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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 4 Recap, The Proposal, Raven & Bekah, Jared & Ashley, & Next Year’s Fan Appreciation Party

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-We pick up where we left off last week where Clay has just eliminated himself due to his broken wrist, Becca is sad, and now must go back and continue with the cocktail party. Oh how will she ever continue on? Blake to the rescue! He asked her how many kids she wanted. Geez, a little forward so soon Blakey. Becca says 2. She asks the same to him. He says he always thought 2, but now wants 3-5. They then talk about names, and she says “Stevie”, you know because she’s such a big Reality Steve fan so why not, and says she loves guys names for girls, which is EXACTLY what Blake loves! Imagine that. Blake likes Charlie. It’s almost like Blake is telling Becca what she wants to hear, but then I thought to myself, no one ever goes on this show and does that. Sooooo yeah, I dismissed that immediately. Or not.

-Back to more Jordan drama. David is at the hospital after falling off his bed and Jordan is like a pig in slop. Edit is making it seem like Jordan was behind it, but he wasn’t, because David would be chirping from the high heavens the second he got back that Jordan did it. Yet we get voiceovers from Jordan saying, “People who go against me get hurt sometimes.” He gets some alone time with Becca and because she’s such a good sport and following the producers lead, she gives him a pair of sparkling gold underwear and nicknames him Captain Underpants, and if Jordan weren’t a running joke already in this franchise, this essentially put his stamp on it. He wore them proudly because he’s a male model, you know? Not sure if he’d mentioned that yet.

-David returns and Goldmember is visibly upset. Says he looks terrible, which is a great observation from Jordan considering I think most people would after falling off a bed and landing face first into the ground breaking their nose and suffering a concussion. How does Jordan pick up on this stuff so quickly? Bright guy, I tell ya’. Because Clay had the group date rose and left, Becca feels the need to give his rose to David because he came back from the hospital just for her. He gets it, then bolts back to the hospital because I guess there’s that whole bleeding on the brain thing they might wanna take care of. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. David, no one would’ve faulted you if you didn’t come back for a few seconds to just get a rose that was set up in your storyline. It’s ok. Stay in the hospital. Eat some jello. Get some rest. You are not needed here at this party to inflate Jordan’s ego any more. He’s doing fine on his own.

-It’s Rose Ceremony time people. Chris, David, and Colton safe with roses. Becca: “Thank you for being so patient…entire week blows my mind…do see a future here…what I ultimately want will come…and that won’t be Jordan. Or Chris. Or Lincoln. Or anyone else not named Garrett. Just throwing that out there fellas. Peace.”

Jason, Wills, Nick, Christon, Lincoln, Blake, Garrett, Leo, John, Connor, and Jordan get roses.

“Becca, gentleman, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. Hey, while I’m waiting, you think I should maybe hop on a computer and do some research on our guys? No? They’re all fine upstanding citizens not prone to any horrible mistreatment of women? Cool.”

Jean Blanc gets the final rose to clearly set up his storyline for what happens in Park City. This is show is sooooooo predictable.

-Something I noticed is that of the 5 guys Becca met on the ATFR, three were gone before they even left the mansion – Chase, Darius, and Ryan. One was Blake, who she actually likes. And one is Lincoln who she had no idea about or I’m sure he would’ve been gone early as well. I guess something to pay attention to if they do it in future seasons. Rachel had two guys in the five she met make her final four – Dean and Eric. Becca has one. So it certainly looks like one of the guys they choose to show early will be important to the season, but no way all of them are relevant. I remember the reaction that night was people freaking out about Ryan the Banjo guy, and he literally never said a word all season. Did he get one ITM in three episodes? Goes to show it’s pointless to judge any of these people early since it means squat.



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