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“Reader Emails,” Virginia Loves the “Bachelorette,” & a “Grease 2” Death

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Hello Steve, so in watching the show last night (Monday, 7/9/18), the ITM with Becca following a portion of her date with Blake, she said something like ‘I feel the strongest for him’. Also, when he told her he loved her, she said in her ITM that she so wanted to tell him she was feeling the same. I don’t think these were voice overs, and she was wearing the same clothes in the ITM as she was on the date. Just wondering if there was a bigger connection with Blake that anyone realizes. Do you know anything more about this?

Comment: Becca did say in all her early season interviews she fell for two guys. Can’t remember if she said “love” (I think she did), but she made it clear there were two guys this season. Those two guys were Blake and Garrett. She just felt stronger about one over the other. So no, what we saw in the editing last night didn’t surprise me. They know what the spoiler is. Their job is to make people doubt. Kinda hard to doubt something when we’ve seen photographic evidence. But they’re banking that a majority of their audience hasn’t seen it, so, they give you the Blake edit.

Hi Steve, big fan of the site but actually not a first-time emailer. How’s that for a different opener?

So I think there are definitely big red flags with Garrett, mainly that he liked a bunch of hateful posts on Instagram that obviously don’t align with Becca’s views at all. I couldn’t be with someone who believed any of those things.

But as far as him talking about his ex’s behavior, I don’t know if I agree that that’s as much of a red flag? He did say that she was emotionally abusive. Like you said, there are two sides to every story, but we’ve been seeing a lot more people these days speaking publicly about abuse.

I don’t know Garrett, have no idea what his credibility is, but if he was in an abusive relationship, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing to talk about publicly. Especially since there’s still a stigma of people who stayed with an abusive partner too long.

Anyway, you probably know more about his situation than I do, but that’s just my two cents. Thanks for all you do, I’m excited for the BIP spoilers!

Comment: I agree in the sense that it’s good to talk about that stuff maybe in general, if you’re writing an article about it or something along those lines. On a reality TV show during a date? I just think it could’ve been saved for off camera.


On Brandi Cyrus and Wells podcast this week, they talked about Bachelor in Paradise. Wells spoke about being the bartender and made a comment that producers from the show told him “you know everyone is trying to get you fired, right”. Then he said that it is because everyone wanted the bartender job. Brandi asked him who this was referring to and he said “come on, its really obvious if you think about it” Do you have any guesses who this would be referring to? I kinda want to guess Kaitlyn??

Thank you!

Comment: No, I don’t think it would be Kaitlyn. Guesses? I mean, it could be anyone. But I’d say your usual suspects wouldn’t be horrible guesses.

Hi Steve!

I squirmed all night long over the TMI episode and was glad to see you agreed with me. Yikes! Especially the affair with the b-ball coach. Almost as juicy as our janitor walking in on the principal and his secretary (both married with children – hers in attendance there) doing it on his desk. Who needs to know that dirt outside of the privacy of post-show engagement?! Which brings me to my comment and question on announcing one’s virginity to the world on these sleazy shows. And specifically why church-goer, complete with prominent tattoo Becca would not know that fornication is a sin, and Colton’s confession should have brought him praise and respect instead of anguished looks over speculation on how she’d have to teach him to “do the damn thing” in the fantasy suite. So, do you agree with me that one’s virginity is also a personal matter with no reason to reveal it to anyone except the person you’re engaged to? He’s so private about it that he’s barely told many people in his life, including his own father – yet he shares it on national television? Doesn’t make much sense. I would’ve had more respect for the guy if he said everyone in his life knows, he wears it proudly, and he’s not afraid to talk about it. Saying you’re scared and that barely anyone in your life knows then you tell America seems completely backwards to me.

I think I already know the answer to this one, but does part of the contract include a warning that some dates are dangerous and if you a) plunge head first down the side of the building you’re rappelling b) crash into a mountain while helicopter sight-seeing or c) get snacked by a shark while diving for c**ks (oops I mean conch!) in the ocean, your parents, kid(s), ex-wife, or present girlfriend won’t come looking for a reckless homicide settlement? The contract to go on this show is the worst contract in reality TV history. Contestants have no legal recourse to do anything to the show, no matter what happens. The show is not liable for anything. Yet there’s a line around the corner for people who would cut off an arm to be on this show and part of Bachelor Nation, so yeah, that should tell you where most of these people’s priorities lie. I’m guessing 95% of them never read the contract word-for-word.

Did you notice the seaplane was named “Tia” ? Should have saved that date for Colton, Becca! 🙂 Yes, saw that.

Do they grab “Proposal” contestants from the same pool as Bachelor/ette wanna-bees? And just a note, I thought that cop they cast in the first show was a real sweetie – very genuine (more so than most “bachelors”) and I’m glad he’s happy with his choice and (supposedly) still together with her. Do you know the “high profile occupation” of the gal last night that made her so wealthy? Never heard of her! I’m just gonna say this: If anyone wants to do some digging on that cop from episode 1, there’s stuff out there, so be my guest! I just don’t have the energy in me. No idea who the woman was the other night.

Also, and I guess to prove my point (and yours!) that most contestants on bach/ette are there for Insty followers and fun, does it strike you that most of rejected parties this year seem to have a nonchalant approach to being sent home? Very few sobs of agony and self-flagellation over “not putting myself out there” or “being vulnerable enough and now she’s gonna be realllly sorry!” No. Because BIP is now an option, very few care. And those that do are over it within a day or so.

Finally….Wills. OMG I just want to smack him thru the screen and say “WAKE UP!” And next to lively, sparkly Becca, already! What is she thinking keeping him this long?

Lots of luvs, you’re the best! (and funny as hell, too!)*

*oops! that’s my second “swear” of this message! sorry!

Comment: There’s a pretty strong “Wills for Bachelor” fanbase going now. I don’t see it. We can talk about how plain and soft spoken guys like Ben and Sean were. But you honestly think Wills could be in that role? I don’t see it at all. You’ve gotta be expressive, smile, somewhat excitable for that gig – Wills just seems waaaaaay too serious.

A couple of things about last night’s episode. Firstly, I’m totally with you on the TMI aspects of this episode. The Colton revelation is incomprehensible, and their “Kate and Leo” pose almost changed everything. Becca has an absolutely banging body, more so than any other Bachelorette in recent memory. And she seems to have no qualms about displaying for the cameras (and her men). How much does sex appeal play in the overall casting of this show? Is it numero uno on the casting check list? No, I wouldn’t say it’s very high for their Bachelorettes. Look, most women on this show are attractive. They really can’t go wrong looks-wise on anyone who gets the lead gig. But do you need to be some sex pot? No. I’d say most of them weren’t someone that the instant you laid eyes on them in a club, your mouth would drop to the floor and they just oozed sex appeal. Their attractive mid 20’s girls that they think women who watch this show can get behind. That’s all they’re looking for.

I’ve noticed that Grocery Joe has a growing following. The guy was only on one episode and he has 56k Instagram followers. Garrett has almost twice that many, but he’s the danged front-runner. Perhaps you already know what happened to the guy in Paradise, but he’d make an interesting choice for Bachelor. Please. Anybody but Blake. Joe is not going to be the Bachelor.

I’d love to hear Britt Nilssen on your podcast. She’s much more interesting than viewers remember and has many stories to tell about the manipulation of producers. She’s battled addictions and is now married. Lots of ground to cover with her, and my mind has changed completely about her since the embarrassment that was her appearance on Chris Soules’ season. What say you? This was a topic over a year ago.

Sharleen Joynt mentioned shock that Lincoln wasn’t given any air time on his departure. She apparently doesn’t read Reality Steve. Still, I think it would be hard NOT to know what went down behind-the-scenes. Sharleen likes to stay unspoiled. I have no idea what she’s done this season to stay away from all the Lincoln/Garrett drama.

Finally, I can’t imagine producers would not want Lincoln on Men Tell All. How could they avoid the conflict of his pooping, his sex crime, his wonderful views on the earth being flat, and his war with Chris. Just think of Chris Harrison’s facial expressions as he looks down his condescending nose and warns us of what’s coming up next.

Comment: Because he’s been convicted and we believe is now a registered sex offender, something he wasn’t when he was filming the show. I’d be stunned if he was there. If for some reason he is, ABC will take a ton of heat.

Hi Reality Steve,

Love your site and podcasts – thanks for all the great content!

Here’s my (very random) question… I have read that the contestants have to workout on their own at the mansion, or are provided very short windows to workout at a hotel sometimes when traveling, but what about the bachelor/ette? Do they have a trainer or nutritionist while on the show? I imagine the producers want their lead staying in shape.


Comment: No. They’re too busy to do anything major during the show. But you’d have to ask each individual one how much working out they did during their season.

Hey Steve,

I’ve been watching the bachelor/ette for a few seasons now and always read your blog with it. I have a few questions I’ve been meaning to ask you:

1. Britt is on an episode of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” picking out her wedding dress. I know you posted some update about her not to long ago, just can’t remember what it was. Anyways, any opinion on her going on another show on a different network? Is she still trying to look for her 15 minutes? I had no idea she did that. I’m indifferent on it. It’s whatever to me.

2. I didn’t watch Arie’s season because well, Arie. My question is who do you think would of been Bachelorette if he hadn’t broken up with Becca? Production had to have someone in mind before all of that drama went down. Tia.

3. I know you won’t tell who the Bachelor is until you have solid knowledge on it but I’m feeling like it’s going to be Jason. He has had a pretty good edit, and I’m mostly just praying that it’s not Blake. Do you think this is possible or is the franchise just too sparatic at this point to even make any kind of guess?

Comment: Its early. Give it time.

Hi Steve, I know this happened a while ago, but I was curious how Clay Harbor was cast on this season? I remember a magazine who didn’t credit your site stated that he applied himself after learning Becca would be the lead, and you saying that wasn’t true. Just curious, thanks Steve!

Comment: I believe the story is his friend was in talks on a previous season (or maybe this season), knew a producer, and put that producer in touch with Clay. He definitely didn’t just apply on a whim because of Becca like US Weekly insinuated he did.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure everyone says it, but I’ve never written to you before. I just have a question. I read that Ben Higgins is in the running for the next bachelor (the same article says Colton is gunning for it too). Have you heard anything about this?

Comment: Yeeeessssssss!!!!! The streak continues. We almost made it another week without this being asked, but this email arrived in my inbox at 2:35 this morning. Glorious waking up to one like this to keep the streak alive. Just makes the day go better. I feel like I can’t breathe if I don’t get this asked to me once a day.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.



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