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Now that everything has come forward… well maybe not everything, but enough to make Jed look like a major douche canoe.. do you think ABC will try to edit or spin this in some way to do some damage control since he wins? I mean the freaking elephant (term is usually cat, but this case warrants elephant) is out of the bag, i feel like it’s gonna get crazy. People are people and they’ll watch the train wreck that is the remainder of this season just because of everything that’s come to light… but do you think ABC will attempt to regain some sort of upper hand here or just let the scheduled edits roll? I don’t know how you can all the sudden make Jed look like an idiot. Or a villain. This was all already filmed months ago. They can’t splice something in now. And they have to go along with the love story of Hannah and Jed up until their engagement in Greece.

Also: thank you for really interviewing Haley. I actually came to see her in a new light. I thought she was an attention-seeking ex looking for revenge or 15-minutes because she got burned, but that changed with your podcast. Granted, knowing he was going to manipulate another lady is wrong, but she seemingly genuinely felt that he was only going for enough screen time to get his name out and then would come back. I cannot believe he slept with another girl in the midst of all of that. I’m glad Hannah ended the engagement and I’m interested to see where she goes from here. She’s a breath of fresh air as far as unrefined and classically southern and independent, HA (Hannah beast). Where do you think she’ll go from here? I mean like you said in the podcast, there’s a few options. She dumps his sorry ass and shows single, they come together and are “working on it”, or she pulls a switcheroo and changes back to another guy from the season. What do you think her next move is? I know you can’t know with 100% certainty, but your sources seem to give some crazy intell. What would you do if you were in Hannah’s shoes? Go back to Tyler or come out of this working on yourself solo?

I read somewhere that There was a poll of “does Hannah dump Jed and go back to Tyler” and his own mama put yes. Lol do you think she’d even try?

Thanks for your hard work and spoils!! Appreciate what you do!!

Comment: Amazing. Someone who had a pre-conceived bias against Haley actually listened to the interview and came out realizing there’s more to her story than just relegating her to a one sentence joke. Thank you for listening and being objective. Wish others would follow your lead.

I didn’t see that poll or follow anything like that. Of course that’s the narrative that a lot of people want. I mean, Hannah isn’t engaged anymore so she can no doubt do what she wants. I don’t know where her head is at as of this moment, but nothing can be ruled out.

I just think that this is different than Arie’s situation, because Arie just realized his feelings were stronger for Lauren. Becca didn’t f**k up. So basically if Hannah went back to Tyler, wouldn’t she just be doing it because the man she chose over him just 2 months ago and got engaged to, ended up being a giant douchelicker? If you’re Tyler, do you want that? Maybe Tyler wants to be the “Bachelor?”


I’ve read you forever but I’ve never felt inclined to email in… until meow.

I know you don’t usually fancy yourself with pointless twitter interactions but please tell me you’ve seen the absolute ridiculousness that James Taylor has been spouting off. I remember when he came on the podcast and acted all changed and then you’ve since commented that he definitely has NOT changed, yet here he is reciting bible verses. I don’t really have a question… more so just a what in the world is this dude doing ?????

Love your column, thanks for giving me the deets every week!

Comment: He is pathetic and I have zero interest in engaging in anything that guy does. His actions speak for themselves.

Hey Steve,

Since the engagement has been broken off, is Jed obligated to be on After The Final Rose and do press with Hannah after the show?

Comment: They certainly won’t be doing press together since they aren’t. But I gotta believe outside of whatever he says on the ATFR, I’m sure he’ll do some interviews and address things.

Hi, Steve. I’ve been a reader for years – you’re more fun than watching the actual show, and I get a lot more information about what’s going on that way, too. I feel really sorry for Hannah, who seems like a pretty cool human being — strong, outspoken, and genuine. Her entire season was dominated by jerks — and yeah, she made some pretty bad choices in keeping Luke and Jed around long after she spotted the red flags about them both… but I still have to think she deserves a lot better than either of them, and I hope she finds it.

Since you just let us know that Hannah and Jed are no longer engaged, do you think they would consider bringing Hannah back for another season as the Bachelorette in a few years, if she wants to do it? Of course she may not still be single by then, and even if she is, I could certainly see her deciding she was SO done with this whole thing, after everything that’s gone down! But she was on Colton’s season, and whatever else I could say about Colton, I think it’s pretty clear that he actually was looking for love. He even appears to have found it, at least for the moment. So it’s not like her *only* experience with the show is these jerks who don’t care about anyone except themselves. And they’ve already brought back one lead, so it’s obviously not in the producers’ “ugh, never” category.

I think it would make a great storyline: the girl who wanted someone who’d fight for her, and instead got a squabbling mass of testosterone too busy fighting each other to notice her. Sadly played by her final choice, but with the strength to walk away from him and try again. Will the guys show up for her instead of arguing among themselves all year this time? Can she toughen up and learn from her mistakes; kick the ones with red flags early even if they’re attractive, and find somebody genuine? This is the kind of reclamation story reality TV loves. I don’t see them giving Hannah another season. This was her experience. This was her journey. She’s not owed anything per se. Just because she didn’t find love with Jed doesn’t mean she has to get another season. Hell if I’m her, I probably wouldn’t even want it.

On another subject, thank you for bringing Haley onto your podcast, and for helping keep the issue focused where it should be when discussing her story. No, she didn’t do everything right, but that doesn’t make what Jed did any less wrong! When I started reading your spoilers, you were funny, but you pretty clearly bought into some of the misogynistic myths about women that float around out there. It’s great to see you come to understand women’s experiences better, and help to amplify women’s voices. Kudos.

Comment: I agree. I was brutal a few years ago. And 15 years ago when I started this? Even worse. Having dealt with a lot of the contestants personally over the years, I’ve started to see a different side.

Hi Steve. Here is my question for you: Do you think the franchise can survive recent revelations regarding top contenders ending relationships for the purpose of going on the show, as well as the glaring immaturity of prominent cast members?

While most of your followers presumably don’t take the show seriously and watch for a laugh, presumably many (most?) viewers do.

How can the franchise recover in the eyes of those sincere viewers as it is becoming all too obvious that most or all cast members go on the show for.personal gain rather than seeking relationships, and it is also very clear that the franchise chooses to cast many people on the show who are far too young to have either the maturity or life experience to be capable of, ready for, or even interested in developing long term relationships?

Imo, if a show like this could ever be taken even semi-seriously (not sure if it ever could) no one under 30 or even under mid-30s would be cast, and better vetting of cast members should take place. Vetting cast members on social media for very recent relationships shouldn’t be all that tough.

But, back to the original question. After the revelations coming out about this season’s cast, not to mention the glaring immaturity of the lead and some of the other prominent cast members, how can the franchise keep up the pretense that the intention of the show is to create sincere, long term relationships? And without public perception that this is what the show is about, can the franchise survive?

Thanks for the entertainment.

Comment: I really don’t think it matters. Just wait til the finale ratings roll in. You’ll have 10 of the 11 episodes this season being the Luke show that everyone claims to be sick of (yet their last 2 episodes have been the highest rated of the season), then you’ll have the finale where everything you’re hearing behind the scenes will be addressed for the first time publicly. People will want to see that.

I hear it every season that it’s getting old, fans are tuning out, there’s too much drama, not enough love story, etc, and every season the show stays on the air and delivers solid ratings, if not improve from the year before. So while I hear complaints all the time, it never has a drastic effect on the ratings, which is what this show cares about.

Hey Steve,

I thought about something listening to Haley’s interview and her talking about meeting his parents. How did his hometown go with them knowing he’d been dating Haley and is now bringing in this girl saying he’s in love. Could it have come out then? Is there anyway you can get some insight on this so we don’t have to wait 2 weeks to find out! Haha have a good one!

Comment: I don’t think Jed told Hannah about Haley until after the engagement had already taken place from what I’ve heard. And based on the fact that she didn’t break off the engagement then, and has broken it off in the last week, pretty much goes to show when Jed DID tell Hannah about Haley, he totally downplayed it like I figured he did.

Hi Steve,

I got so angry at the commenter who criticized your writing/grammar! You’ve gotten a lot better over the years, and I give you credit for attempting to educate someone on affect/effect. It’s hard sometimes with our strange language, so every little bit helps, if you ask me (which you didn’t, of course. I’m a teacher, so I give out unsolicited information regularly. lol).

Here’s my next lesson for you: fewer vs less. I’ll include a link if you want more of an explanation, but you’ve been using “less” when you should probably be using “fewer.” You’re having fewer people to your Vegas party next year, there are fewer men….etc. Thanks. Now, lets see if I can actually remember that when the time comes.

I only have one question about Hannah breaking off the engagement:
Will the show edit the final episodes differently now? Maybe include some of Hannah’s ITM doubts about him that otherwise would’ve hit the cutting room floor, or include some of Jed’s less-positive scenes? My friend wondered if they’d even air the proposal, and she thought Hannah wouldn’t let them. That made me laugh, actually. But, I’m wondering about the possibility that the show gives the uninformed a heads-up, so the ATFR announcement isn’t so shocking. !!

Thanks for all your time and work lately!

Comment: Outside of Jed getting mad at Luke, I don’t think there’s a hell of a lot they can do editing wise. And there’s zero chance they don’t air the engagement. It’s no different than Jason Mesnick’s season. They still aired his engagement to Melissa, him picking her up and twirling her around, all while knowing they were already over and he’d moved on to Molly. So yeah, they’re airing it. This show’s climax is the ATFR this season. The engagement doesn’t mean anything anymore because it’s not a thing. That’s why I’m like, “Can we just fast forward to the ATFR” since that’s all that matters now?

Hi, as one of the older viewers of this show , I feel like I can offer some wisdom.. I know that this show is edited, however, facial expressions are real. Luke’s facial expressions say it all, he is lost, scared, and sometimes just mad. He doesn’t have the maturity to express his emotions rationally, and he lacks the self awareness to realize it. Whereas most of Bachelor nation sees him as a jerk ( which maybe he is); I feel bad for him. He doesn’t deserve all the hate. I don’t think he was shaming Hannah ( regarding the naked bungee jumping). When you really are into someone, the thought of someone else touching them, etc.. makes you feel kind of sick to your stomach, and makes you act kind of crazy… if you don’t get that, then you probably never were “crazy in love” with someone.
Anyway, sorry for rambling,

Comment: Yeah, it’s bad. He’s brought it on himself this season, but when you really break it down, all his actions on the show are just him being overpossessive, overprotective, and annoying. He’s taken it to the extreme in some cases, but in a lot of the social media hate, the penalty doesn’t fit the crime. However, because the show has made sure when you see him you don’t like him, it makes it 1000x worse. The MTA is going to make or break him.

Totally unsolicited support, but…

I am so angry that people give you a hard time about your content and spoilers. Do these people not understand a few things:

1. Your website is FREE. They are not paying a subscription fee, they don’t give you money to have content tied up with a bow and delivered to their doorstep. They seek you out by choice. You owe them nothing.

2. See above re: social media

3. There aren’t two of you… there’s no “online you” and “real you.” So, people, what that means is that if you are not a nice person online, you are not a nice person. Period. It’s one in the same.

I’m a longtime fan and very appreciative of all the amazing scoops, columns and podcasts. I know you can handle the trolls, but I just was feeling especially irritated as I listened to your latest podcast. Well, I will say that my “online me” is a bit of an exaggerated version of myself. I’ve always been sarcastic my whole life and have always been very candid. Just sometimes I will exaggerate that in my column when talking about certain things.

Also, Christen (Scallops) was an absolute delight. Funny, charismatic and engaging. That was a fun surprise. I loved your chemistry and banter. Sometimes I find myself actively rooting for you and some of your guests to date. It’s totally bizarre, I get it!

Thank you for feeding my insatiable need for Bachelor franchise spoilers. Huge fan here.

Comment: There have only been a couple people in this franchise I would honestly ever consider dating. And they know it because I’ve told them. But I just don’t think it’ll ever get to that point.

Hi Steve,

Hope all is well!

Great podcast with Haley Stevens. Really interesting dialogue and loved how open she was. You can tell when a guest is holding back and she did not!

Question for you. Do you think the Jed issues will be addressed at all at MTA as they discuss the final two or will it only be discussed on ATFR. Seems silly for them to completely ignore the situation given every major news outlet has written about it and it’s out there.. curious your thoughts.

Comment: MTA is a tough one. I’m not sure how much time they’ll dedicate to it since Jed won’t be there to add anything to the matter. ATFR will be all about that since that’s what caused the breakup.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time writing you. Just wondering who you think is a bigger douche bag, Jed Wyatt or Luke Pell? Who’s the bigger F**K boy?

Keep up the great work, love reading your site. I’ve been reading since the Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick season. Long time viewer of the show starting with the first season. I didn’t watch for a few years after but started watching more when your site came out.


Comment: I’d go with Jed at this point. Maybe because it’s fresher in everyone’s head. Luke at the time was pretty bad, but he’s been in a relationship now for over a year, so it seems like maybe he’s turned things around.

Hey Steve:

First, I really enjoy your blog/podcasts so thanks for doing what you do. I have to admit I was super excited about Hannah “winning” the bachelorette spot. Let’s face it Caelynn was never there for any good reason other than her own career, but most are so that’s fair. Hannah is pretty superb this season, down to earth, totally herself, and I absolutely love that she’s owning her sexuality! More power to her, why shouldn’t a girl enjoy “sexy-time” and the world be ok with it. My question to you, do you think she’s truly there to find love? I mean the last few Bachelorettes picked their winners on night one. Not only did she pick a psycho on the first night, but she also picked the WORST guy as the winner! Was she not in tune with her feelings/wants or was she not there for the right reasons? I truly hope she feels empowered enough to drop his ass and never look back.

Comment: I think she was. And it’s not like Hannah picked the villain of the season. I mean, he’s gonna turn out to be, but nothing he did during the season makes him a villain. It’s all pre and post show, so I don’t see how she could’ve known any of that while they were filming.

Hi Steve: Just a thought but had to throw this out to you. Do you think this season of the bachelorette is such a s___ show because Elan Gale has left for bigger and better things? He was such a polarizing figure. All the former constants just seemed to love him. No. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Elan was good, and plenty of contestants will sing his praises (and plenty can’t stand him), but if Elan was on this season and was producing Luke, he would’ve done the same thing that these producers did. So I don’t see why Elan would’ve tried to reign it in or whatever.

Second: I record all the bachlor shows so I can go back and watch them at a latter time. I was watching the first episode after Hannah sent Scott (whoever had the girlfriend) home. She then gave her speech about “if anyone here has a girlfriend please leave now” You can just see on the tv screen how Jed have such a huge sigh of relief. I did not notice it until after all the cheating by him. Just saying.

Comment: I don’t even remember that. But if that’s what happened, it is pretty funny to look back on now.

Hello! Thank you for all the extra entertainment provided by your work! Sorry if there are too many questions–feel free to skip or cut any of them.

Do you think ABC chose Hannah for Bachelorette because they read your blogs? They never chose someone who placed so low before, and it wasn’t until your blog post about her having a good story to market that there was some buzz about it. No, I don’t think so.

Obviously you had some dirt on Jed for a while, but you could not share it without it being confirmed, since that’s a part of your journalistic integrity. Yet then you had to watch as everyone fawned over him as a favorite. Does this happen often? Do you often have to watch someone on the show be given a good guy/girl edit when you know that this guy/girl is a jerk? (And who was it? haha!) Often? No. A few times it has, but nothing has been extreme as Jed.

When the contestants go to foreign countries and the bachelor/bachelorette is on a one-on-one, are they able to go explore the city at all or are they locked in their hotels? Do they get ANY other excursions other than the dates they go on? Not really. And if they do, it’s not for a long time and they have a producer with them at all times.

How often does sex happen before the fantasy suites? I know they showed it once with Kaitlyn, but does it happen more often than we see? And are other contestants aware of it? Yes. All depends on each situation. They’ve been different. You’d have to go through each season and break it down. Not really a universal answer for that one.

It seems that a lot of contestants are heavy into Christianity: Sean, Hannah, Colton, Becca all come to mind, and their partners and many of their contestants were too. Is the franchise supposed to be for a Christian target audience or are the show runners Christian? Do they cast this way because they think contestants will be more likely to get engaged and follow through to get married? Or is this just by chance? I think it’s more by chance.

How do producers decide who gets to go to the lead’s hotel room? We always see it happen with one or two contestants, but it seems obvious they’d need permission to do that, so do the producers just manufacture storylines and choose who gets to go or do contestants ask permission to do it for their own reasons?

Comment: Yes. It’s a TV show. Nothing happens organically when it comes to interruptions, or showing up late at the lead’s room, etc.

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  1. justsaying

    July 3, 2019 at 12:15 PM

    The best thing will be for Jed to show up at the ATFR apologizing profusely, and I mean PROFUSELY to Haley, ‘Barbie’, Hannah and his dad. Ideally, Jed says he’s in therapy or rehab for sex addiction and he’s learning how to feel remorse. The cherry on top will be he finally has a job at Starbuck or Costco (plenty are hiring) to pay for his own rent and his own living at his age.

    And Peter, if true, he got away with the same crime as Jed and as insidious as Jed. Peter should apologize to his ex and learn to take accountability and he should feel remorse.

    Oh a lady can dream…

  2. taxionna

    July 3, 2019 at 2:50 PM

    Per the last email, pretty sure Reddit has been all over this in the last couple of years and it is Becca Tilly. Sad for her that she doesn’t feel comfortable coming out 🙁

  3. elizabeth82

    July 3, 2019 at 3:14 PM

    Becca Tilley would make sense to me. She just didn’t seem into guys. Curious why she went on the Bach then.

  4. tinyred500

    July 3, 2019 at 3:49 PM

    taxionna and elizabeth82. I keep hearing Becca Tilly, but there’s more than her surely. I think Nick Viall and maybe even Colton, I think the latter two could be just bi. :o/

  5. adelina

    July 4, 2019 at 7:46 AM

    @tinyred — I’m going to guess Becca Tilly is the right answer. While I can’t imagine how hard it would be for someone to “come out” I also think she’s doing a great disservice by not coming out. I mean really, who cares. I agree about Nick Viall being a possibility as well as Colton.

    Speaking of the reader email regarding contestants riding their 15 minutes of fame. No one has really done it better than Kaitlyn Bristowe. The fact that she and Shawn Booth stayed together for so long certainly helped. I do have to say though while I find her to definitely have a bright personality, I don’t understand the serious followers that she has. She has a scrunchie collection and it seems women set their alarm to buy these things. It’s a head scratcher for sure. And now she has wine? Baffling I tell you. Just baffling.

  6. tinyred500

    July 4, 2019 at 10:12 AM

    @adelina, I agree that Becca is probably the one being referred to by the emailer. I think coming out is easier said than done. A family member of mine came out in her mid twenties, and struggled all through her teenage years with her secret, despite knowing her family would love and embrace her no matter what.

    I laughed out loud over your Kaitlyn take, especially people setting their alarms for her scrunchies! Lol lol What a weird world we live in! I was bemused with her selling these, mostly because they went out of fashion overhere years ago, but obviously not in America etc. Agree she’s a bubbly character.

    Happy 4th of July to all the American commenters and readers from me over in the old colony. 😀

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