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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 4 Recap, The Proposal, Raven & Bekah, Jared & Ashley, & Next Year’s Fan Appreciation Party

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-We’re in Park City, Utah for what will affectionately be known throughout the remainder of the season as “the place where Becca made it 1000% obvious she was picking Garrett from this moment on, if not the second he stepped out of the limo.” Look, we’ve seen former winners highlighted before where the leads are gushing about them (i.e. – Kaitlyn saying on night one how much she was into Shawn then giving him the first impression rose. Same with JoJo and Jordan, same with Rachel and Bryan). But this date with Garrett was over-the-top gushing with superlatives for how great he is, it was like no one else stood a chance. Blake had his date first this season and she definitely had an interest in him, but geez, she didn’t come close to talking that way about Blake like she did with Garrett. I think we’ll see once this season is over and she can talk about him publicly, she’ll admit like others before her she knew it was him early. Something I was hearing back in early April when this episode was filming and into the Vegas episode.

-What was the deal with this day starting in Park City, no Chris Harrison, no date card, and Becca just showing up and saying Garrett was on the date? Did they mention earlier he was getting it and I just wasn’t paying attention, which is entirely possible? We’ve had plenty of episodes where Chris isn’t there in the beginning of the episode to pass out the date card or update everyone on how the dates will go that week, but that was a tad weird. Unless of course I completely missed before Becca got to the guys room there was some major announcement Garrett was getting the date. Whatever the case, to start off in Park City, Becca declares that “There is more than one guy I feel strongly about.” Translation: This is going to be the Garrett show, I just need to make the audience think there’s at least someone else who has a remote chance of winning. But they won’t.

-Here is how the date starts out with Garrett just within the first few minutes of them greeting and us getting an ITM of Becca essentially dripping with excitement. “Everytime I think about him, I get butterflies…his energy…I mean, he’s attractive.” “Garrett does remind me of home…my dad is someone I know he’d really like.” Four episodes in and that’s the second time Becca has let us know how much Garrett feels like home to her and how accepting her family, alive or dead, would feel about him. Considering Becca’s dad is no longer with us and how much she meant to her, I mean, if the other guys were somehow allowed to hear her ITM’s while the show was being filmed, I’m guessing they would’ve hopped on the next alpaca and ridden home. Game. Over.

-Back at the house, Lincoln is in a debate with the guys over the earth. They, being rational human beings, know the earth is round. You know, because they have a brain. Lincoln says it’s flat. So not only is this guy a woman abuser who has the bathroom habits of a newborn baby, but, he’s also a complete moron. Seems like the total package to me. I can’t imagine why the guys in the house didn’t get along with him. Lincoln you say the earth is flat. And your explanation of WHY you think it’s flat makes you sound even dumber than the people who let you on this show to begin with. Are you feeling ok? Have you ever seen a picture of the earth? You know, ones taken from outer space and documented by people who, you know, do this stuff for a living. In any of those pictures that you’ve ever seen, has one of them shown the earth as flat? But because you don’t understand the science behind it, all those pictures must be faked for the sake of…what? Just to screw with people. I swear this guy might be the worst contestant who ever passed their screening process. Triple whammy. And again, another guy that after that first appearance on the ATFR when he called Arie a wanker, people were loving him. Uh huh.

-Becca tells Garrett that they are going to go bobsledding, where they meet up with 2006 Silver medalists, Valerie Fleming and Shauna Rohbock, who are married and have kids. At the time when I was tweeting about this date and who was on it, we didn’t know much about Garrett, but the irony that he’s the one that happened to get a date with a married lesbian couple with kids shouldn’t be lost upon us. Yikes. As for the date itself, we’ve seen bungee jumping off bridges, we’ve seen some other pretty high intensity stuff, but I gotta say, screaming down in that bobsled had to rank right up there with one of the most adventurous things they’ve chosen to do on a date. Like, who wouldn’t get an adrenaline rush doing that. What if they would’ve wiped out? Or were the girls in there with them? Hell I don’t remember. I was too busy nursing my stiff neck and back from going to Six Flags over Texas yesterday with the family. Been here almost 12 years now and that was my first time there. I rode pretty much all the big ones – Titan, Batman, Joker, Texas Giant – and I gotta say, they were pretty intense. Probably because I haven’t rode amusement park rides in probably 20 years. Disneyland doesn’t count. Those rides aren’t scary. These lift you off your seat a bit and rattle you around. I’m ok. I’m a big boy. But damn if I’m still feeling it.

-More gushing from Becca this date: “It’s so natural with Garrett…I can be myself and he can be himself…it flows naturally.” “On a scale of 1-10, today was a 10…he makes me feel amazing…so secure…trust him completely…he gets me…I can see myself with him in the end.” I mean, enough already. Just go make some babies and do the damn thing. I will now stab myself in the quad repeatedly with a pair of scissors. However, for all “perfect” relationships on this show, they always have to throw in that obstacle they need to overcome. Garrett’s storyline this season will be his ex-wife. You’ve known this ever since I released him as a contestant three months ago that Garrett had a very short term marriage. He tells Becca they were dating a year a half before they got married, he was 23 years old, got engaged, they were engaged for a year, then married 2 months. Do you know the most amazing part of Garrett telling his ex story last night? It’s how many people tweeted and emailed at me asking to get her on the podcast. I’ve done over 80 podcasts. Only one had exes of a contestants on when I had Sydney and Brittany on. I’m not putting Kayla on. It’s not that important. She’s remarried, Garrett is engaged to Becca, what could I talk to her for an hour about? I have zero interest in putting her on. Not to mention, I guarantee she has zero interest in even being on. Sorry.

-These two then go to the Granger Smith concert, which you had plenty of pictures and video of the night it was happening. Come to think of it, you probably had more video and pictures of them together the night it was happening then what was shown last night. It’s amazing that they make the audience in attendance wait a minimum of usually four hours for these concert dates, then we as the audience see maybe 1 minute of that action. Kinda embarrassing if you ask me. Hell, if I’m Granger Smith I’m also pretty pissed I barely get airtime since the only reason he’s agreeing to do it is to promote some single and tweet it out. The pictures and videos from that night I was tweeting out showed us way more of Becca and Garrett all over each other than the episode did. Then again, it’s not like mattered anyway. They could’ve put a jukebox out there for those two to grind to and I’m sure they would’ve still wanted to have sexy time later. Cheers to Becca and Garrett everyone!



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