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I have gotten so accustomed to knowing the ending that this not knowing is a new experience for me. Hopefully you can change that soon!

So in my spare time instead of doing what I should be doing I have been formulating theories… here are my top theories on the ending:
Peter mentioned on bachelor happy hour podcast that more exes than just his show up this season. Unless he is just talking about the singer on Victoria F.’s 1:1, I’m thinking maybe Chris Harrison is there at the end to tell him that someone’s exes had been trying to reach out or has shown up. He needs more time to think so that’s when they decide to do a truly live finale instead.


Chris Harrison is there to tell Peter that Madison’s father has called or shown up to conditionally give his approval if they don’t get engaged but just date.

Both theories would probably be in line with the schemes they’ve cooked up before but I’m sure it is gonna be something less dramatic….

What are you thoughts? Any evidence to back either up?

Comment: He’s talking about Chase Rice being on Victoria F’s 1-on-1 date.

First, thank you for all the work that you put in to deliver spoilers to us. It is appreciated.

Will you please elaborate a little on your attitude toward spoiling? I, personally, find that I prefer to be spoiled and it does not diminish my enjoyment of the shows. It permits me to try to concentrate on how the spoiled outcome happens. I always try to seek out spoilers for shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race and watch live feeds to try to find out in advance who won POV and HOH on Big Brother. (the closest thing to spoilers for that show) So, I am curious about why you spoil the Bachelor franchise but did not spoil Temptation Island. Bc I feel the end end result to the “Bachelor” is way less important and it really doesn’t matter if it’s spoiled. I don’t think it’ll change how you view the show. I knew the TI end results the last two years, and yeah, it certainly would take away from watching the final bonfires if you already knew.

I also have another production question. Is the mansion wired for fixed cameras like the Big Brother house or do they depend on crews with portable cameras like we occasionally see when they film elsewhere? Do they film 24/7 or maybe except for sleep or only during specific time intervals? There are definitely mounted cameras in the mansion. Hidden, I don’t think so. They don’t film you while you’re sleeping, no.

You may have covered this already but do you think Kelley was specifically recruited by production due to her previous contact with Peter or was this coincidental?

Thank you for your attention to these questions.

Comment: No, she wasn’t previously recruited. It was more of a bonus that it happened. She had already been through final casting weekend before she met him.

Hey, Steve! I love everything you and I’m soooo happy you’re on Instagram!

I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot about Madison’s little mishap with her own fan account, and I have a theory behind it and was just curious of your thought. If she is so obsessed with having fan accounts and commenting on her posts to make it appear that she is well loved, could that be a sign that she’s gunning for the bachelorette? Just my thought.

Comment: I don’t necessarily think it proves anything either way, because whatever narrative you’re after, you could use that story to create either side. You say if she’s behind her fan accounts, that’s her way of gunning for the “Bachelorette” gig. Someone else can make the argument that she’s behind fan accounts and commenting on her posts because she wants as much positive feedback as she can. So I don’t think it’s definitive either way.

Hi Steve,

Do you know what specifically happened between Peter and Kelly when they met before the season? Did they hook up?

Comment: What I heard is exactly what they’ve said on the show. They met randomly pre-show and hit it off. If they would’ve hooked up, had sex, exchanged numbers pre-show, she would’ve made it farther than she did. They saw each other that night, things went well, he was hoping she’d be on the season, and she was. She made it to 5th and that was the extent of their relationship.

Hey Steve!

I’m currently out of the country and will be missing the first 2 episodes of the season so thankful for your updates!

I had a thought I wanted to bounce off you regarding the ending. I started to wonder if they might do more of a closed set this time. Set up cameras to film from various angles, or perhaps limit the amount of staff present (1-2 cameramen) so that it would be very obvious if they helped you spoil. Perhaps editing wouldn’t even get the footage until close to season end instead of having it completed by air date. Minimizing the amount of people involved could be their strategy… unless of course it is filmed live which seems to be the general consensus. That’s assuming the only way I can ever find out the ending is from those people involved you just mentioned.

Also, I’m sure this has been asked but I’m super curious how they decide who gets time with the lead and who doesn’t. Does the lead pick out who they find most attractive and then production decides the rest? What makes certain women stand out while others are looked over? Is it based on looks, personality, combo of both? Maybe you can shed light.

Hoping you get a chance to spoil the season now that the gauntlet’s been thrown!

Comment: Production always knows who the lead is most into. They talk to them all day, every day. And then they plan things out accordingly from there.

Conspiracy/Sleuthing Theory:

I’m still astonished that Hannah only booked one DWTS Live show. You would think that the winner/strongest fan appreciated contestant would do more shows, right? Given that the casting producers for DWTS and The Masked Singer are the same, do you think she might be on season 3? She may as well ride out the reality show train until the US doesn’t want her anymore, right? Can Hannah even sing?

This has to do with the winner, but not who it is:

Is Peter’s work schedule messing up the timing of Happy Couple Weekends? Is it turning into Happy Couple 13 Hour Layovers in random airport hotels paid for by Delta? I’m assuming Peter can’t keep taking weekends off. Aviation employees don’t follow a typical schedule.

Comment: For all I know nothings changed.

I finally watched the premiere. I got the impression that Hannah is in typical post-breakup confusion – trying to figure out what she could have done to prevent her current heartbroken situation. She’s questioning her motives for having chosen Jed and questioning the other guys she got rid of. I didn’t work out with Jed, so she asked Tyler out. Didn’t work out with Tyler, so now she’s thinking she should’ve gone with Peter. Etc. I think most of us have been there after a breakup, although she is in the unique situation of having to torment herself with the memory of rejecting multiple other options. I think it’s good that she didn’t join the house; she needs to focus on healing and rather than jumping back into that pit of producer-induced confusion.

Comment: Clearly. And that’s why she has nothing to do with the rest of the season, nor is she secretly dating Peter post-show.

Hi Steve,

I have 2 more questions for you.

Did you see Rachel’s interview/podcast a few days ago where she compared Hannah Ann to Luke P and Peter adamantly stood up for her and told Rachel she was totally wrong? Any thoughts on that? Or maybe why Peter was so upset or annoyed by that? No. Didn’t hear it. I’m sure Peter is gonna stick up for any woman on his show. He kinda has to.

Also any spoilers on who and when he hooked up with a girl in the hotel room bathroom that we saw on the previews? I’m assuming that is before fantasy suites?.. curious if that will play a big drama role.

Thank you for all that you do Steve! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts

Comment: No.

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  1. ss1949

    January 15, 2020 at 8:42 AM

    OK. Lets look at the photos closely Steve. First, he’s hitting Mavrik woods. They JUST came out in the last day or two. This would make HIS photo very very recent. Second, both bags are very very very similar and this is a distinctive bag. The kicker is this. It appears she is carrying Mavrik woods! if this is the case then they are linked. I couldn’t directly copy the image but left you the link. If this fails just google mavrik woods and click on images. They look very close to me and I think the two photos of her and him are linked. What do you think after seeing this????

  2. ctrealitygirl

    January 15, 2020 at 8:57 AM

    I closely examined both photos to see if they were taken at the same time and same location. Trees are bare in both pix, but sky is brilliant blue in Peter’s pic, while sky has wispy clouds in Hannah Ann’s pic. He’s wearing long pants and long sleeve top or jacket while she’s wearing shorts/skirt and sleeveless top, which suggests different temps? So, not conclusive that the two are linked.

  3. crushonspivey

    January 15, 2020 at 11:02 AM

    For the poster questioning if Victoria F. is a narcissist, I doubt she is. She doesn’t fit as she is emotional, and narcissists aren’t. It’s a huge component for them. But histrionic personalities are, and she could fit it better. Not saying she is that, just that women tend to be histrionics and men narcissists more often. The emotionality is the give away. Different sides of the same coin. And in our modern social media era, this problem is becoming more and more of an issue for girls and women. As is narcissism for boys and younger men.

    Which makes them all perfect candidates for this franchise. This show is full of people with these characteristics. Makes for better TV.

    And as a golfer, I think the bag thing has a 75% chance of being a clue. More likely than not. So many bag and club options out there that this is combo of bag and clubs being a coincidence is unlikely. Especially with one set men’s and the other women’s clubs. I think they were together golfing. Doesn;t mean they are the final 2 though.

  4. shenanigans

    January 15, 2020 at 11:30 AM

    By his own admission, Steve doesn’t know the ending of this season, which is fine. Why, then, is he SO sure that (1) the golf bag isn’t a clue and (2) Hannah Brown isn’t a factor moving forward. As Steve admitted, Steve DOESN’T KNOW the ending, which means that it could easily be Hannah or Hannah Ann.

  5. gupton13

    January 15, 2020 at 12:17 PM

    Ok husband is a teacher golf pro at our club. Her clubs are pings not Mavericks… Also peter uses Callaway clubs. Which is why he tags Callaway. Her clubs are a set of Pings that are very old and not brand new! Plus her G5 cover in her bag if you look up it is a Ping Cover… no connection on clubs. Callaways have golf heads and older Ping clubs have red. Her bag if it was a Callaway , Callaway is very distinctive on labeling on their bags I mean their logo is all over bag! As you can see on his bag how it is very much logo ass Callaway. This has been confirmed not just by my husband but another sleuth .

  6. gupton13

    January 15, 2020 at 12:29 PM

    This her picture of the G5 cover which is Ping clubs and cover. Go look at G5 covers and hers matches a Ping wood cover.

  7. gupton13

    January 15, 2020 at 12:33 PM

    Sorry I meant to had link since we can’t post Pics

  8. dogmomma

    January 17, 2020 at 6:24 AM

    There are so many articles coming out mentioning Hannah Brown as the potential Bachelorette again. It looks like ABC is really keeping that news out there, which might mean that we definitely won’t see her again on Peter’s season except if they bring her out to announce her as Bachelorette on Peter’s finale.
    As far as the golf bag, if Hannah Ann never played golf before and she just recently took it up, it could be because she’s with Peter and he plays golf. I doubt they were actually playing golf together because the season would be spoiled. I don’t see things working out if he picks her. She doesn’t seem ready to settle down. Not many of the girls seem ready to settle down or mature enough to handle a real relationship.

  9. wavecatchingmom

    January 18, 2020 at 10:10 AM

    crushonspivey, do you mean borderline personality disorder? If so, I agree with you. People with BPD are surrounded by conflict and drama… whereas narcissists are more clever about enlisting an entourage to do things for them. In that regard, narcissists can play up emotions in order to manipulate people, but I agree with you that her energy is more chaotic than NPD. I watch this show for the psych experiment aspect. Both disorders are extremely hard to treat because people suffering from them do not usually seek to get better/be better, especially if comorbid with Bipolar issues.

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