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Podcast #166 – Interview with Chelsea Wanstrath, Stupid Pregnancy Stories, & “Reader Emails”

Steve, don’t you think it’d make for an much more compelling show if they excluded all the fame whores that are just there to be on TV and gain some notoriety? Real genuine emotion would be much more interesting than all these fakes like Hanna Ann, Demi, and the rest of them.

Comment: This is what the show is now and has been for the last 3-5 years or so. And the ratings are great. So nothing is changing.

Hi Steve-

First of all- I am so sorry for your loss this week.

Second- I have a theory for the ending but not sure if the timing would match up. So Madison tells him toward the end she is a virgin and also there is a clip of someone saying they wouldn’t be comfortable if he was intimate with other women (I am Guessing that was also Madison). So what if he gets down to Madison and Hannah Ann but on the final date Madison decides she can’t be with someone who has been intimate with other women there and she leaves. Then Peter only has Hannah Ann left and so he convinces himself that it was HA all along he wanted and he gets ready to propose but Madison decides to come back and tell him she has thought it through and she doesn’t care about his other relationships and is in love with him and wants to give things a shot outside the show.

The scene with his mom crying could be after Madison leaves and she is upset because she really liked her after meeting her at the first date.

Peter realizes that Madison is who he really wants so he decides not to propose to HA and leaves the show to pursue things with Madison but waits to propose until he can get a blessing from her father.

Thanks for reading and giving your thoughts.

Comment: Ever since the beginning of the season, I’ve gotten tons and tons of guesses about how this season ends from readers. I’d say 90% of the guesses are some variation of what you just read with the basics being: Madison leaves the show after overnights, she’s the one Peter wanted, and that’s who he is “pursuing” post-show. So that’s been the overwhelming majority of what people think happens. Could it have happened? Sure. I think there would still be some holes to fill in if that’s the case, but, it definitely seems logical. However, there are some things I’ve heard that wouldn’t line up with that ending. But maybe the things I’ve heard are wrong. That’s what I’m looking to shore up.

Hi Steve,

I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your Aunt was a spectacular woman. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Any updates on the end of Peter’s season? Also, I know you said Hannah B doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of Peter’s season. I believe anything you tell us, so I’m taking your word for it. Do you have any updates on what Hannah B is doing now or in the near future? I saw she was on ET with Lauren Zima the other night and it got me wondering what her next move will be. I feel like there has to be something in the works for her to only book 1 DWTS tour show.

Thanks for all you do. Without you I probably wouldn’t watch the show because I don’t have the patience.

Comment: She wants to do hosting work. Whether or not she has a gig lined up or not, I don’t know. But she certainly has the Hollywood bug and wants to be on TV, and that’s her career path right now.

Hi Steve!

How do you think they’ll structure the taping of Jimmy Kimmel the day of the finale? Do you think they’ll have Peter go solo, with possible F1, or film it a little different this year? Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Tough to know that one without knowing the ending yet. It’s possible the final “couple” never does Kimmel at his normal 4pm PST taping again, since that confirms the winner before the show hits air on finale night.

Hi Steve,

A UK fan here, I hope this message receives you well, just a quick question regarding Sarah Coffin being eliminated Monday night. I’m shocked that Peter has let someone so beautiful leave so early on, like you I had her down as a finalist/winner when her bio was released so I’m wondering do you think the producers told Peter to let her go early as they wanted to prove you and your theory wrong? I just can’t think why else Peter would send her home this early in the process.

Comment: I told you this was being asked a lot this week. Sarah really is no different than any contestant in past seasons that made it 3 episodes and got no screen time. The only thing different about her was what I said about her pre-show. Because it’s hard to judge anything about her based off the three episodes she was on. I don’t believe I saw her get one ITM this season. But because she had hype surrounding her coming in, people think there’s some conspiracy surrounding her exit. There really isn’t. You can find “Sarah Coffins” EVERY season on this show, just without the pre-show hype by me.

Hi Steve,

Sorry if you’ve answered this before. Do the leads get some sort of a coach prior to their season? All the leads are usually pretty well spoken, but also sound like broken records, repeating the same phrases and using the same buzzwords season after season…”this journey”, “my person”, etc. Hannah B made a huge improvement from her bachelorette announcement to when filming began, so I have to imagine they have an acting coach or sorts.

Comment: Not a particular one. But production drills into their head what they can and can’t say.

Hi Steve,

Read that you will be doing some reader emails. Hope im not too late.
Before you compartmentalise me into one of the crazies asking you WHO DOES HE PICK?!

If you can humour me on these questions:

1) So, i am pretty much predicting (but NOT completely assuming) that there will be a proposal on the After The Final Rose Live Finale from what you have found out. Just wanna know if there is a chance, you would get an inkling of who Peter chooses (or is leaning towards) in the coming days/months? I don’t think it’s a guarantee there will be a proposal there, but it’s certainly on the table.

I ask this only because from what i know any kind of Bachelor/romance/dating show kinda Reality TV show that does live stuff must have some/little/minimal kind of preplanning of some sort for logistical reasons. For eg. Arie proposing to Lauren B. The chosen bachelorette (rachel,becca) met 4 of the guys on the ATFR. Jason Mesnick and Molly.

2) Will be a bit of a different season for me in a long time when im watching without knowing who is the ‘winner’ from the first episode. I can let you know if i like it or hate it :-).The last time i did this was Sean Lowe… and i was NOT satiated…but lets see what happens this time around. Im just one of those who loves knowing what happens before it happens especially for this show. I think you’ll be fine. Take a deep breath.

3) The general consensus from what i am seeing is that people think Hannah ann Sluss is doing it for the instagram fame…it did come across like that in her intro video too….will this hurt her chances of being the bachelorette you think? I know (from you) that Hannah Ann is not THE villian this season…(tho i was wondering she will get an edit like Caelynn- not here for the right reasons edit). Or did that just go over to Alayah? Alayah only has one episode left. And we’ve talked about this in the past on the levels of “villainy” there is. Alayah would be on the lowest level of that, because it’s not like she’s talking about other women in ITM’s, or bad mouthing people, etc. It’s just other people’s opinions of her after living with her for 10 days. There have been way worse villains than her. Hannah Ann clearly has a shot at “Bachelorette” (if she’s not with Peter). Everyone in the final 4 does.

4) What is it with all the ‘virgins’ being cast season after season? I heard/saw/read Madison is probably one and revealed much later in the show. Isn’t the allure of this waning (in this franchise)…not really a direct question- just was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Does casting go out of their way on finding this kind of storyline everytime?! Because its making me feel a bit creeped out by the franchise. I am wondering if they seek this kind of storyline to fit a certain demographic?(christian/middle america). It certainly isn’t a negative if you are one, as we’ve seen last season and now this season. Just know if you are, and you do get cast, it’ll be a major storyline because of how sex crazed this show is.

5) Lastly, Can you please give me an idea about the Rachel-Raven feud? It seems to come up every time both these girls are on anything! i am guessing you might not know for sure, but i know you have heard some stuff somewhere and somehow. Can you atleast give me a hint of what its about? Also if so, is Rachel Lindsay just not well liked in the franchise in general?


Comment: I’ve heard things but it’s not my story to share. Raven did an interview recently and she gave her honest answer to it that she has no idea why Rachel is saying “she knows what she did.” So until these two can get on the same page, we’re never gonna know. Probably better off that way.

Hi Steve,

As always, thank you for everything you do. I had a couple of questions and thoughts, I wanted your input on so here goes.

First of all are you surprised Cassie-Colton and Caelynn-Dean are still together? I find it a little amusing that all the girls on that season seemed to think that these two were the least real in the sense that they weren’t here to find love but they (+ Hannah G) seem to be only ones in a relationship (with a bachelor nation contestant that is). If they get married, still a big if to me, will you send them something? Same with Jojo and Jordan (another couple everyone was skeptical about); will they be getting gifts? Colton/Cassie and Jordan/JoJo yes would be getting gifts if they got married because they came from Bachelor/ette. Not Caelynn/Dean. I don’t do BIP relationships. I’d say all 3 surprise me, but, until they get married (or in Colton’s case even engaged) I don’t think much of it.

I feel like Alayah hiding that she knows Victoria P makes a lot of sense but maybe not with the reasoning she uses. Her logic that they would disqualify them for knowing each other doesn’t follow because the last season was so dedicated to Hannah-Caelynn drama, so she should know they wouldn’t disqualify. However, there’s always a fear of being exploited the same way Hannah and Caelynn were and that to me would have been a valid fear. Both of those girls got a lot of hate and that was definitely producer driven and if Alayah wanted to shield herself from that drama, I would totally get that. But I think lying on a show like the bachelor is stupid as it is because I’m sure they’re gonna perform background checks and of course this is going to come up, especially because this is 2020 and we’ve come so far in terms of tech. I don’t know if that’s it. I tend to think there’s no way Alayah said “don’t tell production we were friends bc I’ll get disqualified” just because production KNEW they knew each other. Pictures were out there. They competed in the same Miss USA. It’d be idiotic for Alayah to say that to her. Something had to have been misconstrued there.

Another question for you, but do you ever have favorites on a season? You always seem very neutral about the season but you must have favorites. And if you, does that ever impact your decision of what you reveal to us? There are people I like more than others based on a variety of factors, but no, I wouldn’t say it changes anything.

Sorry this is getting long, but another question/thought, why do you think bachelor nation hasn’t shunned Jed? Because I really did think they would but it seems he was at an event a few days ago with quite a few bachelor alums i.e Jared, Ashley, Derek, Ben H etc. etc. And they all seemed quite cool with him and actually friendly. I’m a little shocked by that for some reason.

Anyways, thank you again for all you do.

Comment: Lets face it, some people in this franchise just don’t wanna rock the boat and kiss ass. That’s just the way it goes.

When Chris Harrison says something happens to Alayah that’s never happened before on the show – does he mean that in the next episode, she gets the group date rose and then it gets taken away? Or does she give the group date rose back to Peter and then leaves?

Thank you!

Comment: I’m pretty sure he’s talking about someone being let back onto the show AND getting a rose. Usually it never goes well for returnees.

I have to ask and TBH I can’t believe I’m just now noticing this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s asked. What’s the “champion of everything” and I’m assuming this is you flirting with Olivia Caridi? I’m just curious because it’s out there on your insta account and the phrasing is a little confusing (if it just said “Olivia Caridi. “Wanna make out y/n” I wouldn’t ask because I’d know for sure. Love your podcast and spoilers!

Comment: I wouldn’t call it that. Olivia once said to me on a podcast that I was the “champion of everything,” and I thought it was a funny line so I quoted her in my IG bio.

The “wanna make out y/n” was from the whole Jed story last year. It was with a girl he was hooking up with (not Haley Stevens) pre-show that he texted that to in the wee hours of the morning. I just thought it was so silly that I put it in my bio.

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