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Hi — I know it’s late for reader e-mails, but I had a thought and I was curious what YOUR thoughts are. Do you think it will be possible for the show to ever go back to the lead proposing to his F1, they live happily ever after (for 2.5 months), the end? Thinking back to the past few seasons, I feel like they’ve consistently had some BIG SHOCKING MOMENT at the ATFR or what have you. To go back to the old-school formula would be a downgrade, right? It’s not as shocking and dramatic for the lead to pick someone and then that be it. So each year, they’re going to have to scramble for a new shocking plot twist at the last second that’s bigger and more shocking than before, even if it’s (likely) manufactured.
What do you think? Is it possible at this point to have the more low-key finales anymore? Or are those a thing of the past for this franchise?

Comment: I just don’t see it happening. There might be a couple that does make it through, but the how they get there I don’t think will ever just be on final rose ceremony day he chooses one and dumps the other anymore. There will always be some major drama now after what they’ve done the last few seasons. And now we have to take into account what happens from the end of filming til the live ATFR airs because now shit has happened 2 of the last 3 seasons there with Arie and Hannah’s season.


Why would they be showing the final rose ceremony clip and a lot of Hannah if she didn’t have something to do with the ending? Seems to me they want to keep her on your mind for a reason. If they didn’t show that conversation, or if that conversation never happened, and he went back to Hannah, that would not make any sense at all.

Comment: I don’t know what to tell you. Hannah Brown is not part of the remainder of Peter’s season. Never shows up again, she’s not part of the final rose ceremony, and they aren’t secretly dating.

As for why show it, because it WAS part of the early season. It’s a way to get viewers hooked. I told you after I’d watched the first episode that after the premiere, most people are gonna believe that Peter ends up with Hannah Brown because of how the episode came off. And that’s because it’s recency bias. When we’re 9, 10, 11 episodes into this season and Hannah Brown hasn’t been on or mentioned since episode #2, she won’t be on anyone’s mind.

Hi Steve,

Been thinking about the premiere of the Bachelor and was wondering your thoughts on all these girls crying so much over a man they literally just met? It’s night one – they aren’t emotionally invested; I just don’t understand how they can stand their sobbing because they didn’t get “their time with him?” Do you think it has to do with the exhaustion of staying up all night or that the producers play a role in it?

Curious what you think because I just don’t understand how they can cry so much after one evening with a man they barely know.

Thanks for all you do – been reading your column since Jason Mesnick’s season!

Comment: Yes. It has absolutely nothing to do with Peter himself. It has to do with a combination of no sleep, drinking, setting your expectations high, a sense of embarrassment, etc.

Hi Steve,

Just read today’s Reader Emails, so I’m sending one in that just came to mind for your next column.

Do you think Madison will get a similar backlash that Luke P got for the “don’t have sex with anyone else” plot line? I’m curious if because she’s a woman, and is also being set up as a fan favorite, that she will get a pass for fundamentally saying the same thing Luke said to Hannah. Obviously Madison does not seem to be the Luke P type, and probably said it in a less arrogant way than he did, but it seems like the sentiment is the same. Just was wondering what your take is on how she will be portrayed and if the audience will turn on her for this.

Comment: I don’t think Madison ever says it the way Luke P. does. And no, I don’t think she’ll get nearly as much heat. There will be those saying why is she coming on this show in the first place when you know how sexualized it is and you’re a virgin, which is a valid point. But, I don’t believe she’s going to come across like Luke did. Luke was a villain from Day 1. Madison is far from it. Even if she does comment on her own IG account ha ha.

Hi Steve! Long time listener first time caller. I was just wondering if you think Hannah was contractually obliterated to appear on Peter’s season. I just don’t know why she would put herself through that by choice.


Comment: They can’t force her to do anything. She could’ve said no. Are there people in production that she’s VERY close to and she doesn’t want to let them down? Yes. That’s pretty much how this works. She absolutely could’ve put her foot down and said no. But I think being a former lead, and being a darling to them, you feel this sense of obligation to help them because they’ve basically launched your career. Everything she’s gotten has come from being on this show. So when they ask a favor of you, you pretty much feel obligated to do it.

Hi Steve!

Hope you get this and also thank you for all you do! I’ve been waiting impatiently for the season to wrap filming and then start airing since the summer! Haha glad it’s here. Few questions for you:

1. Do you know why Victoria Paul left on her own? I know you said in one of your posts that she wasn’t technically eliminated, but sent herself home. Wondering if you have deets on that? Other than hearing that they’d mutually agreed it wasn’t working, I haven’t heard much. Maybe she was further along in the relationship than he was.

2. I’m sure you have gotten this question a lot, but do you think the franchise is right that you won’t be able to spoil the season this year? Or are you close to breaking it? I really hope you do figure it out, as a big FU to ABC for putting it out there that they are confident it won’t be spoiled. I know you don’t release anything until you are 100% sure (which i appreciate!), but am curious on how close you are to the answer. As mentioned on Thursday, I think this is more about all the details that go into the final rose ceremony and what went down than to just WHO he’s with. There’s only 2 possibilities it could be – Hannah Ann or Madison. It’s not really THAT hard to eventually figure out who it is. It’s more a matter of HOW they got to that point since it wasn’t a normal ending. Not to mention, Chris Harrison was already backtracking in an interview at the TCA’s last week that I covered on page 1 yesterday.

3. I know the finalists are Hannah Ann and Madison, which I don’t like. They are to young and immature to have commitment right now. It’s like Hannah Brown 2.0. To immature to make a clear decision and know what you want. Why do you think the show brings on these young people? Like 22-23 years old. When someone like Kelley is in her late 20s and seems more stable mentally, emotionally etc. I’m not trying to sound ageist or anything, I’m close to Hannah and Madison’s age. I just see it blow up year after year and it’s because as Hannah B put it, she picked Jed cause that’s what she was used to from past relationships. Not exactly a healthy or good decision!. I’m sure it’s all about making a good show and the producers don’t really care about what actually happens. But I’m curious to know your take on it.

That’s all I got! Thank you for all that you do!

Comment: Bc that’s the main demographic of people who watch this show. No matter how old the Bachelor is, the majority of the women in the cast are always gonna be in the 23-28 year old range. The numbers bear it out season after season after season.

Hi Steve,

I’ve wondered repeatedly over the last few seasons as the contestants seem to get more and more high maintenance aesthetically how they maintain their dye jobs, waxs, nails, etc in the 8 weeks of filming for the show. No one ever has roots and I’d love to hear they have on site beauticians instead of the contestants being magic.


Comment: No on site beauticians. They tend to their own hair and makeup.

Hi Steve,

I was wondering if the age of the current bachelor plays a role in the casting of the women. For example, Peter was 28 when the show filmed so it seems like a majority of his women are ages 23-27. The women from Ben Higgins season seemed to also be from the age range of 23-27.

When Chris Soules was the bachelor most of his women were age 26-32, when Arie was the bachelor his women fell into that age range as well because just like Chris he was in his mid 30s.

Do you think the casting team have casted younger women the last two years because Colton and Peter were younger bachelors? It seems like in the last few years we have seen a slew of contestants who are age 25 and below. Nothing against women of that age, and every person is different, but most people are still figuring out who they are and aren’t ready for a serious committed relationship such as marriage until they are past 27.

Do you think these women are being cast because they are age appropriate for the bachelor, or because they are active on social media and would appeal to younger audiences? There are many eligible women out there that are ages 27-32 and are established emotionally and career wise that would love a shot at love.

Comment: Unfortunately you’re wrong on your numbers, I’ll get the updated link for you to see someone who made the charts of every age of every contestant from every season. The women contestants on the “Bachelor” are pretty much all around the same age. The median age is always been 25-27.

I gotta say-I’m loving these podcasts where it’s just you talking. I love your work. Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Gee thanks. Sometimes I think people don’t wanna hear me just talk by myself. But then another side of me says frankly I can’t let what others think affect what I do. It’s my podcast. If they don’t want to listen, they don’t have to. It’s not gonna be a weekly thing. I’ll still have way more podcasts with guests than ones of just me alone. I mean in 164 podcasts, how many have been of just me? 10?



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