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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, the Chris Harrison Dilemma, & More BIP Contestants

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Hi Steve,

I have been reading your spoilers since the days of Jason Mesnick and I wanted to reach out. I know it has been an eventful month or so and I wanted to show my support. I feel that some people from Bachelor Nation totally set you up. The timing of Demi’s tweets feels very calculated to me. I don’t think it was coincidence that she tweeted at you while you were doing live with Ashley. The bachelor world seems very toxic and cliquish. I hope that you know that the people who have followed you for a while, know and see the change in you. It is funny to me because people constantly nag you for tea and then they complain if you don’t release anything or if you release they still find reasons to complain. Thanks for the kind words. It’s the same ol, same ol. Longtime fans understand. The johnny come latelys gave the expected response to everything that happened. I know what happened, I know I’ve changed, and I know what I’ve done the last 2 months to better understand. If people don’t want to accept that, then it’s clear they don’t want to see me change because it doesn’t fit their narrative of me. It’s much easier to continually say things that aren’t true then to actually go, “It’s good to see he acknowledged what he did and he’s doing what he can to be better.”

There are so many IG accounts,podcasts and YouTubers these days and I feel they all profit from spoilers that you release. Very true. Nothing I can do about it really. I guess just say that karma is a bitch.

I learned of Games of roses this week. I listened to one of their recent episodes and was intrigued so I went back and listened to your pod with them from December. It was interesting to go back and listen to things in retrospect. Bachelor clues guessed on your pod that Katie will be the new bachelorette. I thought that was interesting because at that point the show hasn’t even aired. So here comes my question for your next week’s column. Do you think Games of Roses was in touch with Katie prior to the show and they guided her on how to play the game? Also, do you think people can be taught how to win the bachelor? I feel that the bachelor is a well ironed script where everything is predetermined and the contests are just playing a role that was given to them by producers. I don’t think a contestants can really be in charge of the outcome. What are your thoughts on this? I think people can certainly have a game plan going in. Hell, after 41 seasons you BETTER have an idea or else you’ll get eaten alive. But as for GOR coaching her? I have no idea. I doubt it though.


I still liked you despite all the crap that went down with Demi but when I heard you judge Chris Harrison and call him an ignorant racist, I have now changed my mind. You need to quit judging others especially after how you spoke to a woman. We all make mistakes and you had nerve to judge his character when you have faults of your own. Chris did nothing wrong but have compassion for a contestant in the franchise. When you become a saint or Jesus Christ, then you can point out other’s fault.

Comment: SMH.

I had a question that I am sure you have answered but I personally have never seen…what will you do for work once the Bachelor World is over? Obviously it’s not ending anytime soon but I was curious.

Comment: Haven’t put too much thought into it but I think the podcast will continue and the writing will just focus on other things.

I’ve really enjoyed your recent podcasts, bachelor related or otherwise. Maren’s story (the comedian, I think that’s her name) was really great. Just keep going and don’t worry about the lame people in BN. I’m not sure if you and Kat are in touch these days, but it would be awesome if you somewhat covered big brother with her in some capacity. Or any other show/category honestly- sports, human interest. We all tune in to listen to any spoilers or even your analysis for the first 10 minutes or so, but I think all of your listeners prob listen to some other recaps of the bachelor and are saturated by bach content anyway. So, every time you bring on something different, I would think a lot of your listeners (me included in this group) end up “staying” and listening to your interesting interviews with anyone you have on.

Comment: I’m sure Kat will be on at some point during BB this summer to talk about it. Count on that.

I hope people are enjoying the human interest stories as well. They’re more rewarding for me to do than Bach Nation contestants. Not saying I don’t enjoy talking to BN people but, well, there’s a lot that just won’t ever come on and they’ll only talk to BN approved podcasters. So that makes it difficult. When I first started podcasting in December of 2016, that wasn’t the case. I was the only Bachelor related podcast that was interviewing a former contestant on a weekly basis. Now they’re all doing it so it’s hard to put someone on that you haven’t heard before.

Hi Steve:

Just listened to your last podcast where you expressed your surprise at Chris Harrison being gone for good.

As a lawyer who works at a company where I have to deal with the legal side of HR and employment law, I have to say that as soon as it was announced a month ago or so that Chris had hired a lawyer I knew he was gone for good.

In my view one of two things happened. The first would be that he was not happy with the “work” he was being required to do with respect to diversity and inclusion (either due to his ego or his political views) so he hired a lawyer to either get out of doing the training and required public statement (which they were not going to let go of considering the public and contestant outcry about his statements) or else get him a good termination package.

The second possibility was that the employer had indicated he was being let go so he hired a lawyer to negotiate an appropriate settlement.

Just my perspective from being involved in these sorts of scenarios. When the employee hires a lawyer in these circumstances it is either because they are refusing to play ball or because they are being terminated.

Hope you are doing well!!!

Comment: Makes sense.

It certainly seems like Chris wanted to come back at some point and the higher ups just decided this was the time to go in a different direction. So my guess would be the latter.

I just listened to episode 232 and your difficulty sleeping without noise. I have the exact same problem, and I had husband who was a heavy snorer, so I use a sound machine (or phone app) with white noise in the background. It works amazing, and is not distracting for your partner- will likely help them sleep too.

Just wanted to give you this tip, as my brain is always firing on high!

Comment: Well, not to be all TMI here, but I haven’t had anyone else next to me in a while overnight, so no, I haven’t trained myself yet because of that. Maybe I will try that in the future.

Hi Steve, I’m glad to finally be back in the cadence of a season.

First off, I wanted to let you know that as a long time reader (I first found you looking for spoilers about who won Jake’s season), I’m disappointed in the pile on mentality/backlash you had to face over the off season from the contestants. I really hope it doesn’t impact your podcast and ability to get guests. I personally prefer Bachelor related content to the other guests you’ve had, so I’d hate to see that change. I’ve seen a huge shift in your writing over the years, and I don’t feel like you were given much credit for that.

I know it’s early, but I was just thinking about the next Bachelor. There will be a ton of candidates for the producers to choose from. If I remember correctly, filming for that starts in the fall, so unfortunately for them, Michelle’s guys will be out of the running as the filming will overlap with her season airing. I don’t see them giving away who in the final 4 doesn’t make it (especially if it was a final 2 guy) by making him the next Bachelor.

Maybe the final 3 or 4 from Michelle’s guys could do it, but I think that’s unlikely given that they’ll also have Tayshia/Clare’s guys, Katie’s guys, and whoever has a great storyline in paradise. I’m thinking the most likely candidates are Katie’s guys and the guys from Tayshia/Clare’s who go to paradise. Anyone else won’t be recent enough in the audience’s mind.

Thanks again for all you do. You make watching this show bearable, I typically only watch the episode after reading your recaps.

Comment: You are correct. Whoever the next “Bachelor” is I highly doubt comes from her season since her season won’t start airing until after the “Bachelor” has started filming, so, the audience (and the women for that matter) wouldn’t even know who the guy is if they were to cast one of Michelle’s guys.

Hey Steve!

Just finished this weeks episode, and I’m left with this — there is no way she’s with Greg! The entire first two episodes is setting Katie and Greg up for this fairytale love story. But we all know that isn’t how this show operates. Knowing that Greg makes final 4, I can’t help but feel like they are setting this up for an epic breakup.

I mean, first impression rose AND first date?!? I think I’ve read past leads give advice that they should sit on their “favorite” guy for a few weeks and explore other relationships. Has there ever been a time where the show heavily features the final guy in the first two episodes like this? In a word, no. The first impression rose guy I don’t think has ever gotten the first date because he hasn’t had to. He already knows the lead is into him since he got that first rose, so there’s no need to give him the first 1-on-1. Hell, I think most of the time, the first impression rose guy usually doesn’t even HAVE a date in week 2. Maybe @bachelordata has that.

I love Andrew S but I don’t see her picking him. I see him placing 4th or 3rd. And then I keep forgetting about Blake! Freaking Blake! Is she with Blake or Justin? Justin’s that dark horse that isn’t being shown much early on, and Blake doesn’t exist yet.

Moral of this email – I cannot wait for your confirmed spoiler. It is killing me!!

Comment: I think I’m getting closer. Starting to hear things that are leaning towards one guy. I think I’m close.

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