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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 4 Recap, Chase/Victoria F., the Victoria P./Alayah Relationship in Pictures, & More

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-Let me describe what you’re looking at with those pictures. These are pictures of Victoria P. & Alayah running in the same group during the Jan. 2019 Vegas trip that Alayah reference she and Victoria P. planned on last night’s episode. Does it mean they’re BFF’s? No. But nobody’s saying they were or had to be BFF’s. We’re only talking about Victoria’s specific point that “I’ve maybe spent 3 hrs with her even at Miss USA.” Now, maybe those pictures are the ONLY time all weekend that Victoria P. & Alayah spent together. You have a brain. I’ll let you decide. Do you think it was?

-Also, those comments Victoria left on 4 of Alayah’s pictures, going by the date, is one month before they left for filming. Hell, maybe Victoria P. hated Alayah to her core and just wrote that on her page to look supportive. But if that’s the case, then she’s guilty of the exact thing she’s accusing Alayah of – which is being fake. So Victoria’s story of barely knowing Alayah really doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on. These pictures and her comments left on Alayah’s photos one month before filming started are really hard to then conclude that Victoria P. had such an issue with Alayah heading into the show.

-To top it all off last night, once confronted by Peter and he specifically asked her about her “barely knew her 3 hrs comment,” yet then admitted “yes, we did go to Vegas together,” you could tell Victoria’s wheels started spinning. When you’re getting asked specific questions by Peter and Alayah and your response is repeatedly, “I don’t know what else to say,” and “my truth is the truth” but not explain what that “truth” was, then it’s pretty obvious she was caught and, well, didn’t know what to say. It was like she even started to mind f**k Peter into believing her even though she was giving him nothing to believe her about since she gave nothing to refute what Alayah was saying.

-That’s all this was between Victoria P. & Alayah last night. Alayah saying we were friends going into this and I’m shocked she lied about that, and Victoria P. saying “I don’t know what else to say” and “my truth is the truth” then getting mad at Peter for not believing her. So again, use your own judgment to determine who you’d like to believe. My issue with it is it’s such a weird thing for Victoria P. to get behind, and honestly, I think she got manipulated by her producer into trash talking Alayah, but when Alayah fought back, Victoria P. didn’t know what to do or say. Like, wouldn’t the easy resolution to all of this be Victoria P. just to hop on social media and explain exactly what she was talking about last night? Seems to be a rather simple solution. She can easily either own up to it, or, keep standing behind her story. But because producers have her so sacred to say anything, not to mention she’s probably thinking she has a chance to be “Bachelorette,” she doesn’t want to rock the boat so to speak. Of all the “feuds” we’ve seen on this show, this seems like an easy one to solve if Victoria P. would just address what the hell why she said she barely knew Alayah 3 hrs when there’s pretty solid evidence out there that wasn’t the case.

-I do think one thing Victoria said last night spoke volumes. Can’t remember if she said it at the group date after party to Peter and Alayah when they were both there, or at the end at the rose ceremony cocktail party to Peter, but it was something along the lines of mistaking her kindness for weakness. I absolutely think that’s what happened here. I think Victoria P. is almost too kind, which never bodes well for a show like this, and producers preyed on that. They got her involved in something she never thought she’d come out looking bad in. For whatever reason, that line of “barely known her 3 hrs” is one she’s gonna regret for a while. And I just don’t understand why she would say something like that. Only thing I can think of is a producer got in her ear, convinced her to go after Alayah because of a pageant past, and this ended up being the result unfortunately. She got taken advantage of. It’s still 100% on her for saying the things she did, but we know how much producers influence can have on these people. We see it every season. Victoria P. just happened to be a victim of producer manipulation this season. I’m convinced of it. And now the tide has turned on her as last night she started getting a lot of heat on social media.



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