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The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 4 Recap, Chase/Victoria F., the Victoria P./Alayah Relationship in Pictures, & More

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-Not a whole hell of a lot to talk about when it comes to Kelsey’s 1-on-1 date. That was easily the most spoiled date of the season when it happened back on Oct. 4th, as tons of pictures and videos were posted on my Twitter and IG at the time. Those pics and videos are still in my IG highlights, or, you can view them here in the rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers. The one thing she did bring up to Peter was her parents divorce and how hard that was on her and that she actually found out first when she got home from school one day. As I mentioned previously, if you look hard enough, you can find on the internet what went down with that whole divorce. I’m not gonna get into that because that doesn’t look to be a good situation for anyone involved. What I do know is the father is not well liked by the family, the show tried to get the father to her hometown date later on, but it was either shot down or he couldn’t make it. But they definitely reached out to him.

-For those that weren’t paying attention while it was happening, here’s the timeline of Alayah getting sent home at rose ceremony #3, Victoria F.’s 1-on-1 date, and when Alayah returned:

Rose Ceremony #3 when Alayah got eliminated was Monday, Sept. 30th.

Contestants are usually back on a plane home the next day, so she was home Tuesday, Oct. 1st.

Victoria’s 1-on-1 date was on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd and it was spoiled in real time on my Twitter that she had a past with Chase Rice.

Alayah I assume didn’t fly out to Ohio until Thursday, the 3rd and showed up at the after party. Plenty of time to read what happened on the internet.

So that’s how Alayah knew the information she did. Just like any contestant from this show, the second you’re off it, you go read what people are saying about you. After I tweeted out the night of Victoria F’s date she had a past with Chase, plenty of outlets picked it up. It was everywhere. As long as Alayah had a WiFi connection, her phone in hand, or any sort of internet connection, she was gonna see it. And that’s the info she went back on the show with.

-On the show last night, we see Alayah telling two people after the group date after party that she saw Victoria F. had a date with Chase the day before and they used to date. When Victoria F. confronts her in her room, Victoria F. accuses her of “telling everyone.” All we saw her tell was two people. Maybe she told more, maybe she didn’t. We don’t know, so kind of a big assumption for Victoria F. to make. Knowing the way this show works, pretty easy to think that Alayah told those two, and because it was such interesting gossip that none of them knew at that point because Victoria F. clearly didn’t share her past with Chase once she returned from her date, not hard to believe those two told other people and then it just spread. Alayah even specifically tells Victoria F. she didn’t “tell everyone,” so without footage of how it spread, I guess we don’t know for sure. Well, that is unless you use your brain and realize what probably went on here.

-I’m more confused as to why Victoria F. was upset as she was? If she thought Alayah did it intentionally then I could see her upset. But based on what we were shown, for the first time I can ever remember, spoilers posted during filming ended up becoming a storyline on the show. All Alayah did was relay info that she read online. If producers didn’t want that out, they could’ve stopped it. So not only did they NOT stop it, they chose to air it and have Victoria F. confront Alayah about it. So clearly they didn’t have an issue with what Alayah said. If they don’t want something on the show aired, they don’t air it. Period. End of story. They control the narrative of this show. Not their contestants. They knew this would create drama so they rolled with it.

-Does Victoria F. have an obligation to tell the women in the house what happened on her 1-on-1 date? No, she doesn’t. Do most people come back from their dates and share (with at least some people) what happened? Yes. The second you don’t say a word to anybody about your date, you immediately kinda make yourself an outcast and are looked at differently by others. Krystal did it when she had her first date with Arie, and we know how that turned out for her with others in the house. You don’t have to share, but just know if you don’t, that’s usually gonna lead to drama and getting side eyed by others. So on the outside, this just looks like Victoria F. was pissed off her past with Chase got out there. She has it in her head it was intentional, even though it didn’t look that way. Why would Alayah not think that Victoria F. would share that after her date? Or maybe she didn’t think twice about it? I think Alayah’s biggest mistake in all this was probably coming back on the show to talk to Peter in the first place, but that’s another argument for another day. She did, and we have to talk about the consequences she faced because of her return.

-It’s clear Peter liked her and wanted her there, as we saw how distraught he was after the last rose ceremony sending her home. But just like he didn’t HAVE to give Sydney the group date rose last episode (which basically was him saying “I believe you Sydney over Alayah.” If anything, either don’t give out a group date rose in that situation, or give it to someone other than Sydney or Alayah), Peter could’ve let Alayah back on the show but just given the rose to someone else. I bet the women would’ve been less pissed off if he did. Peter’s indecisiveness, while killing the show dynamic and not making him look great, is a gold mine for the producers. They’re loving this because of all the drama it’s adding. And that’s what this show has become. Next week, Alayah will leave, that storyline will be over, and we’ll move on to the next one. That’s how this show works. The wheels keep churning, people keep watching, and before you know it, out pops a new baby where 20 people in the music industry are now dating and part of a new show. It’s all good in Bachelor Land I tell ya’. This franchise is getting more and more pregnant by the day. Wonderful.

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