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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Episode 5 Recap, Garrett’s Wedding Video, “The Proposal” & Summer Tour Stop #3 Next Weekend

-The 2-on-1 date is pretty much everything you’d expect from two guys that didn’t get along in the house. The most obvious takeaway from this date is that clearly Becca had zero interest in either of these guys, she knew she was sending both home before the date began, and that’s why they were put on it. That’s how 2-on-1’s work. Been a few seasons since both were eliminated on the 2-on-1, but we know these are put together with two people in the house who just don’t get along. Makes for a whole bunch of awkwardness, inevitably one will spend their time talking about the other one, the lead will confront the person who was just talked sh** about, asked them if they did/said the things they were accused of, they deny it or backpedal, whichever is more convenient, and we get nowhere. That essentially sums up David and Jordan on this date.

-David started out with Becca first and my favorite line was when he started out with, “In the spirit of being honest…” then proceeded to lay down a laundry list of things about Jordan that he’s said and done this season. From saying he has 4,000 Tinder matches, to wanting to hook up with models, to getting hit on by women as they were walking through the lobby of Aria, to him saying Jordan said he was basically settling for Becca, on and on and on it went. David was put on this date for one reason and one reason only, and that was to out Jordan. And he did just that. Of course when Becca hears this, it was a trigger to her time with Arie. Becca: “When I was with Arie, Lauren had said I was the safe choice.” 5-for-5 this season in episodes where Becca mentions Arie. I’m guessing that will be 11-for-11 by the time we’re done. It’s not like we shouldn’t expect it, but after a while, it just goes in one ear and out the other.

-When it was Jordan’s turn to speak to Becca, she confronted him about everything David said and he denied everything, something that we knew was coming. He says that David has a way of manipulating words, he never said he’d “settle” for Becca, then opened up about his parents marriage of 27 years as his mom has dealth with numerous mental illnesses during that time. Said he’s a loyal partner, has always been, and yada yada yada. As I said on Twitter last night, lets not forget that a girl Jordan was seeing before he went on the show specifically came out publicly to talk about him but after receiving so much backlash wanted her name removed from the conversation. Emailed me and told me she didn’t want to be part of it anymore, Jordan was a great guy, and she had nothing bad to say about him. Of course, the second he got back from filming, she immediately went back to him thinking that he was really into her – then he bolted for Paradise a month or so later. So yeah, it’s kinda hard to take Jordan at face value when he pulls stuff like that. She’s an idiot for taking him back after he left her once to go on the “Bachelorette,” and he’s not who he’s claiming to be when he knew exactly what his plan was with her.

-When they’ve both had their time with Becca, Jordan comes back, sits on the bed in the middle of nowhere with David (very similar to Kelsey and Ashley I on Chris’ season mind you), and begins to go off on him. One thing that made David look bad in all this is the fact that when Jordan asked David specifically when Jordan ever said that he’d be settling for Becca, David couldn’t produce the instance. It certainly did seem like that was an inference in David’s part from Jordan actions and things he said. He might’ve been right in his thoughts, but telling Becca specifically Jordan said that but then not being able to say when and how he did, didn’t make him look good. I think after all that, the fact that Becca got rid of David first is pretty much all you needed to know. He couldn’t stop talking about Jordan and, as bad as Jordan has been all season, she was still willing to keep him over David at that point. Granted, maybe it was only a few hours longer, but still.

-Becca and Jordan have a nighttime portion to their date where they can get to know each other a little better. Now that David is out of the picture and Jordan doesn’t have to answer to all his accusations, it’s his time to stand out and make Becca melt over all the positive qualities that he possesses which makes him that much better of a catch than any of the others remaining. He asked her what a weekend is like, she said on Sundays she likes the outdoors, church with her girlfriends, then brunch. On Saturday’s, just laying around in the morning reading. Jordan, the floor is yours:

“I can speak.”
“I’m fit.”
“I can walk.”
“I’m smart.”
“I have a look.”

I mean, I just can’t anymore. And neither can Becca. Buh-bye.



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