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“Reader Emails,” & (SPOILER) What Former Contestant Shows Up on Matt’s Season?

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Hey Steve, just curious about any updates on Andi Dorfman? Is she involved/ friendly with any recent Bachelor franchise people? She seems to lay low when it comes to the franchise. Is she still living in NYC, writing books, etc?

Just curious if there’s any new info/ gossip on her nowadays.

Comment: She moved to CA. I believe she’s working on a third book. I’m not sure who she’s close with in the franchise anymore. She kinda stays out of most of it.

First I have to say this was such an enjoyable podcast to listen to. I absolutely loved hearing peoples questions so I’m going to submit some of my own. Hopefully you’ll be able to address them in the future! Thanks for doing what you do.

How do the contestants get food? Do they have to cook themselves or do they have chefs preparing their three meals a day. Handlers go buy them their food and usually a few of them cook for the rest.

Does each contestant get their own producer? Or is a producer assigned to groups, and as the people go home, the producers kind of hone in on each candidate.
When there’s a lot of people, producers have 3 or 4 they produce. Once the numbers dwindle down, each one will have their own.

I’m sure I have others floating around in my head, but I found myself hoping someone would ask these questions on last weeks podcast!


(PS- I LOVE You and Kat together. It’s the perfect yin and Yang! )

Comment: Thanks. We definitely are Yin and Yang. It’s always fun. Never a dull moment.

Hi Steve! Could you tell me what episode Spencer Robertson will get eliminated?? Thanks!!

Comment: Tonight.

And I don’t know much about the guy, well, other than the fact he’s hung with Sarah Coffin post-show so he’s definitely got taste, but can we officially anoint Spencer the most non-descript first impression rose recipient ever? Hell, how many of you reading right now completely forgot he even received Tayshia’s first impression rose? I’m guessing almost all of you. Other than being called lunch meat by one of the guys, he’s done absolutely nothing since receiving that rose. I’m sure Tayshia would like a do-over if she could.

Hi Steve, I’ve been listening for years and enjoy your sarcasm and spoilers about all things “Bachelor”, I have a questions about if Tayshia and Clare get along. Tayshia follows Clare on Instagram but Clare does not follow Tayshia and has not commented on Tayshia’s Bachelorette run to my knowledge. Is there any bitterness or discord with them or am I off track? Kind of makes it seem like Clare wanted to continue her season and Tayshia got that opportunity instead. Thank you!!!

Comment: I honestly have no idea. I thought I read one interview where Clare said she never saw Tayshia on set. I always found that kinda weird. I doubt it has to do with Tayshia taking her spot since Clare got her man. Why would she care?

Hi Steve!

Been following you for years, love your column!

Few questions;

Do they really make the contestants pack their bags before the one on one or is that more for show and an empty suitcase? It would seem annoying having to pack all of your shit up. I believe they do.

Do you think Ben is the front runner for the next bachelor? No.

You’ve mentioned the Eazy controversy but I missed what the big deal is. Can you elaborate on the allegations?

Comment: I think more will be coming soon.

Hello. Thank you for posting Zac’s story on his battle with prescription medication addiction. It was so relatable because I suffer with a past if that as well. So many people think drug addicts are low income, gross, or stupid or whatever other stereotypes they think of. Well, it’s simply not true.

I am a recovering drug addict. Seven years sober next month. I’m a teacher, a mom, and from an upper middle class family that didn’t want for anything either. I started my addiction at 19, while in university, I had trouble sleeping and was put on a sleeping medication. That’s where my journey started.

At my worst, I was ordering prescription meds online or lying to many different doctors and pharmacies to get my meds. Finally, I took the steps to go to rehab myself but only was able to do this because my dad paid $25,000.00 to put me privately through the program for 2 months. I’ve been sober ever since.

Rehab was like school to me. We had life education classes, group and one on one therapy sessions, yoga, art classes, meditation, massage etc. Actually, we all watched Juan Pablo’s season while in rehab every Monday in the common room. Most guys and girls got into it and I remember hearing men my dads age debating the show. It was our escape.

The worst thing about rehab was having to say your story over and over again to other people every day or more. I hated that. I am grateful for the experience and lucky my dad was able to afford it.

Afterwards, my life was awful. I was judged by my mother and siblings, made to feel ashamed, embarrassed, and psycho. I’m the crazy one. My husband claims nobody thinks that but it’s so easy to blame the former drug addict, than take a look in the mirror at yourself and take responsibility.

I lost my license after the seizure I had after coming off of my medication cold turkey which was from the withdrawal affects. I remember living with my parents, than going to the sober house to get dry and feeling chills, aches and not being able to sleep and then to rehab. It took a year to get it back.

I almost got a divorce, had cps in my life for a year, and am still under a scope by a lot of people. However, my strength is incredible. I’ve endured major medical issues where I almost died, five miscarriages, IVF, and other issues.

However, I’m still here and I’m so much better now. I am a mom of three. Still teaching. And I have been so intense therapy that allowed me to know what is best for me and to choose that.

The one thing that has been hard on me is that I used to be social and I’m not anymore. I have built up walls, cut everyone off, and only see my husband and children mostly although I still talk to family and friends.

I still get judged but I can’t change peoples perceptions but I know I’m strong, kind, and smart. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself and my children. If I can stay sober and strong for them, I’ve done my part which I’ve been doing for seven years!!

By the way, I give Tayshia props for picking Zac. How refreshing to see how supportive and kind she is. I love that! Thanks

Comment: Thank you for sharing that. I’ve never known someone who was an addict quite like yourself or Zac where they were that deep in, so I can’t relate too much, but stories I’ve heard over the years, yeah, it’s bad. And it can happen to anyone. It’s definitely not relegated to a certain race or social status background. That’s ridiculous when people say that.

Steve, I can’t get over Bennett’s resemblance to the comics version of Clark Kent!!!

Comment: Yeah, the glasses surely do it. The hair too. However, I’m a big Superman guy. Seen all the movies, watched every season of Smallville, etc. I don’t really remember him ever being a condescending jerk off to anyone. Maybe I’m wrong.

Hi Steve,

Since they have been allowing candidates such as Bennett and Joe to speak to the media as the season progresses – a different approach to where they’d have to wait until the show was complete – do you think it’s possible to get one of the contestants on your podcast sooner rather than later?

It seemed like it was a contractual thing that kept them from being on for a little bit, but if that’s moot, I’m not sure how much interest you would have doing that.

Having a guy like Joe on sounds like it’d be a nice and genuine conversation at least!

Comment: I would highly doubt it. Yes, they’re doing it differently and allowing guys still on the show to speak, but, that’s only to their Bachelor network of podcasts. I will never be a part of that, nor do I want to be.

Hey RS,

I was never a huge Reddit fan, but I went over there after your podcast and what you said about them to check them out. They are one ruthless bunch! I don’t understand why they dislike you so much? It’s really weird. You’re almost like a drug to them where they know you’re bad but they can’t get enough of you. So many long winded rants about you and your site and your ads when they keep forgetting that you give them so many topics to talk about. Not to mention the spoilers! Just wanted to say they are one rowdy bunch and I definitely won’t be visiting there again. They are really hard to read too. They like are censoring things now that are written about you, if not deleting it all together. I think you may have struck a nerve. Have a good day!

Comment: I’m done talking about them. Don’t care.

So I didn’t see you mention how different Jojo looked. She definitely had work done on her face. We could not figure out though what it was. Do you have any insight around that? Maybe I missed that somewhere In an earlier spoiler so let me know.

Love reading your spoilers.

Comment: I don’t have insight to these contestants doctors or anything. Plenty of these contestants have work done. It’s a shocker when they don’t, so I don’t know what would make JoJo stand out. She’s top 3 best looking Bachelorettes ever to me. I mentioned that on my podcast, but never gave names. Here’s my list (in no particular order): JoJo, Emily Maynard, Tayshia.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site for a few seasons now, but this is my first time emailing!

What are your thoughts on Spencer? Considering he got Tayshia’s first impression rose you would think we would see him more but he barely gets any screen time. He gets some reaction shots and we see him on group dates, but never his time with Tayshia? I don’t know if this is anything to look into I just thought it was odd how in the first episode they tried to make him seem like a villian(in a sense) but then we barely ever hear from him again when he actually seems pretty funny and sweet!

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: Yeah, brought this up earlier, but one of the most, if not THE most, underwhelming first impression rose recipients ever.



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