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Bachelor In Paradise 5 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Becca – Episode 8 Recap, (EXCLUSIVE) Bachelor in Paradise Ending Spoilers, Episode 2 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast w/ Ashley Spivey, & Men Tell All Tapes This Friday

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-It’s Colton’s time in Parker, CO and there isn’t a whole hell of a lot to discuss in terms of what actually happened on the hometown date. They went to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado so Colton could show off his charitable side, and as I’ve said all season, I respect Colton’s charity work. Good for him. But I’m also able to separate his charity work, from how he’s acted all season (and before the season) behind the scenes. He was seeing Tia pre-show and ended things, then a month later appeared on Becca’s season. We’ll never know because Tia never became the “Bachelorette,” but my guess is Colton still would’ve been on this show no matter WHO the “Bachelorette” was, which proves he was just looking to be on TV and increase his brand notoriety. Which is something that pretty much everyone does, so it’s not like this makes him any worse than the others. But this façade he’s putting up that he was all about Becca I’ve just never bought and neither should anyone else. Doesn’t make him a horrible human being. Just makes him full of sh**.

-I just find him hard to take seriously in this whole journey from the second we knew he was interested in Tia pre-show and would’ve most likely done the show if Tia was “Bachelorette.” Colton’s dad ends up giving Becca the out she needed to end this relationship when he told her during their time together that “As much as I want happiness for him, unless you truly can see it with him, I don’t want you to pick him.” I think the second Becca heard that, she knew what her decision was and she knew she’d tell Colton that when she had her final conversation with him. Thanks a lot, pops. But then again, it’s clear her relationship with Blake and Garrett was much farther ahead of hers with Colton. We could all see that. This just gave her the out she needed without using the Tia narrative.

-And oh yeah, this narrative of telling Becca that he’s never brought a girl home seems to be another guy just saying sh** on TV to make himself look better. Sure looks to me like Aly Raisman met his family:

Moving on…

-As for the Tia/Becca talk once they got back to LA and spoke the day of the rose ceremony, honestly, I think Sharleen summed it up about as well as you could in her recap posted today. I fully expected social media to lash out at Tia for being “homewrecker” or whatever because it was so easy to do. Do I think Tia could’ve waited? Absolutely. Do I not understand why she’s so hung up on this guy and think Tia can find a guy much better suited for her than Colton? 1000%. Hell, even her best friend Raven thinks so:

I don’t get it and probably never will. Tia is college educated, employed, is very attractive, and seems to come from a good family. Why she keeps attracting herself to guys who don’t seem to do much for her is beyond me. With that said, we have to take it for what it is and it goes back to what Sharleen wrote. When Tia confronted Becca in episode 3 and told her it was ok, she probably thought Colton wasn’t gonna be around much longer and she couldn’t predict her feelings weren’t gonna go away. I thought Becca handled it about as well as she could when confronted with what Tia said, and unless Becca admits differently in some post-show interview, she did say Tia coming to her about her still feelings for Colton played no role in her decision. So either Becca is openly lying to us, or she’s sparing her friend the backlash, even though she’s getting crucified on social media anyway. Becca said it didn’t play a role yet people who don’t like Tia are basically saying it did and it was wrong of her. I guess if Becca didn’t think it was wrong, who are we to say? It didn’t happen to us. Then again, Colton and Tia are dunzo now and aren’t together, so this kinda all becomes a moot point in the grand scheme of things.

-Again, people can say what they want on social media with zero repercussions, and yes, maybe some of you have had it up to here with Tia, you can’t stand her, you can’t stand the way she talks, you can’t stand the way she looks, you can’t stand why she’s appeared on the last three seasons, whatever it may be. I get it. Plenty of you don’t like her. You’re allowed to not like her. I’m not saying that you aren’t. But just as with ANY contestant on this show, or ANY person in general you don’t like on social media, is it really necessary to bombard them and make your feelings known publicly? Like, let’s just for a minute say Tia makes your blood boil to a point where it couldn’t possibly boil any further. Granted, I can’t understand that for the life of me about how someone on a TV show could bring you to that breaking point, but for the sake of the argument, I’ll give you that Tia does that to you. Exactly what’s the point of making those feelings known whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and bad mouthing her? If you DIDN’T say anything publicly about it, what would happen? Your head would explode and you’d die? Blood would come spurting out of your ears? I guess maybe I’m the wrong guy to talk about this since no one on this show (and no one ever in the history of the world) will work me up to a point where I will make it known publicly how much I hate them, call them names, post on their social media how much trash they are, on and on it goes. I just don’t get it and never will. Just take a step back and realize you’re not doing anything remotely productive by doing that. Calm down. It’s sickening some of the stuff I see out there. Whether it be Tia or anyone else in the franchise.

-Rose ceremony time. One of the more bizarre conversations took place beforehand as Colton, while walking up to Chris, asks him what’s expected of him in the fantasy suites should he go next week. Huh? Wha? Like, was he asking how do you do sex? Yes I know he’s a virgin, but does he know how babies are made? Does he really not know what to do when alone with a woman? What a bizarre conversation to have. Like I literally thought he was asking Chris, “What do you do if you have a woman in your bed with you and she has no clothes on?” Yikes.

Becca: “Pieces of you guys…how you were raised…makes tonight so difficult…hardest decision I had to make…but as hard as it is…have to follow my heart…and there will be absolutely no hardness with Colton and me for obvious reasons…”

Blake: Maybe on his overnight date, he’ll tell her another gut wrenching tragic story from his childhood to put her in the mood.
Jason: It’s official. We’ve never had anyone make the overnight date who wears this much product in their hair on a daily basis. Congrats.

“Becca, gentleman. It’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. There are literally four of you here and I came back after she gave out two roses. Do you laugh as hard as I do when exit stage left on these things?”

Garrett: He likey Becky.

I will update on Twitter as soon as I can anything I hear about the MTA taping this Friday. The two biggest things I’ll post first are if either Lincoln and/or Garrett are at the taping. I’d be shocked if either were. Until then, have a great one.

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