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The “Bachelor” Colton – Episode 7 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, & A Case Made for Hannah B.

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-The next 1-on-1 was Hannah’s and is there really a lot to talk about here? I mean, we could clearly see Colton’s mind was preoccupied the whole date, not to mention, he just wasn’t into her as he is into some of the others. Hannah had a hard time seeing that. Maybe she was lovestruck. Maybe she was caught up in the moment. Maybe she was suffering PTSD from wearing that pink sparkly dress straight out of an 80’s movie. I don’t know. But her getting eliminated last night shouldn’t have surprised anyone. I’m not talking about the spoiler aspect either since you’ve known she was going home last night for two months now. I’m talking about the fact that Colton never seriously showed her much consideration as one of his front runners. We can clearly see that. And, you know, the dress.

-With that said, after everything that went on last night, the one woman who came out of all this smelling like a rose was Hannah B. For the longest time, I just couldn’t see her as the “Bachelorette.” She came across as too dorky and overly emotional to me. However, I had a conversation with a friend over the weekend who kinda changed my mind on that. I’m not saying that Hannah B. will be the “Bachelorette.” I don’t know who they’re choosing and we won’t for a few weeks. What I’m saying is if she does end up getting it, I won’t be nearly as surprised as I would’ve been if you asked me a month ago. Or hell, even a week ago. I just never saw it. But now I could see it. Again, doesn’t mean she will get it, but I think your only three candidates now are the two Hannah’s and Caelynn, but Caelynn’s opportunity seems to be going out the window with this edit. We’ll see.

-Here was my friend’s long, thought out case she made for Hannah B. as the “Bachelorette”:

“With Hannah B, there are three Bachelorette qualities the show
reliably feature that they haven’t shown for others in the final four.

First, the show demographic is overwhelmingly females in their 20s,
30s, 40s. The show works with its demographic for the Bachelorette
when the audience can feel empathy for the lead and relate to their
story. The story is consistently that this person is struggling to
find love and acceptance in the real world. The lead typically needs a
win and the audience is empathetic to that. For example, we believed
that Becca was left heartbroken and scarred so we wanted to see her be
“given” an opportunity for a love story. However, there is no way the
show can sell us on the very young models Cassie or Hannah G, or the
young beauty queen Caelynn, needing the show to find their husband.
These women are young and stunning. They need no help and it would be
nearly impossible for the demographic to feel invested in these women
in desperate need of a win in life or love. However, Hannah B – while
also young and beautiful – has been shown with deep insecurities and
as the one who didn’t win the crown. There’s something about her that
makes you want to wrap her up in a warm blanket and just hug her
tight. You feel empathy towards her feeling she’s not good enough and
that she just needs a win. The producers have given us reasons to root
for her. And, most women can relate to the way she has felt at one
point or another – we can believe in her; because we’ve all been
Hannah B at some point. (Note: I’m not including Tayshia in this point
because she was already married and divorced… she had no trouble
finding a husband already. She’ll find another).

Next, historically the Bachelorette is portrayed as being well-liked
by the girls in the house and nearly conflict-free. We’ve seen Tayshia
and Caelynn talk poorly about others. In both instances, the story
line didn’t advance from including those comments. I have hard time
believing the producers would put those comments in there for their
Bachelorette for the same reason we never saw Rachel and Vanessa throw
down on Nick’s season. But with Hannah B – the only conflict we saw
was her with Caelynn and you can argue that plays into Hannah B
feeling insecure and not good enough and not the winner. And in a way,
she seemed railroaded by Caelynn in the end of all of that (and we saw
their resolution which is something rare on this show). We also
consistently see Hannah B with her arms around other girls, her
friendship with Heather and Demi, etc. She is clearly a girls’ girl
and liked and it makes her easy to root for her. She seems like
someone we all would want to be friends with while watching from home.
I’d get a drink with Hannah B which is a quality I want to see in a

Last, she is literally the only person this season where we
consistently see her goofy, fun personality. Without fail, every
episode has had at least one clip or scene where we see her being
goofy or funny or animated. She’s fun to watch and we’re getting to
know Hannah B. From her being a pirate to doing Hannah Beast to her
doing fighting moves with Colton….we are getting to know her bit by
bit. We haven’t seen this much personality from anyone else on this
show this season except for Demi (maybe) and that didn’t feel
authentic. Hannah B is authentic and fun to watch. I believe the
producers are giving us SO MUCH of her for a reason. They aren’t
giving us that much of any of the top four – that’s for sure.

There’s my reasoning for Hannah B. And I’m pulling for her in a big
way. I’m so down for a Hannah B Bachelorette season. Colton has been
so boring…We need to breathe some life into next season. And life,
for the audience, is not insulting our intelligence that some 23 year
old model is struggling to find love…. *eye roll*”

Pretty compelling argument and all valid points, and my friend hasn’t even seen last night’s episode yet which definitely fed into a lot of what she just said. Personally I still would be surprised if Hannah B. got the “Bachelorette” gig, but after watching last night, seeing that edit, what I’m saying is I can at least admit now that if Hannah B. got it, it would make sense to me. Never thought about it this way before.

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  1. dogmomma

    February 19, 2019 at 10:24 AM

    My husband was in the room when Caelynn was having her meltdown and using the F word left and right about the accusations by Tayshia. His comment was “I’m surprised that a girl who represents her state would use that kind of language on national TV. I bet the people of North Carolina are very proud of her”. She did not come off very well at all. My impression of Hannah B in the beginning was that she seemed silly and maybe a little immature, but after last night I thing she would be a fun bachelorette to have and my vote is for her 100%. She seems more genuine than most of the other girls.

  2. iampunka

    February 19, 2019 at 10:28 AM

    Tayshia came off looking really bad, Kirpa did too for doubling down on it, and then both Cassie and Caelynn had deer in the headlights looks like they knew they got caught. Only girl who didn’t look awful was Hannah G. since she pretty much stayed out of it. She made some generic comments, but didn’t go to Colton to talk trash.

    Not gonna lie. I really don;t see Colton and any of the girls with a serious connection. Yes he has great chemistry with Cassie and Hannah G, but that is it. No real depth based on what has been shown. The format isn’t set up to let that happen though, so by the end it just sin’t really ever there anyway.

    Speaking of format, they need to switch it up. Do hometowns with the leads family at the final 4 to help narrow it down, a normal but crazy elimination at 3 because hometowns are next, then hometowns with the final 2 girls so he isn’t asking 4 dads for permission to marry the daughter(which is absurd)and fantasy suites on location at final 2 and let the lead family see them again. Extend the end and allow for more real connection, get rid of the silliness of the beginning and downsize quicker to accommodate. Make it seem more real that way, at least.

    If Cassie does bail, and some of the girls said to Colton she is not one of the ones ready, then they did call her out right on that though, didn’t they. Regardless of how they got there, they read her right. Because it’s obvious Colton digs her the most, but that she is conflicted. Because she’s not ready. Peter Pan kid.

  3. meredith1972

    February 19, 2019 at 11:55 AM

    I am going to bring up something I hope to be of interest. While Colton got assurances of “being ready” from the other girls he questioned, I think I only heard Cassied tell him that she was there for him.
    Notice all the foreshadowing and editing which back up the spoiler RS gives of Cassie leaving – Cassie, the obvious frontrunner, the one he wants. Therefore, while there may NOT have been specific talk of the Bachelorette, there may well have been talk that indicated Cassie just simply was not ready for all this.

    I agree with Reality Steve’s friend. They have now given Hannah B a story and an edit that would fit the next Bachelorette.
    (The truth is probably that his family liked her, but that would make him look really bad, and wasn’t needed, so we didn’t see that.)

  4. ladyjane747

    February 19, 2019 at 1:23 PM

    What’s hilarious is that we now know those other girls were correct. Cassie ISN’T ready, which she demonstrates by bolting. So, she must’ve said something or acted a certain way or the other girls just guessed at it, but whatever, they were spot on. And now Colton’s going to look like a fool for picking the one who isn’t ready (not that he is – such a man child). And Caelynn came across so poorly. My God, that language and calling another girl a dumb B. Not a good look. It’s pretty clear now that she was the instigator in the feud with Hannah B. She’s awful and those fake teeth! I hope Hannah B gets the Bachelorette gig. She’s expressive and animated and funny and a little insecure and goofy. She’d be a great lead.

  5. SeaDub

    February 19, 2019 at 1:37 PM

    Time to get back to women and men in their 30’s. This is a sh1t show.

  6. adelina

    February 19, 2019 at 2:09 PM

    I appreciate Kelly Johns’ effort but I just don’t find her schtick that funny or entertaining.

    Any woman/girl who goes on this show to “warn” the lead about the others is always making a mistake. The way that this comes off as “I care about him/her and don’t want him/her to make a mistake” is so silly. So what if they get engaged to the wrong person? Let them figure it out for themselves. I don’t care how producer led it is, you always come off as petty.

    I wish they’d choose a 30 or older lead for Bach’ette. If they choose Hannah G it will basically be a show about an American Girl Doll who came to life and went on tv. Please no.

  7. rob22

    February 19, 2019 at 5:23 PM

    Does it make me a bad person if I don’t know who Katie even was? Referring back to some long gone, rando who most of us don’t remember, as the key to who’s there for the right reasons is exhausting. If Colton had anything left of his CTE damaged brain, he would have simply stated that Katies not here and that he wasn’t going to listen to 2nd hand information from contestants with clear incentive to take down the front runners. Sh*t show avoided. Geez though, he’s as dumb as a sack of hammers!!

  8. corn29

    February 19, 2019 at 7:38 PM

    Wow! The Women Tell All is going to be such a catty bitch fest.

  9. ladyjane747

    February 19, 2019 at 9:01 PM

    Katie’s not exactly a long gone rando – she just left in the previous episode. She was the African-American other NBA dancer (Sydney was the other one). Thing is though, this time all the rumors among the women were right! He was warned about Cassie, chose her anyway, and she wanted to leave and not get engaged. Good job, Colton. You had one job to do on this show and you blew it!

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