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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 1 Recap, What’s the Latest, Reporting on Hannah’s Guys This Season, and Episode #19 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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-There are obviously a lot of limo entrances and I’m not gonna comment on all 30. But here are some of the ones that stood out to me:

Garrett: He’s a golf pro so he made a reference to bogeys and making a hole-in-one. C-minus. Too easy.

Mike: He lives by the 5 C’s: character, charm, charisma, consistency, and compassion. He should throw in a 6th. Cool. Mike is winning this game right now.

Dylan: Not sure why he dressed in a white tux and bowtie like he should’ve been walking around the mansion serving the contestants drinks. I once wore a white tux. In 1993 to my senior prom. AND it had tails. What an idiot.

Connor: You knew someone would get a fence jump in, and Connor was our guy. No mention of this being the second time he’s seen her since he was at the ATFR. Just weird since the other 4 all entered back-to-back-to-back-to-back for that very reason.

Brian, Scott, Matteo, and Daron: All got the “we’re nervous and are forgetting what to say” edit. I guess we know now why Scott did. He didn’t know which girl he was meeting.

Joe: The Box King was throwing out every box pun you can imagine as he pops out of a box brought in by a forklift proclaiming “This package isn’t complete without you.” You know why Hannah should’ve sent him home right then and there? The styrofoam packaging that makes a mess anywhere. Ugh. The worst.

Ryan: There were some “Roll Tides” earlier in the show when she was in Tuscaloosa, but Ryan comes in on roller blades saying “Roll Tide.” D-plus. Is “Roll Tide” the “Lets Do the Damn Thing” of this season?

Grant: I actually liked this one. Referenced the fact it’s gonna be a sausage party inside, he ate a hot dog saying he wanted to relish the evening, and would ketchup inside. Not bad, although Jillian might have a trademark on hot dogs references night one. Might wanna check on that.

Luke P, Luke S., Dustin, & Cam: The 4 other guys she met at the ATFR all came out in a row and Cam ended it with another rap. I’m fine with the rapping. But talking in third person needs to stop, even though we know it doesn’t from the promo. “ABC – always be Cam.” Apparently the early rose might’ve gone to his head. He’ll be in Paradise, no worries. And he’s already talking to and hanging with Colton’s women. Keep an eye out.

Matt Donald: Rides in on a tractor, has the straw hat going, and singing “Old Matt Donald had a farm…” He’s really selling the farm bit and playing it up, yet, it didn’t have any payoff. Maybe he should’ve gone with “The Farmer in the Dell.” By the way, does anyone have a f***ing clue what that song was about? What’s a dell? Ok, I just Googled it. Here’s the description: “The rhyme was first recorded in Germany in 1826, as ‘Es fuhr ein Bau’r ins Holz.’ It was more clearly a courtship game, with a farmer choosing a wife, then selecting a child, maid, and serving man who leaves the maid after kissing her.” And this is good for kids at 2 years old on how to court women? Yikes.

Chasen and Peter: Chasen comes out first and thinks it’s pretty baller that he’s a pilot. Only to be outdone by Peter who flies for Delta (Chasen flies for some regional out of Utah), wore his uniform the first night, and gave her his wings. Lets just say Chasen had no chance after that.



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