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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, the Chris Harrison Dilemma, & More BIP Contestants

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Just WOW about the vaccine requirement for your party. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you need to. Someone has to stand up for our medical rights and privacies as Americans (my body, my choice, right?). My guess is that close to 100% of your guests will be young women, and there is zero guarantee that the EMERGENCY USE ONLY, non-FDA approved “vaccine” is safe for women as it pertains to their fertility. So, you are choosing to ostracize tons of people that have supported you for years to virtue signal about a virus with a 99.5+% survival rate (plus, the pandemic is over). And common sense would tell you that if the vaccine works so well, the vaccinated people at your party should feel 100% safe, as they should be fully protected by their own vaccine, no? On top of the fertility issue, over 5,000 people have died from complications related to this vaccine, compared to under 2,000 from all the other vaccines combined. Do you want to have a death or infertility on your conscience bc some young, naive woman wants to go to your party? Truly outrageous. Medical decisions are personal and individual, and no one in America should be penalized in any way bc their decision (with their doctor) doesn’t go with the liberal narrative.

I’m not sure when you took a sharp left turn into the country of Woketopia, but it’s extremely disappointing. Shame on you for this. Seriously. I know my opinion won’t matter to you and you’ll just go on one of your self-righteous rants about how it’s your party and blah blah blah, but this decision completely lacks a basic knowledge of science and common sense.

You’ve lost another fan. And for what it’s worth, I think Demi was ridiculous for what she did to you…you did nothing wrong, and you shouldn’t have apologized. She’s just thirsty for attention by playing the victim time and time again. Just so you know where I’m coming from. I always enjoyed listening to you and reading your posts, but never again.

Comment: Sooooooo, mark you down as a no?

Hey Steve, I was wondering two quick things!

1. There has been so much swirling around Greg this week. For example, that he self eliminates and comes back, Katie leaves to pursue him, and that he’s potentially getting the bachelor edit. Can you confirm or deny any of these three things based on things you’ve heard, and what is your personal opinion on them? I haven’t heard any of that.

2. Can you narrow down Katie’s final 4 to a final 3 or 2 at this time?

Comment: Pretty sure I can narrow it down to a final 3. Because of those final 4, I’m pretty sure one definitely didn’t win. But I’m waiting to hear one thing. I think I might have it by next week.


is there no sign of ben smith from claire/tayshia’s season on paradise? he cant be done with the show yet! we need more ben!

Comment: As far as I know, he hasn’t been there yet. So if he is gonna be on, it wouldn’t be til the end. But I don’t think he’s going on.

Hey RS…I’ve been listening to the Chatty Broads podcast recently and Bekah really seems to have a thing for Greg – and not in a good way. She is so put off by him and clearly is a guy that she is making her opinion known on, even though like you said yesterday, is clearly the early favorite for the public. I know that Bekah likes to stir the pot, but this seems different. It’s like she has an axe to grind against the guy. Maybe he isn’t a great guy we don’t know, but her hatred for him is really weird for only 2 episoeds into the season and when his edit has been great. I know you’re not a fan of her but just wanted to share that. It turns me off to want to listen to them anymore.

Comment: I don’t listen to their podcast for obvious reasons. But if that’s what she’s saying, and that’s the hard stance she’s taking on Greg, I guarantee it’s because she’s been sent the same exact stuff I have and without saying that’s why she doesn’t like Greg. That’s her way of getting out in front of it without revealing what she’s been sent.

Also, the hypocrisy in this is truly laughable. I hope you all can see it too.

Hi Steve,

Happy Wednesday!

We knew it was only a matter of time before Mr. Ponytail himself, Terry Silver, would return to Reseda. As if this show wasn’t turning dark corners already, here we go! Seeing as this show loves to work in parallels, I feel that Terry’s parallel is Tory rather than Robby. Add this, plus the mysterious illness of her mother, what are the chances that she could be Terry’s illegitimate daughter? Sure, it’s an obvious plot twist but we’re talking about a Karate Soap Opera.

Comment: I think that’s been a rumor since we knew Terry Silver would inevitably be part of season 4. When we got a lot of Silver’s backstory in season 3, it was a logical jump to make that he’d be in season 4, which was then confirmed a few weeks ago. But yeah, the Silver/Tory thing has been rumored ever since last season. It’s certainly on the table.

After Terry Silver, I think this franchise is done with cameos/returnees from previous seasons left. He’s the last biggest name they could bring on that hasn’t appeared. And with Silver appearing, I would expect Mike Barnes as well in season 4. But yeah, after those two, who is the biggest possible name they could bring back from KK 1 thru 3? Dutch? His daughter has already said on IG he can’t make it? Vidal from season 1? Not really a big name and I doubt people would freak out hearing he’s appearing, but it’d be a cool cameo nonetheless. Freddy Fernandez? Nostalgia maybe to see him, but he wasn’t big enough. Sato is dead in real life, so he’s the biggest name from season 2 who would’ve been a possibility. Then from season 3, outside of Silver and Barnes, is Jessica played by Blake Lively’s half sister, Robyn. Again, would be a cool cameo, but I don’t think people would all that jazzed. So yeah, seems like Silver and Barnes are the last 2 big names we’ll see appear in this franchise. We had Kreese at the end of season 1, the other Cobra Kai’s during the season, and then Ali appearing last season, along with Kumiko and Chozen. So it’ll be interesting to see what the show does post season 4. Can’t wait.

Hey Steve,

Katie has posted that she’s packing to move and rent out her Renton, WA condo. I’m assuming she’s headed to the show biz world of LA. I know she quit her bank job in February, before Matt’s season even ended. Of course ABC pays their leads, but my question is this… Is the life of an “influencer” really that lucrative?

I don’t know what the monetization of IG posts or TikTok is like. Can you share any of your thoughts on how the BN leads make their living after the final rose?

Comment: Oh plenty of them do. And I’m assuming that’s exactly what Katie is after. Yes, she left her job as a banker while Matt’s season was airing, and I’m guessing she’s not moving so she can be a banker in another city. It’s all dependent on how bad she’s wanted. Rachel has done well for herself. Tayshia. JoJo. Becca. You can absolutely live off the influencer/podcaster lifestyle for sure. And I’m guessing that’s what Katie is planning on doing.

Hello Steve,

I am a big fan of yours in Canada. I want to also say that I have really appreciated your openness and honesty especially over the last 2 years. You have really opened my eyes regarding racism. It is often overlooked in Canada and your insights have truly shifted the way I see things and have changed the way I react to racism in our country.

My question today is this. I have seen Kevin Wendt post some kind of advertising for a Bachelor of Paradise in Canada. Being that we haven’t had a Bachelor or Bachelorette Canada for a while do you have any information on what they plan on doing? Where would they be getting their people from (seasons, etc)? Where will it be located? And when?

Comment: All I know is BIP Canada is currently filming somewhere in Canada. They have contestants from the Canadian Bachelor/ette, some contestants from the US Bachelor/ette, and they cast regular people. But that’s all I know. If I hear some names of the US contestants on that show, I’ll let you know. It’s just not something I ever plan to watch, so, I don’t really have much interest in covering it. I wouldn’t even know how to watch it here.

Hi Steve!

I love your podcast and have listened for a couple of years now. In fact, I was staining the deck on our house last summer when I listened to your “interaction” with Nick Viall. I was so impressed with the way you remained calm and forthright as Nick spent the interview trying to gaslight you. It was a great way to spend a summer afternoon! ?. Before I get to my questions, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your transparency and honesty. You have shown a lot of courage to address past incidents (re Demi, etc.), and you have a lot of class to be open and honest about those things and to make change where it is needed. I love that! Mistakes lead to growth when we are willing to do the work. You have modeled that well.

Anyhow, I have a couple questions you can maybe save for your next Q & A podcast if you’d like.

First, the easy one: Can you give your listeners insight into a day in your life? I have always wondered what the day of a podcaster looks like. If you can, give us the run-down of a work day and then what a day off looks like for you. Spare no detail and give us every glamorous moment! I promise you, it’s not remotely as interesting as you may think it is. It’s pretty low key, just a lot of computer work. Once I’m done with my columns, I usually go to lunch then try and go to the gym. Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot. After about 6pm I settle back in, check emails, and watch whatever shows I have on that night.

Second, the philosophical one: I watch both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, often with mixed feelings. I call the show “brain candy” because it’s just a chance to unwind and watch (highly produced) drama that takes my mind off pressing things like climate change, civil unrest, etc. But recently I wondered this: Are shows like The Bachelor reflections of our society, or do these shows also help shape our society? It’s clear that producers often make very questionable choices to increase ratings, they exploit some cast members through “creative” editing, and they have done a really poor job of addressing the show’s lack of diversity over the years. Since you have been studying this show and others like it, do you have any thoughts about this?

Thanks again for keeping us entertained and thinking!

Comment: Can it be both? I think it can be a reflection of society of how some people easily put others on pedestals because they see them on TV or on social media. That’s definitely a thing. But yeah, doesn’t that also shape our society? Because it just seems like a cycle. If that’s what people do when they see the show, then that becomes somewhat of a norm, and now that’s shaping how we view it, or view the people involved in it. Hard to explain, but yeah, I think it can be both.

Good day. Something I’ve been wondering about for awhile. How come the last couple of seasons there isn’t a tab up above on your site to check out the bios and pictures of the bachelors/bachelorettes? Like this season would have been called Katie’s guys. Unless it’s somewhere else that I am not aware of. Looks like Peter and Hannah were the last ones that this was done for. I liked it because you could go to it quickly if you had a question about somebody or wanted to see who they were. Thanks and enjoy reading your posts every week.

Comment: Those tabs were up there before the show started putting out the cast men and women before they started filming. Once that started, I just felt that by tweeting out and putting all the contestants the day they’re released all their basic info was enough. Basically that tab has moved to the highlights section on my IG. I was putting together 3-4 pages of 25-30 men/women with their bio, and frankly, it was just too much. All people really want to know is their basics: Name, age, city, and IG account so they can start following them. I was doing Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc for all of them, and it just got to be too much. We know now the show releases all of the men/women who could be on the cast 3-5 days before the season starts filming. Since they started doing that, I’ve had every contestants full name and IG account posted by the end of that day. And it’s on my Twitter and IG. I figure that’s enough. Now, usually I’ll have anywhere between 8-10 contestants before the show even releases them and those usually will go in my column. But once the full cast releases have happened, I just changed the way I did it.

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