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“Reader Emails,” & (SPOILER) What Former Contestant Shows Up on Matt’s Season?

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Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see in tonight’s episode…

-The conclusion of the 2-on-1 date shows Tayshia giving the rose to Noah. Bennett is eliminated.

-At the rose ceremony, Tayshia eliminates three men: Ed Waisbrot, Spencer Robertson, Demar Jackson.

With now 7 guys left, JoJo (still filling in for Chris Harrison), tells them next week is Hometowns. Which means that anyone who gets a rose on a date this week is guaranteed a hometown.

-1-on-1 date goes to Ben Smith. He opens up to Tayshia and says how close he is with his sister, and how he tried to commit suicide twice, in 2018 and 2019. He had broken his back in the Army and had to start a new life and essentially had hit rock bottom. His sister was always there for him. Tayshia gives Ben a rose, assuring him of a Hometown date.

-The group date is a Lie Detector Test with 5 guys: Brendan, Ivan, Noah, Riley, and Zac. Which means that Blake Moynes has the other 1-on-1 this episode, but we won’t see til next week. And yes, she sends him home.

The biggest revelation during the lie detector test is that Riley isn’t Riley’s real name. JoJo asks him what his name is, he says “Riley,” and the light beeps red on the lie detector test. Later on that night, he tells Tayshia why. Riley was originally named Dwayne Henderson Jr. at birth, after his father. After getting older and learning more about him, what kind of person he was and reconnecting with his mother, he legally changed his name, which is now Devon Riley Christian. Riley is his middle name.

Tayshia does not give a rose out on this group date. She says she’s not sure since it’s close to Hometwons and needs more time.

-When Tayshia returns home from the group date, Bennett is waiting there to talk to her. Bennett tells Tayshia he loves her and she tells him she needs time to think about it.

This is where the episode ends.

-(SPOILER) For those that don’t know, your final 4 are: Ben, Ivan, Zac, and Brendan.

The “Men Tell All” is the next episode on Monday, the 14th. My guess is that we will see Tayshia get down to her final 4 guys first, before they start airing the Men Tell All episode next week.

It doesn’t make sense to still have Riley, Bennett, Noah, and Blake Moynes still on the show as tonight’s episode ends, but then have the Men Tell All to start the very next episode on the 14th, since all those guys are on the MTA.

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 3…



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