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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 1 Recap, What’s the Latest, Reporting on Hannah’s Guys This Season, and Episode #19 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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One thing the show did a little differently this season was release all the guys before the season started. On the “Bachelorette” Facebook page on March 13th, they released 33 guys. Three ended up not getting cast, and not because they were bad guys or anything (although one had some dirt come to light and that’s why he was booted), but for whatever reason, they just decided those 3 weren’t gonna make it to the first night. They were Joe Romeo, Matt Dione, and Ben Granger. I believe the reason they did this this season was because of the backlash from last year with the Lincoln and Leo stories. They basically wanted America to vet their men for them. One of them they did (Matt Dione), and the other two I don’t know what happened really. Will this be standard every season now? Hard to say. I doubt they’ll do it for the “Bachelor.” Seems like this is much more of an issue with the guys…as you will see coming up this season.

Hell, it seems like I’ve heard negative stories on at least half these guys. Are they in the same boat at the Lincoln story? No. But they wouldn’t have even gotten this far if that were the case. The show can only background check on criminal and legal stuff, even though they dropped the ball on Lincoln last season. But when it comes to ex-girlfriends, and how they were treated, the show can only do so much. The guys certainly aren’t going to admit any wrongdoing during the application process, and unless the exes are gonna come forward, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot the show can do. However, you will see it happen this season that’s for sure.

My job is to give you any inside information on the show and the guys that I find out which I deem necessary to share. One thing you have to keep in mind is that some women just don’t want to come forward and attach their name to things. Yes, I’ve heard stories about these guys from exes this season. And it certainly doesn’t shed them in the light the show portrays. But basically with everything that’s gone on in the past couple years, now if these women don’t want to speak to me on record, share pictures, tell the full story, etc I’m probably not going to run with it. In this day and age, it’s not good enough anymore to say, “Yeah, I heard a story about this guy and it’s not great. He did this this this and this.” I mean, you can say that, but less people will be inclined to believe it. Hell, I’ll say it right now. There are at least 5 guys this season who I’ve heard stories on that just make you shake your head. And the person who contacted me is probably is telling the truth and all of that might’ve happened, but unless they can show some sort of proof they were with the person, nowadays people will automatically dismiss them. Especially if it’s someone they already like and doesn’t fit their narrative.

Since the #MeToo movement started, I’ve begun to understand more and more, just by covering this silly show, why women stay silent for so long and don’t come forward. Because they’re immediately not believed if the person they are accusing is well liked by the masses. I’ve specifically dealt with women who didn’t want to go on record with stories of guys from this show because they don’t want to be harassed, not believed, called names, and told they’re just looking for 15 minutes of fame. It’s frustrating to have someone come to you, tell you a story that’s pretty relevant and something you’d think the “Bachelorette” would want to know about since during filming NONE of this would ever possibly get brought up, but because they fear retaliation, they don’t want to speak on it publicly. They tell me in private and I just have to file it away in the back of my head. I start feeling sorry for the women and am understanding more and more how much that must suck for them.

Are these stories all centered around assault, or rape, or something violent? No. Most aren’t. Every situation is different. But even something as getting ghosted by a guy who left to do this show, if I’m Hannah or any other lead, I think I’d want to know one if my guys did that. And same holds true for “Bachelor,” as I reported with the Tayshia stuff. Did that have any staying power? Not really. And probably because Tayshia was well liked. However, the ones that don’t want to speak usually say, “No one’s gonna believe me, or they’ll just tell me to get over it, what’s the big deal. He must not have liked you that much or it must not have been that serious.” It’s tricky times we’re living in I tell ya’. So just keep an open mind this season when you hear stories about women who’ve dated/been with some of Hannah’s guys and just don’t dismiss them because you like the guy, or think he’s cute, or kiss their ass so they’ll talk to you or respond to a social media post. That’s pathetic. Although, I can say that until I’m blue in the face and I know there are those that still won’t listen, will plug their fingers in their ears screaming “LALALALALALALALA” just because they like the person and don’t think there could possibly be anything negative about them. Well, there can be and there is. Stay tuned.

“Bachelor in Paradise” begins filming season 6 the first week of June, and while a couple weeks ago I said I was hearing rumors it might not be in Mexico this season, I can confirm now it was just that – a rumor. They’ll be going back to the same place they’ve been the last 4 years at Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico. Not much other news to report casting wise. Like I said, that’s ever changing, and people will be told they’re going and won’t be, then some people will be called last minute. I’d given you the names of some non-Hannah guys and non-Colton women who I heard might be appearing this season (since that’ll make up most of your cast), and I think those names are still in the mix as far as I know except for Whitney Fransway. Don’t think she’s in anymore. However, here’s kind of a big announcement since they showed him on the “Bachelorette” reunion show last week. I’m hearing Chris Bukowski is coming out of retirement and will be on Paradise this season, making it the 6th season he’s appeared on, which would be 2 more than any other contestant. Bukowski is king. Remember he did the podcast a while back, he talked about why he retired, how much the show changed him, etc. And now he’s jumping back in. Uhhhhhh, ok. His life, his choices. As long as he doesn’t let it get to him like it did last time, then have at it I guess.

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