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Hi Steve, someone else posted a comment on another podcast recap saying,

“Watching the finale, I extremely wished someone would ask Greg, “What would have you wanted to happen that would have led you stay?” I question if he could have a good answer to that!”

YES! I wish someone had asked, but I can envision Greg saying something cryptic like “I just wanted Katie to be real” or some such nonsense. He never truly answers the questions….lots of psychobabble and rehearsed stuff like, “I never knew I was this unhappy…until I experienced such happiness” or something similar that sounded pre-written. BTW, I think Katie had an instant connection with Blake from the minute he walked in. Her eyes lit up around him, she clearly gets a big kick out of his humor, and I think he’s a much better match for her than no-personality Drama Queen Greg would have been!

Comment: I don’t think anything could have made him stay, honestly.

Hey Steve, I’m sorry, but question.

I see your point about Greg not truly wanting to be with Katie, but I think he really did want to be with her based on all the raw emotion he displayed when he confronted her. You don’t think he just manufactured all those emotions, do you. Those emotions seemed way too real and valid. I feel like he really did want her at hometowns, so he wanted to really get that affirmation that he REALLY was the one. When he didn’t get it, I think that’s when he really decided he didn’t want to be with her. Thoughts?

Comment: I think there’s a difference between liking her, maybe even be in the process of falling in love with her, and eventually wanting to propose to her a week later. I don’t think he was ever getting there and knew he wasn’t and bailed. But I do think he cared about her a lot and yeah it probably was emotional for him. I don’t think he made that up. I just thought he realized he wasn’t gonna propose and she wasn’t his future, so he left.

Any spoilers for Ultimate Surfer which airs after BIP? Are you going to try to watch it? Bachelor cast members make cameos. Beach Grit has done some funny coverage on it so far.

Comment: Unfortunately, I will watch zero seconds of that show. Just doesn’t interest me.

Hey Steve,

I’m wondering if you’ve heard anything about Tyler Cameron possibly being the next bachelor? Game of Roses recently said on their podcast that it would be smart of the franchise to pick their most popular male contestant as the next bachelor and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Tyler and his gf of 8 months broke up recently. Do you think this could have something to do with him possibly being the next bachelor. I’m curious to know what your thoughts are.


Comment: I mean, he’d be the biggest get they’ve ever had just off sheer popularity and social media following alone. He turned it down two years ago because he said he wasn’t ready and wanted to “bet on himself.” Of course he’s someone they would die to have and I’m guessing they’ve at least reached out. But I have no idea if he’s interested in it.

Hello Steve,

Long time reader from Brazil! I’m a spoiler freak for everything entertainment- can you start writing about all shows and movies please? Ha! Hell no. I don’t want to be spoiled about anything in my life other than this show. I’m the opposite of you.

Also since the franchise is not big around here your blog helps me think about the episodes as if Im talking to a friend about it, so thank you!

Just got to watch the finale and heard the Nick Viall’s podcast episode with Greg today. Before doing that, I was leaning towards thinking he was a jerk, but maybe he is Meryl Material after all and convinced me a bit.

Basically I felt like I they are two people with a lot of love for each other that couldn’t make their dynamic work – and that love turned into something painful and resentment, which, I mean, who are we to judge?

I dare the internet to find someone who has acted poised and mature 100% lf the time when it comes to relationships. I get Katie’s thinking and I get where he is coming from as well, and it seems two very different love languages in a very high stress, high pressure environment.

Hopefully they both get the support they deserve and move on from this, in the best least toxic way possible.

I hate that our way out to any disagreement nowadays seems to be picking sides instead of trying to understand what might have led the person to be/act a certain way. Agree here. That’s why I wasn’t picking sides. It was stupid. They both weren’t perfect. They both could’ve done things in the moment that came across better. But three months later it just seemed like a waste of breath to harp on it and break down everything done, or call them horrible people, or gaslighters, or a bitch, and all the other lovely names Toxic Bachelor Nation had for them. They made mistakes, we move on.

Im dying to see Michelles season – her and Katie have the strong woman thing going, but are so different that I cant wait to see what happens! Any word on if Katies guys show up in Michelles season? Worked for Katie! Haha. I haven’t heard that.

Also, loved Tayshia and Kaitlyn hosting! In the beggining not so much, but towards the end – probably they were more comfortable too, I started wondering how this franchise didn’t have someone who went through the process to be the host/support system for the lead. I wonder if for the Bachelor they’ll pick someone like Mike Johnson (I know, we wanted him as THE Bachelor first but seems like maybe he grew towards other paths now?) or some former Bachelor. Thoughts?

Thank you again!

Comment: I know I’m getting asked this a lot about the next host, and I have no idea where they’re leaning right now.


So I read the readers emails and as a “female” (not that it really matters) to those other females claiming that Katie’s anger towards Greg equals her still being in love with him yadayada….is bull.

I see a lot of similarities in my behaviour and Katie’s and the way she went off was based on raw emotions and anger that came from watching the episode back from the first time (which she admitted herself) and that was her getting closer to her closure with him. It was not thought through, it was over the top for the whole world to see, but it was undeniably her true emotions and thoughts which I as a viewer appreciated about her.

Damn, I sometimes still find myself being upset at a guy who ghosted me 8 years ago just because I got no closure or answers as to why he did it.

That’s all. I know this won’t go anywhere but just wanted to say it out.

Love your work and how you have grown as a person over the years. It really shows.

All the best
(loyal reader from Estonia)

Comment: Estonia in the house. I agree and mentioned that last week. Just because she was angry at him doesn’t mean she’s still in love with him. I don’t see the logic in that.

Dear Steve,

I have all these thoughts to share.

In Nick’s podcast with Greg, Greg mentions that he thought him and Katie would get back together at some point and that he was hoping things would be better at ATFR filming. We all know Katie was great at fooling people on social media during the season and she tweeted happy father’s day at him (and Hunter and Michael A). I wonder if that’s why he was expecting ATFR to go better than it did…It’s possible but clearly he didn’t know she was engaged to Blake for a least a little while after filming ended.

My second thought is that IF Michelle makes it to the end with 2 men left and has to truly decide who she’s gonna pick (the last time we have seen this was with Hannah B), will people say her season doesn’t suck???? I only say this because I see so many people say Hannah was the best and every lead from Peter on was butt cheeks. I think peoples’ “best” varies from season to season.

Do you think the producers hated Katie? The one girl named Kiahna liked some shady comments about her on insta. Hated is a strong word.

My last thoughts are that Katie would be a great cohost and Chatty Broads and we will never see Greg on our screens again. I think this scared the dude off.

Comment: Whether she is or isn’t, I will continue to never listen unless they decide to dedicate hrs to me again and repeat themselves, give factually incorrect information, and continue a level of hypocrisy the likes that are pretty unmatched in this franchise.

Hey Steve,

The fact that bachelor crews shut down hotels fully for the duration has me thinking…. How much does it cost to do that? I’d imagine a LOT, and thus I’m curious how much revenue the bachelor generates each season. Do you have any insight on that?

Comment: It’s basically all done on trade. They provide the housing, food, housekeeping, etc for getting signage on every episode and basically a two hour commercial that shows their property.

Hey Reality Steve,

I’ve been following your blog for years and truly appreciate the research you do, how well you write and your unbiased take on some pretty toxic stuff. I love reality tv for the mindless of it, but I see how judgmental and “I know all” attitude I get. My logic just seems to disappear, lol. Not in the sense that I’m contacting any of these people on social media to tell them how I feel, that literally makes zero sense to me. Way to shame those people, it’s awful what they do to people they literally know NOTHING about. So yeah, I’ll continue to just keep my judgmental thoughts to myself (and friends ?). I also may have drunkingly went on Ajit Pai’s Twitter in 2018 to tell him how I felt about removing net neutrality laws… ?????

Anyway, I’m in this leadership program at work with a exec and 3 co-workers. Each week we discuss a different topic, one week was vulnerability. Long story short I’m trying to be more vulnerable with the people who impact me. As I was reading your blog tonight at 1am, I started to go through your comments on Katie’s finale recap. After going through 3 comments I started to feel real anger. I’m like did you read the same article I read? Did you think to read the carefully written thoughts? I was like why redirect your energy to tell someone you appreciate them for their work, that probably doesn’t get much positivity from strangers, but stays so positive(I’m totally assuming here and may be like 1000% wrong, sorry if that’s the case). Either way, I appreciate you and feel what you have put out is good. Thank you and, unfortunately, this is just the way things are now and how people react. Everyone has the ability to write whatever they want whenever they want with basically zero repercussions. So that’s what you’ll get a lot of the time. Just a bunch of people pissing into the wind.

Earlier tonight I was judging Katie pretty hard in my head – after reading your article it made me critical think and empathize being in Katie’s shoes (and Greg’s!). Your view made much more sense and provided me with a sense of ease. I agreed with everything you said and you repurpose my aggressive thoughts into understanding. You took away this need to stalk her, read articles about her and Blake and everything Greg is doing.

You have done that in several other seasons and while it’s just a reality show, you have given me a different perspective on how to judge. I appreciate that.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t ramble for too long or taken too much of your time. Have a wonderful weekend, I look forward to being humbled by your future articles.

Comment: I’m glad I’ve reached at least one person. Trust me, that was me for many years. But now while it’s fine to give my opinion, which I do, there’s a way to approach it and reveal your opinion with some semblance of thought and less anger/vitriol etc. Anyone that’s read anything I’ve written in 2021 I hope can see that difference. This is not the same website it was 5 years ago. Hell, I don’t think it’s the same website that it was a couple years ago.

Hi Steve,

Long-time fan. I know it’s time to move on from the Katie/Greg drama, and I’ve really liked your perspective throughout this whole thing. I just have one thought: Blake and Katie do seem very compatible, and I know many people say she was going to choose him all along. But if that was the case, why do you think she told Greg he was her “number one from the very beginning”? And why did she tell his mom he was her frontrunner? I just don’t really see why she would say those things if she was leaning more towards Blake in that moment. Maybe she hadn’t made up her mind at that point? Of course we can never know for sure, but it just confused me that nobody brought up the fact that she told him point-blank he was her number one choice.

Comment: I think that was a mistake on her part. Because everything she’s said post-show doesn’t back that up. Maybe in her eyes “front runner” was more appropriate since all it really means is she liked him a lot. Didn’t guarantee a win or anything.

Hi Steve,

Interesting that a couple of weeks ago Tyler professes his undying love to his girlfriend of 8 months and then breaks up with her just about when Bachelor would be announced. Sounds a little like Arie and your Buddy Nick. The story I read this week said she broke up with him. Then some picture of her online showed her to be in another dude’s house shortly after the break up, soooooooo, I don’t know.

I thought he might think he was above it because he has achieved a high degree of fame already but I think ABC waved double the pay and a guarantee of DWTS at him. He could reach 4-5 mill IG Followers and double his income from that source also.

So I conclude he will take it because ABC sees at a way to strengthen the ratings and give the show a boost.

Comment: It would be a huge ratings boost, regardless of if you’re tired out on Tyler Cameron or not. He’s the most followed male in Bachelor Nation history on IG with over 2 million followers. I just have no idea if he wants to get back into this world again.

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    August 23, 2021 at 10:41 AM

    I would love to see Wells replace Chris H. I think he would be great.

  2. dbla31

    August 23, 2021 at 11:32 AM

    jlal, AGREE! 🙂

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