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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – Episode 5 Recap, Cassie’s “Other” Show & Her Confusing 1-on-1 Date

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-As for Cassie’s 1-on-1, not a whole hell of a lot happened on their date that had any substance to it, yet, there’s two major things to talk about that were in play here. First off, like, it’s obvious even to the unspoiled how much Colton was into her. They spent the whole first portion of their date making out. Not one single conversation of any substance. Hell, I don’t even think they said sentences to each other where they talked about anything. Just a bunch of making out in the ocean and kept everything strictly on a physical level. Zero depth to their talks. And on top of that, we even get a shot back with the women talking about Colton’s connection to Cassie and how he always seems to look at her on group dates and what not. So yeah, everyone there was well aware of who the front runner is. But editors made sure to include that last night to set up what happens later this season.

-But lets get to the most confusing part of their date, and that is their nighttime portion. This made absolutely zero sense to me. And for the first time in a while, I actually went back, re-watched, and wrote down word for word what Cassie said in hopes that maybe I didn’t hear correctly, or just missed the point the first time around. Nope. Still utterly confused, and they did quite an editing trick on us that you probably missed. You know I love Sharleen’s recaps and how she takes the time to break down all the missteps in editing, and how things are taken out of context, or shot at different times, well last night they pulled one that you’d have to go back and watch to see, but I’ll do my best to try and describe it.

-Here is what Cassie says in an ITM before we see her and Colton sitting down together:

Cassie: “Today was fun, it was romantic, and he’s hot. Very good looking. We definitely have some good chemistry. But, I mean, we are different people. Like, I’m not a virgin. And that’s something that, it’s like, a hard thing to talk about. I hope she’s ok with that, but if like, I’m gonna be here, it needs to be all out there.”

Was this some pressing issue that’s been discussed all season that needed to finally come to the forefront? No. We’ve never seen any conversation whatsoever where Cassie’s virginity was a topic. “He’s a virgin and I’m not.” Great. I’m guessing that was the case for 29 of the 30 women this season, so why is this being brought up by her? And then, it gets even weirder. This is what Cassie says to Colton while sitting with him:

“So, coming here and everything about my personal life is exposed, right? And, for you it was being a virgin. But for me, it’s not being one. Just hard.” (Keep those 4 sentences in mind. We’ll get back to that momentarily). She continues: “People with a lot of strong opinions. Especially opinions about, like, dating relationships and how you’re supposed to handle it and go about everything can be really difficult. Ummm, and coming here, that is all out in the open for me and you and everyone…but umm…yeah, it’s kind of a scary thing just thinking about, like, different members of my extended family and, ummm, my community didn’t know that I’m not a virgin. They might judge me for it, and so then, I don’t know, it might be some tough conversations going back home or maybe some judgments going back home, and something not easy to wrap your mind around.

“So how’d you do it? So how’d you like deal with all of it?”

Again, why did she offer any of this up if she was afraid of being judged for it? Cassie’s virginity, or non-virginity, in this case was never being discussed by the show, or the viewing audience at any point this season? I think most people who watch this show think the women aren’t virgins unless they state that they are. It’s something we’ve come to accept. Nobody watching last night would’ve had any clue if Cassie was or wasn’t a virgin if she hadn’t brought it up. Totally baffled by all of this. Lets just say we got to the fantasy suites and the show made it clear as day that Cassie and Colton had sex, THEN it’d make sense for her to say all these things. But why now? Especially when the whole conversation is about her fears of people knowing she’s not a virgin. Yeah, and we only know BECAUSE YOU JUST TOLD US. We wouldn’t have had an opinion, nor would family or friends, one way or another if you never brought it up. I so don’t get this conversation at all and don’t know if I ever will.

Now, the editing that you probably missed here was those first four sentences that she said to him once they were sitting down, Cassie and Colton were facing each other. Right after she said, “just hard.” We get a wide shot, and within one second, the two of them are now sitting side-by-side, both facing forward, and they make it seem like “People with a lot of strong opinions…” was the very next thing out of her mouth. It wasn’t. Couldn’t have been. Once she was done with her long diatribe, all while in the seated position as both are facing forward, after she says “not easy to wrap your mind around,” the shot immediately goes back to where they were in those first four sentences, and you see her say “So how’d you do it? So how’d you like deal with all of it?”

So really what she said while she was facing him was:

“So, coming here and everything about my personal life is exposed, right? And, for you it was being a virgin. But for me, it’s not being one. Just hard. So how’d you do it? So how’d you like deal with all of it?” Which flows and makes sense. Why they spliced in her whole diatribe about people judging her for not being a virgin in between all that didn’t make a lot of sense either. Then again, neither did the whole conversation.

And lets not forget, they ended Colton’s date with Cassie with him saying, “I hope Cassie likes me as much as I like her,” which was the biggest case of foreshadowing we’ll see all season. Again, they made SURE to leave that soundbite in there. Everyone watching that date last night knows Cassie is the front runner now. He’s so much more into her than anyone else. We all clearly saw that. So the surprise is not that he picks Cassie in the end. It’s that she doesn’t choose him and leaves the show. That’s where the audience will gasp and wonder what happened. And that’s when they’ll show Colton “chase” her down and the filming in California happens.



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