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Hi Steve!

First, thanks for all you do. Love reading all your social media and blog posts.

I have a couple questions. First, Hannah Ann winning the revolve competition — doesn’t she already model for them? Did the other girls even have a chance? I don’t think she’s a full time model on their payroll, no. But I thought I was told she has done stuff for them in the past.

And not really bachelor related, but for ratings. If I record the show and start it later does that count in the ratings? Or is that only people who watch it live? Sorry if you’ve answered this before, I’ve just always been curious how that works.

Thanks so much!

Comment: If you watch it anytime, it counts in the overnight ratings. But then again, ratings are still a guesstimate. They can’t possibly know EXACTLY how many TV’s had any show on any given night in a matter of hours.

I hope that I am not annoying you with too many questions but here are a couple more.

First, does the show have a rule equivalent to Big Brother’s recording “You are not allowed to talk about production” that they play over speakers in the house? It sure seems like the champagne incident could have been more quickly resolved if Hannah Ann had just said that production told her to use it even if it would lessen show drama. And I’m sure Hannah Ann at some point did tell Kelsey that. Or someone else in the house did. But they’d never show that to the audience because that’d be pulling back the curtain on the show, so to speak.

I hope that I am not confusing people but, if not, can you reconcile the seeming difference between the edit presentation of Victoria F. as a crying person with little confidence and the person who hooks up with entertainers and wrecks marriages? I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. All I know is I don’t buy what she’s selling on TV.

Do you think that the participants truly only care about the lead chosen or do they come on the show to see if they can develop a relationship with whomever was chosen or even for the “wrong reasons”? I think in 2020, there isn’t a single person who comes on this show and their first and only focus is on the lead. That’s pretty well known at this point. They’re there for the opportunities. And if they get a fiancé out of it, it’s a bonus.

Finally, do you think relationship outcomes would be improved if production put together a team of relationship experts, like Married at First Sight, to evaluate proposed participants and select those that match the lead?

Comment: No. That stuff really doesn’t matter in the end. This show is not conducive to marrying people off. Has it happened? Sure. Is it the norm? No. Those people are the exceptions.

Hi Steve:

A couple of observations knowing the spoilers. Victoria and Hannah Ann are both playing the game HARD. Victoria feeling so insecure was laughable she’s either 1. playing the game very, very hard or 2. did feel a little insecure since I’m sure she’s always the star wherever she goes and now she’s surrounded by a sea of attractive women. If I didn’t know the spoilers I would probably fall for her game. Hannah Ann. Am I the only one who can’t stand the girl? She definitely got some tips from her BFF (I can’t stand her either) on how to play things up. Kelsey wasn’t right to call her names but calling her a bully. Nicely played.

Comment: I don’t buy Victoria’s act. Plenty of people aren’t fans of Hannah Ann. And plenty of people are. She’s really no different than any other contestants that has fans and detractors. It’s just more people are talking about her because she’s at the forefront of the show. I’m sure some people like Mykenna and some don’t. But because she only lasts a certain amount, people will have less time to talk about her.

One more thing…

Madi’s friend wasn’t the only person who tried to take the blame for it. First, one of Madi’s “fan accounts” tried alleging that Madi told them it was Madi’s sisters who had access. Then, there was a different family friend who took the blame by DMing a popular bach sleuthing account, saying it was them who made the mistake. (I won’t name the sleuthing account, but I’m sure they’ll email you the DM pretty soon now that your column is out). Finally, it was the friend who commented on Madi’s post who took the blame publicly, the one you referenced in your column.

The funny part about this friend? I responded to her comment saying “you are now the third person taking the blame for this, so who did it?” (What can I say? I like mess.) My comment was deleted about 12 hours later – presumably by Madi, since it was her account. That to me further confirms that it was Madi trying to cover it up. The general public isn’t aware at this point that Madi had a second friend DMing the sleuthing account, so she must not have wanted my comment to be seen. I assume she was probably panicking in the moment and just talked to multiple friends to take action, not realizing people would see how obvious of a lie it was.

Now, the friend’s comment is deleted entirely and because she had multiple OTHER people take the fall, she can pretend like nothing ever happened.

Just thought you might enjoy a little more to the story.

Comment: I think I’m even more confused now. What I do know is that I don’t believe for a second that IG account _a_i_d_334 was the one who accidentally left the “genuine and real” comment logged in as “madiprew.” Nobody should buy that. The fact they’ve deleted their IG should be enough proof. I just don’t get why the rush to cover this up? Just admit it was a silly thing to do and no one will care.

Are you going to address or give more info on the big “bachelor nation news” that you referenced in your podcast a few weeks back? I’m dying to know!!
Thanks, Steve!!

Comment: It hasn’t been covered in the media yet. If/when it does, I’ll tell you “that was the story I was referring to.”


When you broke the Jenna Cooper cheating story, that was the biggest bachelor nation story out in the world at that time. It caused Jordan and Jenna to end their engagement, but Jordan himself was grateful to you, as it saved him a lot of grief down the road. Conversely, several weeks ago you said that there was a story out in bachelor nation that you had been asked to report, and that you had declined to do, not believing that any bachelor nation story out there is fair game. My question is, if you had proof, receipts, etc., would you report that a spouse had cheated in a married bachelor nation couple, even if there were children involved? Part of your job encompasses reporting bachelor nation news, and I’m sure you would take everything on a case by case basis, but would you have a problem ethically reporting cheating with a married couple in this franchise?

Comment: I wouldn’t report that publicly. If I had hard, strong evidence of cheating (not just people telling me they’ve heard), I’d either go to one of the parties privately myself, or, go to someone who knows that party better than I do, tell them what I know, and then let them tell me how to proceed. If they want to take the info and present it, I’d be fine with that. If they’d rather me do it to go over everything I know and HOW I know, I’d do that as well.

Hey Steve!

I live in Knoxville, which as you know is where both Hannah Ann, and Sarah Coffin are from. While I don’t personally know either of them, I do know many people that are friends or acquaintances with both girls. Anyways- from the beginning, I have thought that it was strange that two girls, who are both from Knoxville (not a huge town at all), were both casted on the show during the same season. Now after watching the show, I feel like it is even stranger that the two haven’t had any interactions with the other (at least not that’s been shown), and that there has been no acknowledgement whatsoever that they both are about the same age and live in the same town. Also, unless I just missed something, I haven’t seen any social media interaction between the two either. Am I crazy for thinking this is weird? The only reason that i can think of for two girls to be casted from the same town (who I know for a fact have intertwining social circles), would be to push some kind of storyline on the show- whether that narrative is good or bad. As you’ve already told us, Sarah is eliminated next week (which I think is crazy!), so clearly there is no future story line to develop involving the two. Thoughts on this?

Comment: I haven’t given it much thought until you brought it up. I follow both on IG, but I don’t read comments on other peoples IG at all. So I have no idea if they comment on each other. If you’re saying they don’t, I take your word. But other than that, I can’t offer anything there. I have no idea what relationship they have, and if they don’t have one, I don’t know why either.

Hi Steve,

Been following you for several years now – I agree that your spoilers make the show way more fun to watch, so thanks for all you do!

As long as I’ve watched the show, this season is throwing me off already. Why do you think they’re giving 3 of the top 4 girls such bad edits? Madison’s makes sense – girl next door virgin who’s sweet as pie, of course she’ll be one of the final two. But Hannah Ann even seems to be getting a rough edit, although not as bad as Kelsey. Wooooof. Do you foresee any redemption for her later in the season? Otherwise it just looks shocking and poor taste of Peter that she stays around so long. I think these first two episodes for Hannah Ann haven’t been great, but they’ll be forgotten by the end of the season. Kelsey’s isn’t great either, I agree.

Victoria F. is interesting because she’s getting a very different edit from the person we all know her to be thanks to your sleuthing, and who Peter will find her out to be later…I guess that’s the point? Editing is magical but I’m shocked they even got her to say such insecure things. Or, as I’ve been told numerous times today, her acting that way is EXACTLY the way someone we know her to be would act. Read the next email for an explanation that someone gave.

Lastly, what do you think about this ending: He wants to choose Madison but because her father won’t give his blessing, she leaves early to avoid a proposal. That’s the news Chris Harrison tells him. They continue to date post-show and will get engaged at ATFR if he has since gotten her father’s blessing.

Thanks again, hope this makes it onto the site!

Comment: I don’t see how the wording Chris Harrison uses in that final scene (“something you should know,” “just wanted to give you a heads up,”) is the devastating news that one of his final 2 has just bolted on the day of the final rose ceremony and they all just found out. “Just wanted to give you a heads up?” The news is way more damaging than a “heads up.” Doesn’t add up to me.

Hi Steve,

I’m probably too late for this week’s batch of reader emails, but I just finished reading your recap and wanted to share a different opinion about Victoria’s behavior on the Revolve group date.

I don’t necessarily buy that Victoria lacks confidence, per se… nor do I agree that it was an act. When I watch Victoria, I see a narcissist who is deeply insecure (as most narcissists secretly are). Based on the last two episodes alone, Victoria seems like the kind of person who legitimately melts down when she’s not getting enough attention/recognition or when she feels threatened (“all of these girls are sooo pretty!”), and resorts to playing the victim to get that attention.

Women who engage in affairs with married men also tend to be incredibly insecure. By feeling desired by someone who should be desiring someone else, and by receiving attention from someone who should be directing his attention toward his spouse, these deeply insecure women believe that they are just as, if not more, worthy of that man’s love and attention than his spouse to whom that love and attention SHOULD be given. They feel validated.

What I’m trying to say is that I look at everything Victoria does as validation-seeking behavior, and not necessarily as calculated or conniving. That in no way excuses her behavior- girl needs therapy. And perhaps you will disagree, but that’s my hot take.

Have a good evening!

Comment: All solid points. Only she personally knows this, but that’s not far fetched to think that.

Do you think that maybe the producers had Hannah Ann pegged as their “villain” this season during casting as well as during the first few days of filming, but then realized soon into filming that either (a) she was actually too level-headed/sweet/normal or something to be their “villain” or (b) that Peter liked her a lot and that they couldn’t really prod her into being the villain they thought she’d be?

It just seems like in the first two episodes we’ve seen the producers have put her (moreso than anyone else) in unlikable positions: being the “interrupter” night 1, having her open Kelsey’s champagne, having her tattle to Peter on Kelsey, etc.
I can’t help but wonder if during casting she came off overly confident (since she’s a model and is therefore comfortable being in castings/in front of cameras, and is naturally comfortable in her own skin) and maybe the producers though they had another Corinne on their hands.

Comment: I can’t put myself in producers shoes. I have no idea what they were thinking. It’d just be wild speculation that inevitably someone will report I said as fact.

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