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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Recap, BIP Reunion Taping Spoilers, & Episode #22 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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I spoiled the reunion taping results at the beginning of Thursday’s podcast, but for those that didn’t listen, here’s your written version of them in no particular order:

-The Blake/Caelynn feud was probably the top storyline. Blake was called up to the hot seat. Chris Harrison tried to get him to admit posting Caelynn’s text messages were a mistake. Blake never admits that because he doesn’t think it was. Says he felt his character being attacked and it was the only way to show his side. Caelynn using the word “silenced” coming from someone who was sexually assaulted really hit him hard and he felt he had to defend himself by letting people see the texts that he didn’t silence her. Most of the cast still took Caelynn’s side, although Caelynn does admit she lied and exaggerated things. Whether they show that or not is a different story, because this show is 100% pro-Caelynn. We’ll see.

-The Kristina/Caelynn relationship took an interesting turn when Kristina outed Caelynn for hooking up with someone else at Stagecoach the night before she hooked up with Blake. The guy in question never has his name brought up on stage, but I can tell you Kristina is referring to YouTube turd, Mark Dohner. I’d never heard of the guy til this was brought up, but after watching some of these clips you’re about to see, you probably wish you never had either. It’s amazing what’s considered good content nowadays. Really? THIS guy has 3 million IG followers and 2 million YouTube subscribers. Man, what am I doing wrong? I think I’ll start filming myself being a spaz all day long and just post it to see what people think. Then again, finding out Mark is boys with Logan Paul pretty much tells me all I need to know, since that guy is walking trash. Anyway, so here were pics of Caelynn with Mark at Stagecoach:

And to add insult to injury, Kristina actually went to Stagecoach WITH Mark, Caelynn knew she did, and still hooked up with Mark. A few videos to show you. Here’s a video of Mark actually admitting he was involved with “Bachelor” girls at Stagecoach without naming them by name:

Sorry that you’ll never get those two minutes of your life back again. Anyway, here’s another video to show that wasn’t the only time Mark and Caelynn hung out (it’s cued up to the exact spot, so just press play):

And yet another video showing Caelynn and Kristina both in Mark’s video (cued up, just hit play):

Again, the fact that these women hang out with a guy like that might say a hell of a lot more about them. It’s all about IG followers people, I’m telling you. They go where the cool kids are, and reputation be damned. I know you think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. That’s seriously all these people care about. Who can I hang out with that has a ton of followers where I can increase mine? It’s frankly embarrassing.

-The three engaged couples are still engaged. Since Demi proposed to Kristian down in Mexico, at the reunion taping, Kristian proposes to Demi. Hannah and Dylan remain America’s new most boring couple.

-The third engaged couple, Chris and Katie, have a bit more of a rocky road. Katie comes out on stage not wearing her engagement ring, and basically calls Chris out saying things weren’t going great, and she feels like she’s putting in all the effort and he’s not trying enough. Chris wasn’t thrilled she chose to do this on stage. Eventually they work through it on stage, she puts on the ring, and at present time they are still together and engaged. They were together this past weekend in LA.

-Caelynn and Dean are still together and happy.

-Tayshia comes out on stage (because last the audience saw was her breaking up with JPJ in Mexico), and they show a clip of Tayshia showing up at JPJ’s door and they announce they are back together. Which is now called into question after the last week’s rumblings of her being with another guy. So who knows what the hell Tayshia is doing. What I do know is that girl has zero interest in being serious with a guy who lives 3,000 miles from her. So unless JPJ is planning on moving to CA and I haven’t heard about this yet, like most people, nobody is buying they’re a couple anyway.

-Connor and Whitney Fransway (who hasn’t even shown up yet on Paradise) are still together.

-Christian and Jordan got into it again. No fights, security was present, but no apologies were made, and they basically just both yelled at each other.

-Clay and Nicole come out and Nicole says they aren’t together anymore, and in fact, she’s dating a new man in Miami and has actually become friends with Angela. Clay says that he was willing to be boyfriend/girlfriend with her at the end of Paradise, but Nicole says she wanted more and Clay, being an actual realist, says he wasn’t gonna say “I love you” or propose in the 3 weeks that he knew her. Smart man. And now he’s better off if you ask me.

-Other thing they did was have past couples on the show like Chris/Krystal, Jade/Tanner, and a couple others I forgot. Same ol, same ol.

-Then they finally make the official announcement that Peter is the “Bachelor” and they bring him on stage. He says what pretty much every guy getting introduced in that role says with the he’s ready to find love, the process works, he’s so excited, and he even got emotional on stage talking about it. Been a while since they haven’t announced the new “Bachelor” live, hasn’t it? I mean, it was live on Aug. 27th when they taped it and for the people in attendance, but for the viewers, it technically won’t be official until Sept. 17th when this airs. The fact it’s airing on Sept. 17th, and knowing how this show schedule works, my guess is filming will start that Thursday the 19th, or Saturday the 21st. I’ll keep you updated when I find out.

-Also, I’m pretty sure I know all the locations they are headed this season including the final rose ceremony. Once I have solidified that, I will let you know. Right now, I’m trying to figure out the order of the three locations they’ll be going before hometowns. If I can’t get the order by next week, I’ll just tell you those three locations, plus the location they’re headed for final rose ceremony.

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