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Podcast #166 – Interview with Chelsea Wanstrath, Stupid Pregnancy Stories, & “Reader Emails”

Just read your recap column and thank you for noticing!

Everyone talks about racial underepresentation in the Bachelor Franchise and I actually wrote a paper about it in university and it is an issue in reality tv in general.

But as a redhead I have always been curious about the lack of redheads on the show! It’s odd! Maybe time for the producers to add a new “character” to their list… “the firey redhead who loses her temper.”

Comment: I think that might just be a numbers thing. But we don’t know how many redheads have actually applied. If there are hundreds and hundreds every year, and we’ve seen like 3 in the history of the show, then I think there’d be something there. But I doubt that many have.

Dear RS,

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. You and your family will be in thoughts/prayers.

Second of all, just wanted to give a PSA: Colton Underwood is texting people Starbucks codes! I thought it was a scam but I guess it’s not. Thoughts?

Comment: Yeah, I saw the same thing. It was a legit promotion. Guess he had some sort of contract/promotion with them.

I’m getting a horrible dawning sensation that between Demi’s upcoming Pillow Fight date on Peter’s season and all of Hannah B’s boomeranging, that ABC is considering one of them for next Bachelorette. I have watched (and sometimes hate-watched) the franchise from the second season of the show, but either of those developments would be the nail on the shark-jumping coffin for me. Demi is not gonna be the “Bachelorette.” But Hannah Brown? I mean, she’s basically the female Ben Higgins at this point with the show’s undying love for them so I guess as long as she’s single, she’ll technically always be an option.

Count me out on the music spinoff sure to feature Luke P, complete with another Hannah B “empowerment” moment, despite the fact that she can’t seem to do anything with Peter except dramatically swoon around saying “I just don’t knooooo-wUH” to every question. I’m completely aware I’m not ABC’s intended viewer since I don’t buy anything shilled on Instagram, and they won’t miss me. Was the transformation into a shit show so slow I was lulled this long, or do you just have to be under 25 to find it entertaining these days?

Comment: I wouldn’t say under 25, but older people tuning in to watch this show for a love story are misinformed. The thing is, the show HASN’T been that in a while now. This isn’t new.

Listening to Off The Vine Podcast and someone called in to ask Kaitlyn who she believes Top 4 will be. The caller then proceeded to share who SHE thinks the final four are and guess what? She said exactly the four you have already told us. ? I don’t know why this bothers me, but I guess it’s because people keep using the info that you have worked hard to get and don’t give you credit. Anyway, thanks for what you do. Always a delight to listen to your pod.

Comment: I mean at this point, anyone with a podcast, or a social media account, or any public platform – if you give your “prediction” on things like that AFTER spoilers have been posted, regardless of what you say about not reading anything, 1) no one cares and 2) it’s really hard to believe you.

Hi Steve!

I know that you don’t know how the end of Peter’s season plays out, so I guess I’m just looking for your reaction or comment to a possible scenario.

You previously reported that Madi’s dad did not give Peter his blessing. Do you think it could be possible that Chris Harrison is delivering news to Peter that he now has Madi’s dad’s blessing? Just a thought.

Comment: No.

Hey Steve-

I have unfortunately had to stay away from your site and social media because I am attempting to go unspoiled the first time ever in years. (I will read it all after) but I was wondering if you have made any live podcast plans? I am afraid I’d miss any announcement. Olivia is so close to for a guest! 😉 I’m going to do another live podcast at some point. I just don’t know when. Or who the guest would be. Olivia was great. Everyone knows my affinity for her and how much I love having her on my show. But I don’t think she’d be the live show guest again because we’ve already done that.

Reader question- Does not knowing the final winner help or hurt your website traffic? My guess is people would be visiting more often to keep checking but I don’t know.


Comment: It hasn’t affected it.

How does the lead know the order of who to call during the rose ceremony? Are the names written on the roses? Oh wooooooooowwwwwwww…an oldie but goodie. Haven’t gotten this one in a while, have we?

Also, Sharleen talks about the one producer that she doesn’t get along which because they tried to manipulate her. Know anything about that? Are they still working for the show?

Keep doing what your doing Steve.

Comment: I think in the past Sharleen told me which one that was, but I don’t remember the name.

Hey Steve!

Why was Peter so bothered that Alayah had asked Victoria P. not to tell producers that they knew one another from the pageant world? I didn’t get that at all. It’s not like she asked Victoria P. to lie about something scandalous, or even to not tell PETER about their past knowing one another. It just doesn’t seem to make much difference – so what if she asked Victoria P. not to tell production they knew one another? What was the big deal to Peter? In what way would an omission like that impact his relationship with her? When I saw his confused and distraught reaction, I was thinking, “Wait, what? Is there something I’m missing?”

Thanks as always!

P.S. I’m very sorry to hear about your aunt. My condolences to you and your family.

Comment: To me, that didn’t make sense at all, which is why something was up with that whole scenario. Production knew both of them competed in Miss USA 2019. There were plenty of pictures out there (and still are) of them hanging out for that stuff. Production clearly knew they knew each other in some capacity. It makes no sense for Alayah to tell Victoria that. I can’t imagine she did.

I was sitting there watching Monday night, when, thankfully, we were finally relieved of champagnegate. The next scene was of a bunch of women we’d not really seen before, and I thought, where have all these girls been? And so began the Alayah saga, and the only thing I could think of is “she’s going to have her chances on BIP.” This got me thinking about who in the cast might find themselves in Mexico this summer.

Victoria F
Victoria P

I know it’s early, but I wanted to get the discussion started. Do you have a favorite for BIP?

Comment: Judging by past seasons, you’re gonna have 12-15 of Peter’s women on Paradise. I could see all those names and more. Kelley will probably do it. Pencil her name in. And they always include at least one night 1 person, so Maurissa (because she got an intro video), and Katrina (for her hairless…pussy…cat comment) are two I could see from night 1 getting asked.

Hi Steve! Sending this mostly because you said you’re low on reader e-mails. 🙂 I know it’s still too soon to know for sure, but I’m just curious — now that the season is progressing a bit, do you have any instincts on who may be the front-runner for the Bachelorette? Victoria seems to, from last night, have the sob story edit, and your spoilers said she leaves on her own, so that may work in her advantage? I don’t know. I know you can’t know for sure yet and it’s all just guessing, but I’m just wondering, based on your experience, what your thoughts are.

Comment: Obviously your top 4 are the serious contenders. If they go outside it like they did with Hannah Brown for the first time, I’d say Victoria P. would be considered, yeah.

Hi Steve! Ok, we need to talk about why Sarah C. received ZERO airtime! It’s super weird that they didn’t really have any ITMs with her, and then they didn’t even show her saying goodbye to Peter after she was eliminated! Wanted to know your thoughts on that. I’m sure she will 100% be on BIP, so there’s at least that for her.

Comment: I mean, Sarah is really no different than some episode 2/3 women from past seasons. Sometimes people just get no airtime. She wasn’t involved in any drama and she wasn’t a front runner. Usually that means you aren’t gonna get shown very much.

Hey. So just a couple things. Any closer to finding out the ending? I’ve noticed Hannah Ann is still following her ex Ben Taylor on IG…just wondering if he comes back and confesses his love for her at the finale? I’m just grasping at straws bc I am dying to know. No.

My other big question is, I know Hannah B doesn’t come back on the season but how do u know that nothing worked out for them after filming? You’ve said they are over…just wondering what confirmation you have of that? Thanks so much! Love your coverage!

Comment: There are a lot of things I’ve said over the years that I know to be true but can’t share HOW I know them to be true. This is just another one of those instances.

Steve –

I have to strongly disagree with your take about the Hannah-Kelsey situation. You’re always the one to point out that what’s actually shown on TV is like…1% of what actually happened. So if we have footage of Kelsey calling Hannah a bitch, a princess, etc…is it so hard to believe that there was also more name-calling and side-choosing that happened off screen? Calling this bullying doesn’t take away from people who have experienced worse treatment. There is ALWAYS going to be someone who has it worse, but that doesn’t make someone’s experience less valid. It became bullying when it stopped being about the actual champagne (I’m upset that you did this) to Kelsey attacking her character and calling her a bunch of names. THAT is bullying. Can we stop making this about Hannah and start talking about how absolutely unhinged Kelsey is?? I’m trying to figure out what on earth Peter sees in her.

Comment: Don’t you think Hannah Ann would’ve brought that up during their conversation though? That the bullying continued throughout the night? I know we weren’t shown anything other than what we saw, but if Hannah Ann wanted to defend her bullying comment, you’d think she would’ve said something to combat what Kelsey was saying.

And if you read what I wrote, I didn’t absolve Kelsey of her behavior. Clearly you’re a Hannah Ann fan because you had to bring up the fact of Kelsey’s role in this. Kelsey was ridiculous that night. For not recognizing it was a total production set up, for getting so bothered and emotional about a bottle of champagne (which she even later took back), and just overall her lack of self awareness about the situation. It was a complete overreaction and I said that the next day. Both were in the wrong.



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