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“Reader Emails,” Virginia Loves the “Bachelorette,” & a “Grease 2” Death

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Hi Steve,

I’m a relatively new fan to the Bachelor franchise. My Hulu started playing it automatically after another show I was watching and it happened to be Corrine and Taylor’s emotional intelligence debacle. Had no idea what I was missing and have been hooked since. I’ve even gone back to watch a few of the older seasons. I recently have been watching Chris Soules season. I’m bummed he got into all this legal trouble because he does seem like a super genuine guy. Anyways, my question, is what was up with Ashley S? Clearly there’s a few things that could have happened. She could be an actress, she could be barred out on Xanax or she actually is as crazy as she seems. There’s no way that behavior was just her being uncomfortable in front of cameras. I wanted to know if you ever got insider info? This all old news anyways, but I’m just now watching and have to know what is going on with her. The whole thing was kind of hilarious/frightening/sad. Don’t know what to make of it.

Anyways, thanks!

Comment: Nothing really. But she’s married now with a kid and seems perfectly normal.

Hi Steve!

Love your site and what you do as I’m a spoiler junkie myself. I wanted to write in with a change of pace since I think i’ve heard you mention this in the past: are you watching Big Brother this season? If so, thoughts? Predictions?

Comment: No. The only season of Big Brother I’ve ever watched was this Celeb one in the beginning of the year. And I only watched that for the sole reason that I knew it’d be short. I don’t have the time to dedicate three nights a week for 3 months to another show. Just doesn’t hold my interest enough. But I’ll watch the next Celeb one assuming they keep the same schedule.

Hi Steve

Becca and Garrett speak about him being positive and not feeling discouraged. He mentions that neither of them are perfect, and the world isn’t perfect, but they can be perfect together. I know it’s possible this dialogue could have been used by the show anyway but it feels like a conversation that was especially pertinent given all his Instagram incidents.

Comment: I mean, it wasn’t a voiceover. We clearly saw him say at the table to her back in April when that date occurred. But did they make sure to leave it in after the IG incident? Certainly could’ve played a role. But it was such a line made for a TV dating show, that even if there was no incident, I’m sure it would’ve been left in regardless.

Hi Steve –

You tweeted you might switch to Monday Night Raw during the Trump break. Curious to see who your favorite past & present wrestlers are? I’m a Shawn Michaels (past) Seth Rollins (present) fan.

Comment: Was always a fan of Shawn Michaels as well. Definitely my favorite wrestler of all time. Current? I honestly don’t have one. I can tell you one guy I was 100% wrong on when I first saw him to where he is now: AJ Styles. I never thought he’d get over the way he has. But I’m a fan now. He puts on the best matches by far on the roster right now and that’s what you ask for from your champion.

Hi Steve,

This is my last week to tell you that Leo reminds me forcibly of Darlene Coner from Roseanne, specifically the 4th and 5th season. Something about his naturally brooding face and how he flips his hair. Check it out, I can’t unsee it.

Comment: I guess I must’ve missed the other times you told me. I never watched “Roseanne.” Which one was she? Sara Gilbert?

A really interesting article on the practical and legal aspects of carrying just came out on the ringer:

They cite you as one of the sources that has been uncovering the past of a contestant.

There seems to be an interesting combination of incompetence and frugality on the part of production and legal and digital barriers for independent private investigators that adds the current conversation about casting.

The other thing I wonder is what we’re supposed to learn from this while mess with Garrett, Lincoln, etc. Should we just be more careful of what we post online? Should we try to be more gracious or inclusive towards people who think differently than we do? Should we ban certain perspectives from existence?

Obviously I have very little control over how ABC reacts to the outage. But what is the proper response from the audience? How can I be part of a better culture and what would that look like?

I guess this is a bit of a reader email question, but anyways, I thought you mind find it interesting.

Comment: I mean, I’d say to never comment on someone’s IG page to die, go to hell, tell them they’re a horrible person, etc like we’re seeing a lot nowadays. Lincoln is not a good guy. That’s been proven. A major revelation about his past was uncovered by myself and Ashley. But I don’t need to tell the guy to go to hell or say he should die or whatever nonsense people are saying on social media. I know you’re not doing it (I assume). How about people just ignore them and anything he says and not let it bother them? I’d say that’d be the best plan of action for everyone. Just whatever. You know what you know about Lincoln now and no need to trample on him. Just ignore it.

If you like someone, tell them such. If you don’t, ignore them on social media. If everyone did that, you know how much better social media would be? But it’ll never happen and that’s unfortunate.

Hi! Can’t wait for your BIP spoilers. Which leads me to my first question…

The whole Tia & Colton situation in paradise… you mentioned they weren’t together. Did they break up after paradise or on it? Please don’t tell me he’s a top pick for The Bachelor. They didn’t leave BIP as a couple and they aren’t a couple right now.

I saw an email someone sent you last week about them noticing that the final guy usually doesn’t hang out with the guys from the show during the season is airing and I’ve noticed that too! They hang out with guys and post about it. Do they do that for the attention, to raise their popularity? It happens every season it seems like, but the winner doesn’t usually. It varies season to season with all the other contestants, but very rarely do you see the winner publicly posting consistently with other contestants.

Who was Ashley Spivey talking about with her tweet the other day, the guy liking some girl’s thong picture? Garrett? Yes. It was Garrett’s. He liked a pic of someone he’s friends with on IG, but it was basically a straight shot of her in a thong bikini from behind, but the thong was riding so far up her ass, you basically saw her whole ass. No idea what would lead him to like that.

And lastly, were you insinuating with your tweet on Monday night that Blake is chatting with his ex?

Comment: No. Wasn’t insinuating that at all. The pic clearly showed it was a conversation from last year when they were still dating. I believe it’s still up on her Twitter page. I just find it funny that a lot of these guys talk about how they’ve been hurt and have a hard time opening up, yet he was seemingly in a serious relationship a year ago, and I’m supposed to believe he wasn’t opening up and being vulnerable with her? I just think it was more about how these guys all say the same thing, then share such intimate details about their life for a nationally televised audience. They’re just saying things they think Becca (and the audience) want to hear, when I’m guessing, he was just as open and vulnerable with his ex as he was being with Becca.

Hi Steve,

I don’t think I’d still be watching if you hadn’t spoiled what happens next week. The potential for Colton drama is the only thing keeping me going. Otherwise, the second half of this season has been incredibly dull. I’m sure Becca is a perfectly nice, interesting person, but they’re not showing that side of her so my interest is waning.

Random franchise history question I had after Wills got eliminated – are Rachel and Eric the only black contestants to ever get a hometown? My first season was Ali’s season and I don’t remember any others. Yes.

I’m team Wills for Bachelor even if you said you didn’t think it’d happen, but am predicting it’ll be Jason. Blake is just too moody for my taste. Anyone but Colton though would be okay. I won’t ask who you think it is, but from what you know, does it seem like this season of BIP will be interesting enough to sustain the whole summer, or will they release the next Bachelor early? The Bachelor announcement has pretty much come at the same time the last few years – last week of August or first week of September.

Tired of hearing guys say “I’ve been hurt before, hard opening up” yada yada. If you’ve been in more than 1 relationship, odds are you’ve been hurt before, you’re nothing special buddy. It’s the easy thing to say when you can’t actually say “I’m uncomfortable saying this in front of a camera for millions of people to hear” or “I don’t want to be embarrassed if I say things and then you send me packing.” Agree.

If I were Becca, I’d be a little pissed at the way they edited the virgin conversation. People are crucifying her for leaving the table, meanwhile odds are they either edited it that way for drama, they called her away for an ITM, or she just had to pee like she claimed on twitter. She wouldn’t have tweeted why she really got up from the table last night if that edit didn’t bother her at least a little bit.

Last, I know you said don’t bother telling you when you’re mentioned in podcasts but I thought it was interesting when Wells said he thought they released Yuki as the second bartender because they were annoyed with you always getting ahead of them.

Thanks as always!

Comment: He said that? Didn’t know. Glad I could be an annoyance. I try my best.

Does Jason have a history, dirt, interesting background of any kind? I’m seeing online that Jason’s popularity is picking up steam, that he will inevitably be dumped, and so he should be the next bachelor. The ladies like him despite the hair, so can you post an article about this Greek-looking hottie that needs a little fashion help?

Comment: Post an article about him? Huh? There are some things I’ve heard about Jason that aren’t the most flattering yeah. But if I did that for every single person on this show, it’d be non stop every season. I have to pick and choose what’s worth telling. Is he a saint? No. Is he in Lincoln’s world? Not that either.

Hey Steve,

Longtime reader, fan, & listener of the podcast. Thanks for all the spoilers. I just watched the week 6 episode where Leo & Becca go to the public concert after he gets the rose. What would have happened in the event he didn’t get the rose? I know the audience has been waiting for hours, wouldn’t they be pissed/ it be false advertising on the show’s part?

Comment: They would never schedule a major concert like that with someone they knew wasn’t getting a rose.

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  1. sc07

    July 11, 2018 at 9:20 AM

    Am I the only person who sees how condescending RS is? For example the last email, why feel the need to be an asshole, I don’t find being a condescending asshole funny at all. If that’s how he feels, just don’t include the email. Yeah, I get it, it’s aggravating to be asked the same question over and over but just don’t include those emails. Just like he’d like to not get asked that question every week, I’d like to see one week that he’s not rude to his “fans”. I also don’t understand why most emailers feel the need to give him praise at the beginning of their emails, basically for just doing his job, especially since his spoilers haven’t been too good. Just look at the BIP spoilers this season. In seasons past he’d give most of them out while filming was going on but this year filming has ended and he’s not gave anything that with just a little digging we could’ve found ourselves. Someone else made a comment about the lack of spoilers this season and got a reply saying that he gave the full cast list, yes he did but it wasn’t until it was released to another site. He can say we’re spoiled but it’s what readers expect to find when they come to a spoiler site and it’s how he use to do things. He can say he’s waiting until he has everything before he releases them, but I think he’s lost his sources and having trouble getting them. We come to this site for spoilers and maybe some inside information but when we ask for information that he doesn’t have or doesn’t want to answer, he’s rude and condescending to his readers. And for the record, I, myself have never sent a readers email but just don’t like the way he treats some of the emailers. Just my opinion.

  2. tinyred500

    July 11, 2018 at 10:18 AM

    No, you’re not the only or first person to think RS is rude and condescending. Just look back over the last few years comments and you’ll see people stating what you have and more. He very often doesn’t even bother to answer a question or half answers it. In this post he couldn’t be bothered to Google The Duchess of Cambridge’s Sister’s name to confirm it for a reply (which is Pippa). I roll my eyes at a lot of his replies now, he’s very biased too. However, it’s his site and up to him how he wants to present himself.

    I’m opting to go spoil free for The Bachelor, which is pretty easy for me as I’m in Britain! 🙂

  3. rob22

    July 11, 2018 at 10:46 AM

    I don’t understand why ANYONE sends RS emails. I sent him one that I thought was pretty decent, and it generated like a one word answer. He puts zero thought into his answers, and gives half answers most of the time. This is why I don’t read the emails columns very often. They’re very long and the content is mostly the emailers asking long winded questions, followed by brief non answers and occasionally rude answers. I do like his site, but the email posts are terrible.

    I honestly wish he’d bring back the Dr. Reality Steve posts so that I can answer the questions. 🙂 That post seems to have gone bye-bye. He’s not even been soliciting them anymore.

  4. tinyred500

    July 11, 2018 at 11:40 AM

    @rob, RS was asking for Dr Reality Steve emails not that long ago…umm it all sort of went pear shaped after the Garrett social media thing. I hadn’t actually noticed they weren’t there, till you mentioned it.

  5. jlal

    July 11, 2018 at 11:52 AM

    Rob22, RS probably stopped the Dr. Reality Steve posts because your answers/advice was way better than his!

    I have always thought he was condescending, even though at his intelligence level and with his subpar grammatical skills, it is an unearned privilege.

    I like Jason a little more now. Don’t know why, but I just noticed him recently and he is kind of cute and seems really nice.

    Wills seems medicated.

    Bad mouthing an ex was a huge red flag for me when I was dating. If they are going to bad mouth a person they vowed their life to and sometimes the mother of their children, then what would they say about me someday. I’ve never respected people who bad mouth their ex. It says way more about them than the ex. Also, it doesn’t indicate they think very highly of me, if they think I would appreciate them bad mouthing their ex. I’m not that insecure, shallow, or needy. RED FLAG Becca!

  6. upmyalley

    July 11, 2018 at 1:10 PM

    Me thinks Stevo getting any spoilers may be heading south and he may soon be out of a job. Some of you have mentioned his bad attitude, lack of spoilers, and seemingly disinterest in his own site as of late. I hope he has a back up plan. Maybe his partner Smashly Spivey will throw him a bone to keep him alive a little while longer. In the meantime, I will still visit for a few tidbits here and there. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Stevo.

  7. shenanigans

    July 11, 2018 at 2:26 PM

    As someone who writes for a living, I think that Steve takes risks with his column that he shouldn’t take because he doesn’t have the writing chops to pull them off. For example, it takes a fair amount of skill to give a snarky reply that doesn’t sound rude and condescending. Steve rarely hits the right note on that. As a result, his “clever” replies usually come off as rude.

    Second, he shouldn’t print questions that he doesn’t plan to answer. After awhile, it makes people wonder if he actually has the information that he claims to have.

    Third, Steve seems obsessed with being the “cool kid” who puts down other people who are less clever and witty. But, that only works when you actually know the people you are talking to and you really ARE too cool for school. Steve, to me, hasn’t “earned” the right to act that way. Most of the time, when Steve goes off on someone, the person (in my opinion) doesn’t deserve it. They just made the mistake of asking a question he didn’t feel like answering that day.

    No problem, set that question aside. Answer it another day. But, for god’s sake, don’t include it, only to try to impress us by being rude. LOL

  8. nickielson1

    July 12, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    Can’t disagree about Steve’s rudeness and condescension at times, but that’s why we love him – not because he’s rude and condescending but because he’s unpolished and REAL. It’s refreshing on an interweb full of preening, posing, and posturing. He doesn’t suck up or sell out to anyone, not even his fans – he’s just himself, a very brave and rare thing these days for someone so visible in the public eye.

  9. jenscho

    July 12, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    Yes,he is very sarcastic. He thinks it’s funny to act annoyed towards his fans. He mentioned once he doesn’t read comments to his posts. We should email him about this and see if he includes it in his reader emails.

  10. jenscho

    July 12, 2018 at 1:59 PM

    We should email him about this and see if he replies to us in reader emails. *he mentioned before he doesn’t read comments on his posts.

  11. jenscho

    July 12, 2018 at 2:02 PM

    One can still be real AND not be rude.

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