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Bachelor in Paradise 7 Spoilers

“Reader Emails,” Ratings, the Chris Harrison Dilemma, & More BIP Contestants

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Hi Steve,

When you say that you’re hearing multiple things from multiple people, do those who ended up being wrong lose credibility in your eyes? Like, do you think they were trying to throw you off the scent, or do you take what they say next time exactly as strong? Every source differs.

Do you have any sources (without naming them, of course) who you have near-full confidence in?

Comment: Ummmm, there are some who clearly are better than others. They just know more because of who they are and yeah, I take their word stronger than others.

Hi there,

When do you think you’ll be able to tell us the thing that will “disappoint a faction” of us? If it’s wrong will you ever tell us? I believe it was mentioned in the pod a few weeks ago. Yeah, I already shared that one. It was that John was not in the final 4, let alone final 8.

I feel like Katie is going to be a bachelorette similar to Becca, where she just goes into an awful tailspin every single episode and never seems to reign it in. Hope not. That is dreadful to watch and not in the way where you even feel sorry for her.

When does Michelle start filming? Love her (a MN girl!) Next month and will premiere in the fall after BIP airs. BIP premieres Aug. 16th. The previous 6 seasons have all been 6 week shows. That would put this years finale on Sept. 20th. Clare’s season last summer (which started filming July 18th and ended I believe either August 30th or 31st), started airing on Oct. 13th. So I would assume Michelle’s season will:

1. Air on Tuesdays again since DWTS will occupy Monday nights in the fall.
2. Will start airing sometime between Sept. 27th and Oct. 12th, but ABC hasn’t announced it’s start date yet.

Becca Kufrin on BIP?!? Jesus. Any of her guys going on besides Blake, and do you think there’s any chance she ends up with someone from her season? I always thought she and Chris Bukowski would make a nice, mature couple…….

Thank you!

Comment: None of Becca’s guys are on the season as far as I know. And no, Blake isn’t on. I assume you’re talking about Horstmann. He’s not doing it. I have no idea yet who Becca asked on a date or maybe gave a rose to since she just showed up this weekend.

Hi Steve

Please send me your Reader Emails that you refer to in your blog.

Keep doing such a great job!!!

Comment: That’s it. That’s all the email said. I have no idea what the hell this means.

Hi, Steve,

I hope you’ll forgive me if my email involves LAST week’s episode, not this week’s.

Did you notice the random dude who brought out the first impression rose? Of course, Chris H. used to handle this duty. Anywho……this big guy comes walking out, all masked up, and delivers the rose to the table.

It was like someone said, “Hey, Ralph, you don’t look busy….could you do us a solid and walk the rose out? And yeah…..grab a doily to place under it……” Cracked me up……Actually, that’s Big Paulie. He’s been with the show forever. He’s essentially the show security. He’s appeared here and there in background shots. I believe during Tayshia’s season, didn’t he help Chris Harrison with one of the dates where he actually had a speaking part? So no, he’s not just a random guy. He’s been with them for years, just mostly behind the scenes.

Loved your column today, and I related to your comments on camping.

My response when presented with camping option: “My idea of vacation isn’t pretending to be a homeless person.”

Hope your day is going well.

Comment: See the first sentence of the next email. Couldn’t agree more.

Hi Steve,

Like you, I despise camping. That is why hotels were invented. Bingo.

Do you think Lauren Zima will ever return to Roses and Rose? I know you are indifferent on Chris remaining as the host, but the one-two punch of no Chris and no Lauren is a gaping hole in my opinion. No way. Her choice has been made. She chose her boyfriend over her career. Not saying she quit TV because she didn’t. But if your boyfriend gets fired by the show that you covered extensively, it would’ve been really awkward for her to go back and cover the show the way she did. That really wouldn’t make any sense. Sit there and praise the show, interview all the contestants, constantly write on all their IG accounts how great they are when the show fired your boyfriend essentially and a lot of those same contestants you constantly show love to on IG spoke out against him. Her whole coverage was always a conflict of interest to begin with, but once Chris was released, that’d be reeeeeeeeally awkward for her just to go back and continue talking and covering the show the way she did.

Any idea what happened to Carly? Saw she was hospitalized. No.

I saw that you posted Becca Kufrin in on BIP. How is she still able to do her weekly podcast?

Comment: From Mexico.

Hey Steve, cool news about Becca kufrin. It intrigues me for sure. Do you think they let her keep her phone to trick people? I know that’s a crazy thought but she’s been posting a lot.

Comment: They absolutely did. She posted an IG story like 2 days ago in her car with her dog. Something about getting a ticket or avoiding a ticket. That definitely wasn’t live. She’s been down in Mexico since the beginning of last week.

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