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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 4 Recap, Chase/Victoria F., the Victoria P./Alayah Relationship in Pictures, & More

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-The group date was a flag football game that 13 women competed in. Well, 12 women competed and Victoria P. watched from the sidelines because her back hurt according to her. Which gave her free access to kiss and give a massage to Peter on the sidelines while others tackled each other in pads. For one episode at least, Victoria P. got to play the role of villain, because they don’t let you sit out and do what you do unless they want to get a reaction from the others. And they did. Was her “villain” edit egregious? No. We talk about it all the time. There are different levels of villainy on this show and some are much worse than others. Alayah’s last week? Practically nothing. She never bad mouthed any women. She didn’t talk behind peoples backs. She didn’t run to an ITM and say something about someone that she didn’t say to their face. Same goes here for Victoria P. So while she was portrayed as someone getting “extra” time with Peter that upset the women during the game, then being the first to steal him during the cocktail party, I’m sorry, but people have to stop getting upset at stuff like this. One thing is becoming abundantly clear when it comes to Victoria P. as these last couple episodes have played out. She’s guilty of putting way too much trust into her producer telling her what to do.

-And lets face it, Shiann is unfortunately on this show for one reason and one reason only. To be the woman whose time gets interrupted the most. Happened on opening night, then again the next episode. She’s continually complaining about how she’s barely getting any time with Peter, when the reality of it is, you are told WHEN you can go speak to Peter. If Shiann is continually getting held back and missing time with him because a producer tells her it’s not her turn, then when it finally is, she’s getting interrupted, that’s not a coincidence. She’s a pawn in their game. It’s now happened to her 3 times in 4 episodes, as once Shiann got time with Peter at the cocktail party to tell him how frustrated she is, here walks in Alayah to surprise everyone with her return to the show, prompting Shiann to walk away crying, again foiled that her time was cut short. I hope viewers are beginning to understand how this show works in its 39th season, because the contestants certainly don’t. And the thing that sucks? Shiann can’t possibly bitch about it for fear of getting the wrath of producers for talking about stuff online or in interviews that wasn’t shown on TV. Could she put her foot down and be honest about how her time with Peter was handled and say, “F this. This is wrong.” Sure. But she won’t I assume, because she’s deathly afraid of the contract and doesn’t want to ruin any possible chance of appearing on Paradise. That’s how it works now unfortunately.

-In taking that a step further, why do you think ABC is starting to control what podcasts contestants do? Why do you think so many of them are afraid to speak about things that went on behind the scenes? Well, for one, it states in their contract they’re not allowed to. Have some disobeyed that? Absolutely. But those are the people that don’t give a shit about the show anymore and don’t wanna do business with them. Someone like Luke P. And if we’re being honest, as much as Luke P. has laid into the show during post-show interviews he’s done including my podcast, producers would put him on BIP in a second if he would do it. So ultimately, it matters more about how polarizing of a character are you. If you are, then you “breaking your contract” becomes less and less of an issue. Luke P. told us he’d never do another show with them. I hope he sticks to that.

-So lets get to the Victoria P/Alayah stuff that dominated this group date after party. If we go back to last week, Victoria’s comment to Peter at the pool party was, “I’ve spent maybe 3 hrs with her even at Miss USA.” Immediately I knew something was off with that because I had heard back when both were announced as contestants that 1) they were friends and 2) the two of them, and a group of other Miss USA girls, took a Vegas trip together in Jan 2019. So here’s all stuff I was able to find regarding Victoria P. and Alayah that is all public knowledge. Took maybe 5 minutes to find all this on social media:



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