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Bachelor In Paradise 5 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 8 Recap, (EXCLUSIVE) Bachelor in Paradise Ending Spoilers, Episode 2 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast w/ Ashley Spivey, & Men Tell All Tapes This Friday

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-The whole idea that they show the hometown dates out of the order that they’re filmed is always a head scratcher to me. I mean, I get that it’s all about storytelling, but in this particular instance, I don’t see how it changed anything. The order they were filmed were Jason, Blake, Colton, then Garrett. The order we saw it last night was Garrett, Jason, Blake, then Colton. I get that Colton had the most drama with the whole Tia stuff, but if they would’ve shown that third like it was filmed, I don’t see how that would’ve changed anything. We’ll get to Colton’s date later, but just seemed kinda stupid. And without going back through 36 different seasons, I don’t know how many are shown out of the order they’re filmed. It’s not a given that they do that every season. But the Colton/Tia stuff I guess is what led them to, but it didn’t have to be shown last to have the same effect.

-Becca meets Garrett in Manteca, CA and basically we are transported back to a few years ago on Chris Soules’ farm. It’s gonna be a tractor life for Becca. Hey ask Whitney Bischoff (now Angel) how appealing that seemed to her. Yeah, maybe for about 14 seconds after Chris proposed, then reality set in, and zero people wanted to live in Bumblef**k, Iowa. Remember how other girls on his season (yeah you know, even Ashley I.) were gushing about how where he lived was so cool and they could totally see themselves living there? Well, lets break down the 6 girls that he brought back to Iowa right before hometown dates and now see post-show if you honestly think they would’ve settled down there knowing more about them:

Jade: Bhahahahahahahahaha
Whitney: Bhahahahahahahaha
Britt: Bhahahahahahahahaha
Carly: Bhahahahahahahahahaha
Kaitlyn: Bhahahahahahahahahaha
Becca Tilley: Bahahahahahahahahaha

So there you go. I’m guessing Becca wants to be part of an agricultural family as much as those six did. But that’s just me.

-They start talking about meeting his family and Becca brings up the ex-wife. Because, you know, bringing up the ex-wife to Garrett is like winding up a Chatty Cathy doll. Just pull that string on Garrett’s back and let him go non-stop on and on and on about the ex-wife. He’ll spare no expense at telling everyone what a yeller and screamer she was an how emotionally abusive she was, and hey, maybe she totally was. Maybe she was the worst wife on the planet. There are rumors out there now saying she cheated. No idea if they’re true or not, but that would suck. Awful. No one wants to go through that. But still, does that make it completely necessary to talk about her negatively for the THIRD different time this season to Becca? I get she wants to know your past, and I get you have be open, honest, and vulnerable on this show, but for my liking, it’s too much. And I think a lot of other people agree. He didn’t have to continually go there. And he did. Then we meet the family, and, well…

-First off, is there a reason we didn’t get an intro to his family? Usually the contestant will say, “So-and-so is gonna meet…” then reel off everyone, their names, and their relation to him. Garrett never did that. Colton didn’t either, but then again, I believe Colton invited the whole city of Parker, CO to his hometown, so that might’ve taken three hours to introduce them all. There was certainly an overriding theme in every conversation Becca had with family members of Garrett’s and that was don’t hurt our boy. Yeah, we get it. He’s already told us this three different times, so hearing it from everyone else I have a feeling is going to get repetitive. Look, people break up. All the time. And you know what else? People get divorced all the time too. It’s part of his story, we know this. And I’m sure he was pretty devastated by this. But c’mon people, you’re bringing down the room with all this somber talk about his ex and how crappy she made him feel.

-Basically Garrett’s mom and dad said the exact same thing. He’s been hurt badly before, we saw him at his lowest, we’re very protective of him, and don’t put him through that again. Then the mom through this gem in. “From what we know about you, you come from a similar background.” Uhhhhh, are you sure about that? Maybe the whole huntin’ and fishin’ part, sure. But the part about how Becca is a very staunch liberal who loves Bernie Sanders, voted for Hillary, and went on women’s marches – yeah, from what WE can tell, that’s not your son’s background at all. In fact, he seems to be on the complete opposite end of that spectrum. As we’ve said since this story broke, this isn’t two people who just have different political views (there are marriages like that which can absolutely work), this is a matter of principle and human decency. Garrett apologized and seemed heartfelt. But my guess with Becca, it’s going to take more than and crafted apology. Words are words. It’s their relationship and his actions are what will dictate if they can make it. My hopes aren’t very high.

-And speaking of this hometown, obviously we as viewers never to get see EVERYTHING that these couples do during the day portion, but the fact that Garrett and Becca got a parade downtown and were given a key to the city and NONE of that was shown, a little odd no?

I know that the four hometowns only lasted 90 minutes and the last 30 minutes was dedicated to the Tia stuff/rose ceremony, so all the dates had to be cut a little shorter than normal. But that seemed like a pretty big segment to cut out. Especially when Garrett’s hometown was so sad and serious all the time. At least show the audience some happy time they spent together.



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