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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Recap, BIP Reunion Taping Spoilers, & Episode #22 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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Lets be honest, not a whole hell of a lot happening on last night’s episode of BIP. Granted, people who haven’t been featured too much this season got more airtime (Haley, Sydney, newcomers), but all in all, not a ton of drama so to speak. Lets discuss some of the couples and what happened:


Last week ended with Angela showing up after the wedding with her date card. Immediately Nicole goes into protective mode and doesn’t want Angela anywhere near her Papi. One thing I’ll say for Nicole on BIP is I’m shocked she’s turned the tears way down this season. Like, remember her on Colton’s season. I remember she cried after rose ceremony #1 after everyone had gotten their roses. Then basically cried every episode after that for God knows what reason. You would think with the drama amped up even more down in Paradise, and her actually being into a guy that’s into her, her emotions would’ve overflowed down there. I think I only remember her crying once. Maybe twice. But this is someone that’s been out with three different guys, had two dudes fight over a pinata in front of her, and then have her “boyfriends” ex-girlfriend show up. And barely any tears. Yay Nicole. Congrats.

What Nicole is lacking in tears this season, she’s certainly making up for it in aggressiveness. When Angela arrives, Nicole pulls her aside and says basically you ain’t dating my man. Had yo’ chance, now he’s mine. Angela wants no part of that so she asks out Mike. We get a couple minutes of their date at dinner, Angela says she’s over Clay, she kisses Mike, they spin around in a boat, and that was that. I get that if Clay is allowed to come on the show 3 months after his breakup with Angela, then she should be allowed to. She said that a couple times this episode, and while I get that, they asked Clay to be an original cast. Lets face it, Angela didn’t HAVE to come on two weeks after filming. If she was asked to be original cast, totally would’ve made more sense. But I think her coming on with only a few days left, knowing Clay was there, eh, I think it’s obvious she just wanted to A) be on TV again and B) play along with producers wanting her to cause drama. Don’t get me wrong, we all knew the second we heard Clay was on the show Angela was gonna be a part of it somehow, but, it wasn’t really necessary.

Although now knowing that Nicole has moved on with another guy, and Nicole and Angela are “friends” I guess as she announced at the taping, this all just seems kinda silly now. Just because Clay isn’t Dylan and isn’t Chris, and didn’t feel the need to propose to someone in a span of 20 days, which is completely realistic, Nicole saying she didn’t want to just be boyfriend/girlfriend is a ridiculous expectation to throw on him and he’s probably better off without her. I just hope he doesn’t reconcile with either of them and moves on with someone else, preferably not Bachelor Nation. I understand that Paradise is a place to go down and find someone to date, but for Nicole to be that pissed off that Clay didn’t tell her loves her and/or propose is ludicrous. If Clay would’ve went 20 days with her then just said, “Peace out. I don’t want to be in this anymore,” then yeah, maybe her reaction is justified. But he says at the reunion he was willing to be boyfriend/girlfriend, yet that wasn’t enough for Nicole. Good riddance.


Haley was pissed that JPJ never informed her that there was an interest in Tayshia. He gave her the rose at the last rose ceremony, so seemingly she thought he was into her. But basically he only gave her the rose because they let Derek give his rose before him, and he gave his to Tayshia. You’re not gonna believe this, but JPJ has bad communication skills. I know. Seems odd to think about that when you see a guy like him and the way he carries himself and speaks, but yeah, it didn’t go over well with Haley and she basically read him the riot act. Called him out for calling Derek out for hooking up with multiple women when he was doing the same and not being upfront with his feelings. JPJ apologized (I think), then it left Haley a crying mess. And JPJ blew snot out of his nose and it basically looked like a faucet. Or maybe that was after his talk with Tayshia. I can’t remember. But good Lord the amount of mucus in this guys nostrils is unreal. Try Mucinex or something.


You’re never gonna believe this, but JPJ and Derek got into it again. Over the exact same stuff they got into last week. This week resulted in them both screaming into each others faces, JPJ getting so close spit got on Derek’s face, JPJ laughing uncontrollably because of it and, surprise, absolutely nothing getting resolved. Oh by the way, did you see JPJ’s IG post from yesterday?

So he now realizes how wrong he was into confronting Derek at a wedding. Which is great and all, but dude is definitely sticking by his side of the “Derek says he uses women that are his fans to try and f**k them” story. Derek claims that while he says, “Yes, you can f**k your fans,” he chooses not to. I’m not sure I buy that one. And you know Derek wasn’t gonna let JPJ make that IG post without commenting on it. He was having none of that, even though others supported JPJ. Go figure.



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