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The Bachelorette 14 - Becca

The “Bachelorette” Becca – “Men Tell All” Recap, Podcast React, & “Bachelor” Casting

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-One thing we need to tap the brakes on if you’re producers of this show, is to ease up on the bloopers hype. I know they love showing these at the MTA’s every season. And in the past, some have been funny. But the last few seasons, it’s really been the same thing. Like watching an episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” where a dad inevitably gets hit in the nuts when his two-year old swings a bat into his nuts, the bloopers have now just become people falling or the contestants being freaked out by a bug near them. I just remember Ashley and Ali’s seasons bloopers being so much better than what we’ve seen recently. Those are all still on YouTube if you wanna look them up. But yeah, recently these bloopers suck and Chris Harrison hypes them up like they’ll be the most hilarious thing ever. I mean, I guess if you’re 10 years old you’d find it funny. Uhhhh, I’m not. Most of us aren’t.

-Another one we miiiiiight wanna slow down a bit on is Grocery Joe. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Seems to be well liked by all the other guys. But after all that build up, and America not having seen him since the first episode, he gets on the hot seat and…ummmm…I’m still waiting for any semblance of a personality. Maybe we’ll see him shine on Paradise. But Chris Harrison really dug himself a hole last night that you could see even he acknowledged subtly maybe Joe wasn’t all he made him up to be considering the guy spoke in 4-5 word sentences. The guy had nothing up on stage last night. That was kinda painful to talk about. You could tell Chris was trying to get Joe to deliver on the hype Chris had set up, and Joe was either nervous or shy or has the charisma of a paper bag, but he wouldn’t budge. Hence the reason Chris sarcastically joked about how he talked so much. Yeah, that was a bit of a fail. And no, I don’t care how much America gets behind a guy on social media, they’re not making someone the “Bachelor” that got eliminated the first night. We know nothing about this guy. He has zero story. Nice guy, but no. We can stop asking about that one.

-The thing with the “hot seats” is that, again, it’s rehashing all stuff we’ve seen. Did Colton, Jason, Wills, Jordan, or Joe say anything we haven’t already heard them say either during the season or in post-show social media/interviews? No. And while you want to believe these guys are genuine, and I’m sure a lot of you do, it’s just hard for me to sit there and watch Colton, Jason, and Wills cry when it’s 3 months removed from the fact, two of them have already filmed another show and hooked up with other girls, and Jason is in the running for the “Bachelor.” Just seemed like they were all trying waaaaay too hard for that gig, when in reality, only Jason in that threesome probably really has a chance at it. I don’t see Colton and Wills being serious contenders for the “Bachelor.” I think this is down Jason, Blake, and Ben Higgins. We’ll see. We’ve still got a month before this announcement, and considering what they’ve pulled off the last two seasons, we can’t even try to pretend we know what they’re thinking.

-Has anyone had enough of Jordan yet? I just don’t get it. The guy is really thirsty for attention. People who are confident don’t have to tell you they’re confident every 14 seconds. The act is just old. I know some people find him hilarious, but I just can’t get on board. It’s like he’s a parody of a parody. He knows how he came across on the show, so if he does a complete 180, then everyone will say he put on an act. So he’s gotta keep this going for as long as he can because it garners the most attention. The first 30 minutes of the show was Jordan talking 1,000 miles per hour, stepping all over everyone, telling a bunch of guys to f**k off, and I guess we’re supposed to find that charming? Funny? Hilarious? I must be deaf, dumb, and blind then. Yes, I know he gets engaged to Jenna in Paradise and I guess people will see that as his redemption story, but does anyone honestly think that’s gonna last? Yeah, me neither.

-I know people want to label so-and-so a front runner for the next “Bachelor” and they want to dissect every aspect of social media, and their appearances last night, etc. It really doesn’t do anyone any good. We will not know until the announcement. And considering they lied to people in the past telling them it would be them, filming their intro videos, having their flights booked to come to LA, I seriously doubt that’s gonna change. Of course I will pass on anything I hear in this next month, but hearing someone filmed an intro video, or someone signed a contract, or someone met with producers in LA – it just doesn’t mean anything anymore. Do you realize that Arie flew out to GMA the night before the announcement was made? He did not know until he boarded the plane, and even then in HIS mind, he thought they were bringing another guy out there and they’d screw him at the last minute. So just giving you a heads up that finding out who the next “Bachelor” is beforehand nowadays is pretty much the only secret this show is able to keep. Because when you tell multiple guys it’s gonna be them, how is anyone supposed to decipher which one it actually goes to? Jason is candidate. Blake is a candidate. Ben Higgins and Peter will always be possibilities just because. Much easier to spoil the season and the contestants beforehand. Already got a few girls who I’m pretty sure will be on next season.

-One final note regarding the MTA last night and that was the absence of Lincoln in person and zero conversation about him. In this post MTA interview I think Chris put it succinctly as he could. They didn’t want him there, he was never invited, and that’s that. I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with separating Lincoln and Garrett. Two completely separate situations. It’s apples and oranges. Like Chris said, Garrett did something you might not agree with. Lincoln broke the law. Two completely different situations so neither should be lumped together. The only similarity the two of them have were they were both contestants on Becca’s season. That’s about all I see. If the show/the guys knew what Lincoln had done before the season started, then absolutely I think it should’ve been brought up at the MTA because the guys could talk about how they felt with someone like that in the house. Knowing all this stuff was found out afterwards, I don’t know, I don’t see why giving Lincoln more airtime talking about him does any good. What do you expect the guys to say? Great, we all loved him? Man, what a cool dude. Of course not. So I’m actually fine with him not being referenced at the MTA and him being wiped from the records of this show. What he did was deplorable and he’s suffering the consequences now. Having the guys talk about it would’ve added nothing for me because there isn’t much they could’ve added in my eyes.

We’re finally here. What seems like forever ago is now finally upon us. We’ve had to deal with a lot of off screen drama this season, but lets finally get to the end next week and do the damn thing, shall we? See what I did there? You realize we never heard that phrase basically after the first night from Becca? Good. Someone got in her ear and she listened. Trust me, there were much bigger problems this season had then Becca saying “Lets do the damn thing.” But next week we’ll get our “official” answer to something we’ve known since May. Becca and Garrett got engaged in the Maldives, they’re still together today and, well, lets see where this takes them. Should be interesting to say the least.

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