with his ego a bit, but ultimately, he knows the show wants a proposal and while they don’t force you to do it, you kinda have to play their game. So he did.

4. I know you can’t comment on who is supposed to be an upcoming podcast guest and who you’ve reached out to or not, but I would LOVE to see Kaitlyn Bristowe, Brooks Forester and Vienna Girardi on, to name a few, especially Vienna once she has recovered from the miscarriage of her twins. She was a polarizing figure and largely misunderstood, in my opinion. PS Deanna was my favorite podcast guest thus far. She remembered both of her seasons so well. She has so many stories, maybe you could have her on again down the road. You never know.

5. Back on Desiree’s season, you got the entire final four breakdown (who went home where, etc) all messed up and I was wondering exactly how did that happen when you usually have such good information? Any reason without getting so specific as to reveal a source? I must admit, I was shocked at the ending and kept telling my husband that I was sure Brooks was going to return because you said so. Oops! Weird season. Had the final 4 guys but had all 4 order of elimination wrong. First and last time that’s ever happened.

6. How on earth does Kendall get to hometowns over Sienne? You haven’t heard anything about that? It seems weird that Arie would give her a hometown and a fantasy suite date, but not Sienne. However, I do kinda like her, but she is a bit different, but she seems kinda cool. I’m fine with her. No idea why she made it to overnights without a 1-on-1 date, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say it has to do with sex.

7. Is Dean still hanging out with Lesley? She seems too level-headed for that clown, but who knows. Yes. It sure is a head scratcher.

8. I know you don’t care for Arie (I was never much of an Arie fan when he was on Emily’s season, but whatever), but what do you think of his interactions with the girls on the show? Sometimes, he just seems so uninterested, but in other conversations, he does show some personality. I don’t care for him as a lead, but everyone knows it’s about the contestants, not the lead so much. Still, his conversations seem pretty watered down and blah with most of the contestants. His conversations with Bekah M are so superficial, it’s like watching two teenagers talk. Neither of them are very “deep.”

Thanks for all you do- keep spoiling!

Comment: I agree. I’ve seen zero depth. Not all his fault only because we’re only seeing the parts of the conversations the show wants us to see. We really have no idea how they really went.

How are the Bachelor ratings so far this season? I know the show competed with college football games at first but how’s it been since? Several people I work with tell me they aren’t watching this season so it makes me curious if these girls will have as many IG followers and advertisements as the “Nick” girls do.

Comment: Episode 1 – 5.5 million, 1.5 rating (up against college fb semifinals)
Episode 2 – 5.5 million, 1.4 rating (up against college fb national championship)
Episode 3 – 6.5 million, 1.8 rating
Episode 4 – 6.3 million, 1.8 rating

Just as a quick comparison to last season, Nick’s first 4 episodes ratings went like this:
Episode 1 – 6.5 million, 2.1 rating
Episode 2 – 6.5 million, 2.1 rating (up against college fb national championship)
Episode 3 – 7.1 million, 2.4 rating
Episode 4 – 7.3 million, 2.4 rating

So first off, I was thinking exactly what you said in your tweet before you posted. You have probably saved this season. I actually will watch the last couple episodes now. I also hope you’ve saved yourself a lawsuit – NZK would look just dumb if they filed it now. Nothing as of yet.

I checked Becca’s instagram once and she, like many from our home state, is a die-hard Vikings fan. I live in Philly now and went to last Sunday’s game. Needless to say, wearing the purple and rooting for them was not a pleasurable experience. Philly fans aren’t all like this, but they have the highest concentration of total dicks out of any fan base.

Just a rough couple of weeks for Becca. This dumping and now her team goes down in flames. Feel bad for her . . .

Comment: Yeah, talk about a double whammy. Your Vikings getting curb stomped and getting an engagement broken off within roughly a week of each other. Brutal.

Hi Steve,

I had just read your post from today and I had a couple questions for you.

1) Since Arie is on this “I want to be married, have kids, be in love” facade right now, do you think he would propose to Lauren during ATFR? He’d be stupid if he did.

2) If she had the opportunity, do you think Becca would accept being the bachelorette or go on BIP? Bachelorette 100 times out of 100.

3) Do you like Krystal’s “soothing” voice? No.

4) Did Ben find love on Bachelor Winter Games, because I have a soft spot for him in my heart and I want him to find love?

Comment: No. He’s been dating Lindsey Duke since this summer.

Hello Reality Steve!

First off, thanks for the updated spoiler. I’m only watching this season because of your spoilers and now this latest bomb makes the season a bit more intriguing!

How long do you think Lauren and Arie will stay together? Better or worse odds than with Becca or same? I personally think they’ll last about 3 months post-show. Do you think they’ll split before the ATFR? I don’t think they would, even if they were unhappy with each other because of the bad press. Any chance he’d change his mind again and ask Becca for a second chance with him again? They’ll make it to the finale. Would be shocked if they didn’t. I can’t imagine they’ll be together in 6 months from now. And no, he and Becca are done.

Who are your favorite to least favorite Bachelorette leads, Trista through Rachel, and list a quick reason as to why. Any Bachelor/Bachelorette leads you’ve changed your opinions of significantly over the years? I have zero interest in ranking 13 leads from favorite to least favorite ha ha. Leads as people, or leads of a season?

Are you shocked Jojo and Jordan are still together? I am. Are you hearing any news about their relationship? They seem under the radar on social media. What did you hear about them breaking up right before her finale aired that made you post they were done at that point? They didn’t seem too blissful at the ATFR, but have been together ever since then. Did they really break up before the finale or is that only rumor? Was it merely a big argument and they patched things up before the ATFR aired after the last episode? I’m about as shocked as you are. I honestly don’t remember where I heard about the breakup, but I sure thought it was solid enough to run with. Congrats to them I guess. But like I say with every couple – I’ll believe it when they walk down the aisle.

What are your thoughts or ideas about how ABC is going to host the ATFR with Arie? A closed set like they did with Jason/Molly/Melissa with a second update or will they possibly announce Becca as the new lead on the show? I think it’ll be a regular 2 hr finale with the live 1 hr ATFR to follow.

Any news on Derek and Taylor? They just did a staged photo shoot in Hawaii or some tropical location recently, so they’re still together.

Keep up the good work and thank you for making this season bearable!

Do you think the Becca/Lauren switch will change the editing of this season? I know for certain that the episodes are not all edited in advance, since producers see which storylines or characters are hitting home with viewers or being spoken about in the public. Or, will they keep with their initial plan in order to really shock the unspoiled viewers? It’s really tough to say. Lauren has been a ghost for 4 episodes, and doesn’t get her first 1-on-1 for another two weeks. But then again, she’ll then have basically 5 consecutive episodes of 1-on-1 dates with him: Paris, Italy, hometowns, overnights, last chance date. So she will pick up later in the season.

Hey! So since it seems we’re in the throws of SpoilGate from your podcast, I just wanted to try to bring some clarity to the issue with you “spoiling” the show on your podcast, and maybe why you got some emails.

I wish I had the time to go back and find the episode where you said it, but I’m like 99% sure you said you would do your best to keep the interview podcasts spoiler free. I was going to try not to read the ending this season, just for poops and giggles, but I love your podcast so I was still listening to the interview episodes. Well, you said Becca won on that certain ep where you got a few emails after. I wasn’t upset.. but I was surprised since I somehow remembered you saying you wouldn’t do that to the best of your ability.

Just wanted to try to bring some clarity since you seemed confused why you got emails about it! Love the podcast. Glad I’m spoiled so now I can was your weekly columns lol.

Comment: Yes, I remember saying that. Can’t remember which one I said it in, but I remember saying it. “Try” being the key word. And for probably 55 of my 62 podcasts, I probably haven’t mentioned spoilers. But they will be in there on occasion. Tomorrow’s is basically all talking about what I reported yesterday.


You’re the best, Man! Great work on your Arie spoilers today. Don’t let the trolls get to you. Your track record gives me full faith that you’ve got things nailed this year. Again.

Two quick questions for you –

1) You started to address one of them at the end of your column today. Why on Earth would Lauren agree to date Arie now? Since filming ended a few months ago, Lauren should have had plenty of time to do her homework on Arie and realize what he is all about. Heck, all she needed to do is listen to your podcast with Sydney to know this isn’t going to end well for her. The one angle you didn’t mention that is different from Molly and Jason is that Lauren had a strong chance of being the next Bachelorette! In Let’s Make A Deal terms – one would think the possibility of that behind the curtain is worth much more than Arie in hand. Lauren seemed to be rather intelligent in her camera time to date. I’m doubting that big time now. Any further thoughts? Actually Molly was going to be the “Bachelorette.” At least that’s what they sold Jason on. And they told him the only way they’d let him talk to Molly before they made her “Bachelorette” is if he came and filmed that break up. I’m not sure why Lauren took Arie back. We won’t know until the finale. But it’s her decision, no matter how much most people think it’s idiotic.

2) I see the promos for the Bachelor Winter Games and am totally turned off and will not watch a minute. When the promos primarily rehash the tired old “Ashley I crying” crap, it’s telling me that this show is total garbage. Are you hearing anything different? I just honestly don’t see the point of it. And some of the casting has you scratching your head.

Thanks for all you do.

LOVED reading about the Becca/Lauren switcheroo. Is anyone really surprised? Arie is the WORST. Mad props to you — you really have saved this season. ABC owes you big time.

I always want to listen to your podcasts but never have time. I just have to skim your recaps. Sick in bed, so I wanted to ask… what would you say are the top 3 podcasts a long-time fan should listen to?

Comment: It’s such a matter of preference. I have no idea what your likes and dislikes are. Just look at the name of every guest, and if they interest you, I’d listen. I’ve loved basically all of them because while the subject matter is roughly the same, everyone has a different story. You gotta have some favorite contestants from the past. If any of them are former guests, I’d choose those.

Couple questions.

-I know you don’t know all the rules that are in the Leads contracts because there are so many of them but I was wondering if you know or have ever heard if a situation like this was to occur where the lead dumps the final rose contestant for one of the other contestants that the production has the decision that by contract they could force the lead into having the breakup and “Makeup” be filmed? I understand the situation would either come out no matter what whether it was filmed or whether it was at the ATFR. But could Arie have put his foot down and told production he didn’t want those conversations filmed and he would rather explain and break the news to “bachelor nation” on ATFR? I’m guessing Arie had zero say in whether his breakup with Becca was filmed. There was no way we weren’t gonna see that.

-I also could see this situation being filmed now and then played at the ATFR makes perfect since for Becca being the bachelorette. If for some reason this breakup and then Arie going back to Lauren happened at ATFR it would be crazy to think Becca would get dumped then witness her ex-finance go back to Lauren and 10 minutes later accept the bachelorette role. Yes. By the time the ATFR rolls around, Becca will have been broken up with for almost 2 months. Much easier for her to still be hurt by it, but moved on.

-Did you every hear during filming that either/ or both Becca and Lauren B. were front runners? The reason I asked is I was listening to Ben and Ashley I. podcast and they had Annaliese on and when they asked her who she thought the front runner was and who she thought Arie would pick and she said from day one she always thought he would Becca K. Maybe she said that because Becca got that first date which any woman would die for. Annaliese went home the next episode, so it’s easy to say that after the fact. Not really sure what prompted her to say that.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.

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