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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 1 Recap, What’s the Latest, Reporting on Hannah’s Guys This Season, and Episode #19 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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-I mean, we’re not a few minutes into the show and I already have an issue with what we’re seeing. Cameras in Hannah’s house when Chris Harrison calls her about being the “Bachelorette.” Do we, hell, did SHE, really expect that they sent a camera crew to her house to film her getting a phone call from Chris to let here know she WASN’T the “Bachelorette?” I mean, c’mon. She had to know something was up. Especially when he asked her on the phone if she wants it. I know I’m nitpicking here but lets give it some element of surprise, shall we? Maybe do a hidden camera thing when she’s in LA for taping something. But the set up of how that all went down, Hannah couldn’t have been all that surprised. Maybe it’s because she has zero poker face whatsoever, but I felt like she knew the whole time and they said, “Ok, we’re gonna film you getting the call from Chris telling you you’re the ‘Bachelorette.’ Act surprised!” Fail.

-We all know the heat that Hannah has taken a bit of a beating on social media since her performance on the ATFR, but honestly, I’m fine with her as the “Bachelorette.” Maybe I’m one of the few that doesn’t need some polished version of someone to thrust upon America. She seems real as they come, she’s not gonna pretend that she’s someone she isn’t, and I think she’s genuine in her search for someone. Granted, I’ve always said I think the “Bachelorettes” take the show much more seriously than the guys do, and the track record seems to have proven that. But is Hannah for everyone? Of course not. No one is. Just seems like she’s more behind the eight ball than previous leads just because the whole Southern thing and how she’s admittedly the Hot Mess Express I guess people don’t wanna see. Whatever. They’ll be watching because they’ll be wanting to be talking about it with their friends who are. Same ol’ same ol’ every season.

-The meeting with Demi & Katie seemingly happened earlier in the day on March 16th, the night filming began since Hannah was in her night one dress with them. Even though when they did the shot of the three of them on the bed, Hannah had yet to put on the dress, yet it was shown after Demi & Katie saw her for the first time when she DID have on the dress. Continuity error seemingly. However, the point of this being the whole Demi & Katie “surveillance” deal was a little too hokey for my taste. It’s clear they were brought on just to do this bit, and when the show has to resort to that to embarrass a guy on purpose in the first episode, it just kinda reeks of desperation. Trust me, they’ll be a few guys this season who have issues with women back home. But it’s such a tired concept, does anyone really care if a night one guy was dating someone before the show? He’s irrelevant. If that drama doesn’t happen last night, the episode is really pretty boring.

-They did add the new thing with some of the guys doing camera phone videos before they left for filming (and some even at the airport) which was a nice little wrinkle. As for the intro videos, here’s the breakdown:

Tyler C.: He’s 26, a general contractor from Jupiter, FL and, well, he dances like a white guy. Nice to know he was only a “couple classes away” from being a dance minor at Wake Forest. Note to self: Go back to school, enter Wake Forest’s dance program, and become the next Fred Astaire. Sounds like they’ll give a dance degree to just about anyone.

Peter: He’s 27, lives in Westlake Village, and he’s a pilot. Aviation is in his family as his dad was a pilot and mom was a flight attendant. Hmmmm, I wonder if, you know, they “met” that way. Probably. What’s fitting is Peter lives like a stones throw from the mansion in Malibu and flew over it for video screaming “Hannah, I’m coming for you,” which seemingly sounds like something you might scream during the fantasy suite. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Mike: Big Mike is an Air Force vet who lives in Dallas and loves his grandma. Awwww Mikey, he knows the game. Dude knows exactly what he’s doing. I think he and Matt Donald were in a fight for the “Who Can Win Over America The Quickest with Their Intro Video” award. Giving flowers to grandmas and saying she’s the first love of your life? I mean, why not just add in your rescue puppies for a living, Mike? That would’ve had even more people in the palm of your hands.

Joe: From Chicago and sells boxes. He’s the Box King. It also sounds like he wants to be the next Grocery Joe. I can guarantee you the Box King will be on Paradise. Count on it. You don’t get an edit like that for one episode and not have staying power in the franchise. And if there’s anyone that sounds more Chicago than Joe, I’ve yet to meet them. Chick-aaaaaaaaahhhhhh-go.

Matt Donald: Mike went with the flowers to grandma, but Matt was having none of that. Matt says, “Oh I see you Mike. But I’ll raise you with the deaf parents and brother.” Cool to see. Seems like a good dude. Too bad he’s no longer with us and got the Box King treatment night one. Paradise, perhaps?

Connor J.: Comes from a mixed family. Has a blonde haired, blue eyed dad and a mom from Hong Kong, who happens to be a local TV reporter in Chicago I believe. They didn’t focus on that in the package as they spent more time on the grandma. I wonder if it was grandma who gave him the idea for the bachelorette party later for Hannah and the junk in the trunk? You never know. Maybe grandma was wheels off back in the day.

Luke P. Oh boy. The most polarizing character of the season wasted no time. Actually, it all started back on the ATFR when, I never noticed this but was told after the fact, he was waving to the camera or something like that as they were signing off. Immediately people were up this guy’s ass for something pretty innocuous. Then we get his intro of him telling us basically he was a player in college because the women found him attractive, but then God called to him in the shower, and he’s changed his ways since. Like I said last week, this is gonna be a rough go for Luke for the next couple months. I hope he’s ready.



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