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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Recap, BIP Reunion Taping Spoilers, & Episode #22 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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I thought one really interesting thing we saw last night showing how much the show was changing, was hearing Blake say people were telling him at the wedding that social media was already all over him. A very meta moment if you ask me. While they’re out there filming the show, Blake is being informed pretty much what the reaction to him was in real time. Can’t say we’ve seen that too many times. I remember on JoJo’s season when Robby had his hometown date, it was brought up that his ex-girlfriend Hope had spoken to the media while he was filming, and that got out. But not too many other times have we seen anything like this happen. Actually surprised they even showed it, but, I’m glad they did. They can’t ignore stuff like this. Because on the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette,” we know those contestants have no idea what the public is saying about them while they’re out filming. So for Blake to be told he’s getting crucified while he was out there was pretty interesting.

The Double Date

We had Old Matt Donald join the show, followed shortly thereafter by Luke S. which meant a double date was happening. This is something I think they’ve done at least once a season. Matt chooses Sydney and Luke chooses Kristina. The most notable thing from this date was the fact that Old Matt Donald doesn’t make out with Sydney because he’s worried about what his mother might think. Does Matt realize what show he’s on? It’s not like he was walking around one day, kidnapped “Old School” style, blindfolded, thrown into the back of a van, and then dropped in Mexico to be on this show. He knowingly applied for and signed up to be part of this. To then say that he feels weird making out on TV seems pretty ridiculous.


Tayshia decides it’s time to pull Derek aside and tell her how she’s really feeling. Which is completely confusing. Because immediately after we saw her make out with JPJ for the first time and they seemingly were becoming an item, the whole Demi/Derek thing blew up, Derek became single, then we realize that Tayshia had her eyes on Derek and she was interested. But then when it came down to making some sort of decision on him, she decided she “couldn’t get there” with him. Which is fine, but she didn’t commit to JPJ either. And then knowing she gives JPJ her next rose, but then they end up breaking up on the show, getting BACK together post-show, but then her having no problems hanging out with another guy last week in Orange County, pretty much confirms what I’ve suspected about Tayshia all along. She’s like a lot of the rest of them. Nowhere near ready to be in a relationship, and is just on the show to gain more followers, attend events, do ads, and enjoy being part of Bachelor Nation. Don’t buy her act ever since she downplayed being in the Bahamas with a guy two weeks before leaving for Colton’s season.

The Return of Dean

Even though we won’t be getting this until tonight, sans mustache, it’s worth talking about. So right when Caelynn and Connor can’t stop implanting each others tongues in the others mouth, Dean will show up tonight to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Not that I buy anything that Caelynn is selling either since Colton’s season, but good Lord, this really makes zero sense on so many levels. Lets look at Caelynn’s journey this summer in just two short weeks:

-Came onto the show with an agenda to character assassinate Blake, even though before the show they were clearly cool with each other and she wasn’t upset in the least bit by anything that happened with them pre-show.

-Once realizing she might not be getting a rose at the first ceremony, makes out with Cam and pretends to like him.

-Dean shows up and it’s church for her. They’re inseparable, she doesn’t care about his lack of a job, being a world traveler, and living in a van. No one makes her feel the way he does.

-Dean leaves her high and dry because he sees nothing post-show, she’s miserable, a crying mess, and wants to leave.

-Connor shows up, she immediately perks up, they hit it off on the same day, she’s making out with him right away, and all the sudden the Dean living in a van and not having his shit together is something she openly talks about.

-Dean shows back up tonight, he asks for her back, and she dumps Connor to leave with Dean.

Were they seen together again in Venice, CA this past weekend? Yes. But I don’t think anyone sees these two together long term. She turned 24 during filming of Paradise. And she’s acting every bit that age. She’s pretty lost if you ask me.

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  1. dogmomma

    September 3, 2019 at 11:12 AM

    I hope JPJ doesn’t ever come on another show again. He was a little entertaining on Hannah’s season, but he is a huge mess and not in a good way on Paradise. JPJ has turned into a blubbering middle school boy who is going through puberty.

  2. jlal

    September 3, 2019 at 11:40 AM

    They are all so young and clueless. Can’t tell if they’re desperate for attention or just hooking up to get more camera time, hence enhance their exposure. I don’t begrudge any of them for having fun and sowing oats; they’re young and beautiful. But, Caelyn doing what she did with Blake, when she did the same darn thing, then lying about it all is over the top. Bye Felicia!

    I have said it before and will again, JPJ just yuck!

  3. ctrealitygirl

    September 3, 2019 at 1:34 PM

    I always seem to agree with what both of you post, jlal and dogmomma! I actually sent Steve an email just venting about the exact things you commented on: the ridiculousness that is JPJ and his teenage boy antics and his cringe-worthy hair whipping…and just all the shallowness of the cast members, and how desperate and needy all the women are, not to mention they all have such low self esteem. What a boring cast of characters. At least Clay shows some signs of maturity and doesn’t get down to the others’ levels, and he manages to keep his cool. Which, oddly, is probably why they didn’t consider him for the Bachelor! They want people that are hot messes! I am totally done with Caelynn and Nicole too – another needy girl who craves male attention. I liked Tayshia before BIP, but even she’s lowered her image with all her waffling…one day gaga over JPJ, then pushing him away to pursue Derek, only to tell him she “can’t get there with him.” Really? What was that all about?? Just one day earlier she was throwing herself at him. And, speaking of Derek…what in the hell happened to him? Blubbering over Tayshia “dumping” (not really, they never even went on a date!) and crying in his ITM that he’s never going to find someone. And Haley lamenting the same thing after one silly date with JPJ. What is wrong with all of them? Is Wells serving some funny Koolade at the bar? I can’t help but wonder how they all feel watching the episodes now. If I were in their shoes I;d be embarrassed. If you ask me, they all act like they’re in high school…or like you said dogmomma, like they’re in middle school. Get this season over already!

  4. Gina

    September 4, 2019 at 5:45 AM

    Have you questioned if Dean left because he knew Dlo would be at the wedding too and knew the producers would put him Kristina and Dlo together? If you did I might have missed it.

  5. dogmomma

    September 4, 2019 at 10:09 AM

    ctrealitygirl You summed it up perfectly. I also don’t understand the desperation of these girls (and some guys) to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. I don’t see how Tayshia wants to be with JPJ unless it’s to get more attention and social media followers. And Caelynn went from being a rape survivor afraid of intimacy to a horny girl just wanting any guy that will take her. And Nichole is so bitchy and jealous. Clay deserves a lot better. I could go on and on… but it’s exhausting to try to figure out what is wrong with all these young, attractive people who seem clueless, insecure and desperate.

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