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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – Episode 5 Recap, Cassie’s “Other” Show & Her Confusing 1-on-1 Date

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-At the cocktail party, Tayshia gets shown with Colton for yet a third time this episode as the two of them light a lantern, send it off into the night sky, and watch it burn over Thailand while the other women see this happen and get jealous. And Tayshia and Colton make out for a third time this episode that made sure to show us, something that is only reserved for women who go far in the show. But after Cassie’s date, pretty much anything they show with any other woman the rest of the season, we all know doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot because Cassie was his choice from fairly early on. It’s what I was hearing, it’s why I reported it, and it’s why he chose her. Showing these other candidates is just a way to increase interest for “Bachelorette.” Although, just like with Elyse’s momentum after episode 3 then getting no time last week, what’s the theme this week? Who had all the talk after last episode? Caelynn. Told her story, did interviews with the media, and she was all anyone was talking about? Who’s talking about her this morning for Bachelorette? Probably no one because she wasn’t involved in anything last night. It’ll pick up again after hometowns and “Women Tell All,” but just wanted to throw out there again that a week after she was all the craze, no one’s talking to their friends this morning about Caelynn from last night. And why would they? She was a ghost for the most part.

-We see Colton getting brief alone time with three women during the cocktail party. Demi gives him some rings which probably had some magic spell attached to them. Kirpa briefly is flossing with him. Not flossing as in dancing flossing. Flossing his teeth because, get it, she’s a dentist. Then we get Hannah G. just so we can see him tell her she puts his mind at ease and watch them kiss. Always important to show him kissing Hannah G., which I believe we’ve now seen in 4 of the 5 episodes, if not all 5.

-But of course, this episode all comes back to the Onyeka/Nicole fight which starts growing even more legs because Nicole tells Colton that Onyeka has been bullying her since she met her, and that she called her “mentally unstable.” Well, we clearly saw in the deleted scene from last week that she called her “emotionally unstable,” so Nicole was wrong about that part. But we’re really getting nit picky here. Onyeka sees that Nicole cries over literally everything, even things that someone on this show shouldn’t even cry about, and that to her equates to being “emotionally unstable.” We can debate whether or not that’s accurate until the cows come home, but that’s the way she felt and she addressed it with Nicole. Here’s where Onyeka loses people. Now that we know she confronted Nicole last week about her emotions in the deleted scene, why would she confront her with that, but not confront her with Elyse telling her something even more damaging? Just go to her and ask, “Did you say this?” She didn’t, and we got what we got last night as a result. Yay?

-So even after all that happens, and even after both of these women have told Colton things the other has said about them, and even as they continue to yell and bicker at each other over who’s right and who’s wrong, these two still can’t put their differences aside once Colton arrives. He must’ve felt like he was in the Twilight Zone just sitting there watching these two argue over him, and him pretty much knowing he was romantically into either woman. Kind of obvious why these were the two eliminated at the rose ceremony which we’ll see at the beginning of next week. According to Robert Mills appearance on the “Bachelor Party” podcast last night with Juliet Litman, next week we’ll be back on schedule and not have a “To Be Continued…”. The episode will start with the fallout from the Onyeka/Nicole fight, we’ll have the rose ceremony, those two are eliminated, they’ll move on to Vietnam, and there will be a rose ceremony at the end of the episode. So good thing this TBC is only a one week thing. For once they listen to their audience that they pretty much hate TBC episodes.

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