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Podcast #166 – Interview with Chelsea Wanstrath, Stupid Pregnancy Stories, & “Reader Emails”

Nothing leads me to believe that Alayah is any more of an opportunist or ” fake” than the rest of them. It is mostly a case of jealousy and insecurity. I also believe Sydney reacted so strongly because she is most definitely a sore loser and probably never saw Alayah’s aggressive side coming. She was used to Alayah being this composed pageant girl when around her but then got thrown off by her extreme opposite expression during the pillow fights. Then losing to her made her even more mad. It is mostly a matter of cognitive dissonance when it comes to the psychological aspect. Always the same storyline, just different people. Can’t they be more original? It is also so obvious that Sydney got back to back roses because Peter felt bad for calling her out in front of everyone. Objectively, he should not have put her on the spot like that but I am secretly glad he did because I love the cringe , lol.

Comment: You wanna ask for them to be original, but all you need to do is check social media and see how many people sided with Sydney and are trashing Alayah. For what, I’m not really sure. She never said a bad word about anybody, even while 5 women were giving Peter their thoughts on her. The whole thing was edited into such a narrative they wanted to get out on their end, it was so obvious what they were doing. None of it really made sense. And again, the Victoria stuff I’ll hit on a little deeper next week.

Hi Steve,

Question about next weeks epi involving Victoria F and chase rice stuff. I believe you reported on that day, that Chase and Peter had talked after the concert. But now you’re saying Victoria didn’t tell peter they dated until the night portion?? I could’ve sworn you posted pictures of peter and chase talking. If that’s the case then is the conversation between peter and Victoria later that night completely staged?

Comment: They did talk. There were pictures of them speaking backstage post-show. But Chase just never told him anything apparently. And really, why would he? It’s not like Victoria F. was some long lost love of his that he missed terribly. She was a chick he went out on a few dates with and hooked up with. Why bring that up to Peter? Would only make Chase look douchey if you ask me.

Hey Steve,

Love your column and all the spoilers! Makes the season a lot more fun to watch when you know the background on these things. Anyways, in watching this season it feels a little different to me than other seasons and I can’t really pinpoint why….not sure if producer changes have something to do with it… or the fact that I am getting older….but it feels like the first few episodes have kind of been filler episodes without much depth. The champagne story and the Alayah/Sydney feud just seem kind of pointless. Do you think these things will be premises for plot lines later in the season or they just didn’t have much other drama going on and chose to focus on these? I personally am not a fan of all the group dates when there are still so many girls because the episodes just seem kind of all the same until you narrow it down to like 6 girls and more emotions are involved as well as more jealousy among the contestants as it gets closer to the final 2. Here’s to hoping things pick up next week with the Victoria F. drama. Oh and side note, was watching last night and realized Victoria F. got a rose at some point because she had one going into the rose ceremony…but I don’t think they ever showed her getting one…or I totally spaced and missed it!

Anyways thanks for all you do and keep on spoiling!

Comment: Well this has always been the format of the show. That hasn’t changed. The first few group dates of the season will have a ton of people on them and they’ll only focus on a couple. And yes, usually early season drama is just that – early season drama. An exception last season as Luke P. was a lightning rod all season long.

Victoria F. did get the group date rose on the Revolve date which was the first date of “Week 3,” then Victoria P.s’ 1-on-1, and then the pillow fight date. But they split up the episode over 2 weeks so that’s why you probably didn’t remember Victoria F. getting the group date rose.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been following you for a few seasons now, but I feel like this season I’ve really gotten a better sense of how much is manipulated by producers.

I know they don’t control everything as far as who goes home, but do you think it’s possible that after you shared that you thought Sarah C. would be a frontrunner, producers would go as far as to make sure she got a crappy entrance, less time with Peter, etc. to lessen her chances?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: No. Sarah didn’t get time because she wasn’t involved in any drama and, for whatever reason, wasn’t one of Peter’s front runners. I remember back when I first confirmed Tia on Arie’s season and said she was one of Raven’s good friends. I said at that time I’d be shocked if she didn’t make it far just because I didn’t think they would bring Raven’s friend on only to see her go home in episode 1 or 2. And she made it to final four. So no, because I say I think someone might go far has no bearing on whether they do or not.

Hi Steve. I am wondering your thoughts on the upcoming Survivor. I realize it is the anniversary but am so tired of seeing some of the contestants including Rob and Sandra. Are you excited about the premise or just “meh?”

Comment: I did a live stream last night with Jonny Fairplay and Matt Bischoff talking about season 40 and I said I don’t see how this season won’t be their best yet. Just because the audience already knows everyone on the show. And not only that, they’ve all won. In any other given season, it’s usually a bunch of strangers we don’t know, don’t know how they’ll play, don’t know their personality, and it takes 5-6 episodes or so to even learn everyone’s names and who’s aligning with who. This time around you know everyone from the get go, even early season boots will be important, and it’s something we’ve never seen before. I can’t wait.

Hi Steve,

I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope you and your family are able to find comfort and peace during this time.

Curious as to your thoughts on Sarah’s edit this season. I was really excited to see her on the show, as I read all of your spoilers and how she was a favorite of yours. It seemed like she was given 3 minutes total the entire time she was on the show. And was it just me, or did they not even show her exit on Monday?! So bizarre. Do you think this may have been because you were posting about her being a favorite, possible front runner, etc. and ABC is salty that you spoil each season? I can’t think of any other reason she would get so little time because she’s so sweet and I’m sure everyone would have loved her.

Not really a question, just an observation- I’m also really loving Kelley. She’s smart, gorgeous, confident, etc. and I’m kind of shocked she doesn’t make the final two. The more we watch, the more confused I am with Peter’s 4 choices.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: This was definitely something asked quite a bit this season. Seems like people think I carry more weight than I do with this show. My thoughts on Sarah pre-show had no bearing on how long she lasted on the show. It was just an opinion on my part and one that didn’t play out. Nothing more than that.

Well Kelley did get as far as one could get without getting a hometown, so it’s not like she wasn’t right there in the running.

Hi Steve!

I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt! I hope your family is coping well and am thinking about and praying for you guys.

I’m a long time reader, first time emailer. (that whole shebang you’ve probably heard a million times over) I’m not sure if I’m too late to make it into tomorrow’s “Reader Emails” but am interested to get your take on this. It’s probably early to start thinking about “Bachelorette” but what do you think the chances are that they go with Kelley? I know she hasn’t had much screen time but she seems to have a good reputation throughout social media. Also, I love Hannah Brown but I would like to see someone a little older who is a little more clear on what they want. I figure ABC will probably lean toward whoever will be more likely to have more drama on a season but am just wondering what you think?

Thanks again for everything, Your insight always makes the show more interesting to watch!

Comment: I think Kelley will get talked to about it. But a lot of people do. Ultimately, do I think she’ll get it? No.

Since you said you were low on reader emails, I decided to write in.

1. Apparently Luke Parker is now dating Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. Any thoughts about this? Not really. I didn’t even know who she was when I saw the headline. I know nothing about her.

2. Do you think that Victoria F was surprised that the rumors about her having affairs with married men came out or do you think that she just wanted to be famous so badly that she didn’t care if they did? I know she has denied it, but what she told Peter when she came out the limo doesn’t help her case. Victoria F. is on the show for the same reason most of the women are – to get famous, build their brand, and live off their “Bachelor” status for as long as they can. This is well known in Virginia Beach circles. And if she didn’t think her past was getting out once she went on this show, she’s a moron.

3. Do you think that the reason why Peter might have kept Victoria F over Kelsey is because he wanted to bang her in the fantasy suite? I’m pretty sure that played a major role.

4. I may be in the minority on this, but I actually don’t mind that you don’t have the ending. When I read the episode by episode spoilers, I care more about finding out who lasts long and who doesn’t, so I know who to pay attention to.

Comment: It’s certainly different this year. I don’t mind it. The thing that has been the biggest burden this season is just how many times I get asked “Hey, who does Peter pick.” It’s ridiculous and annoying. Because how many times have I said the same thing? “When I know, you’ll know.” So for someone to ask that, it means they haven’t read one word I’ve written all season or listened to one podcast because it’d be impossible to ask that question if you’d done either.

Have been looking through Instagram lately and noticing that a lot of the girls comment on Madison’s posts/ follow her as opposed to Hannah Ann. Do you think this could elude to them being jealous of her winning? Is that typically the case with the girls that win?

Comment: I don’t think there’s any definitive pattern either way.

Hey Steve!

I was thinking about the Alayah storyline where she gets the scoop about Victoria F and Chase Rice. Chances are that she got that info from reading your site, right? Like 99% chance it was from you not another place? Then she spilled the tea back to the girls in the house. So *technically* this is the first time our very own Reality Steve made it into one of the storylines on the show!! Full circle moment!

Ok that’s all! Have a great day!

Ps we want more pics of your dog 🙂

Comment: Yeah, it’s impossible to know exactly where Alayah saw the Victoria F./Chase Rice story but I would assume it was through me. I mean, it was all over Twitter that day as so many fans were there with pictures and videos. If she’s any sort of fan of the show she would’ve seen it somewhere.

Maybe I will start posting more pics with Luka. I just don’t take a ton of her.



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