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Steve –

Here’s a few questions for you. Forgive me if you’ve answered the first one before.

1) I understand that Wells role on BIP is to be the confidant and help the guests talk things through, but does he ever actually make a cocktail? I think so?

2) Will Sarah Hyland be joining Wells in any capacity this season? I’m pretty sure she went down there. As for whether or not she appears on camera, I don’t think so.

3) I was surprised how much I liked David Spade play “host” on last night’s episode. He was actually really refreshing to watch interact with everyone as he comes off like he’s in on the joke. Do you think the show would ever consider him as a Harrison replacement? Or would he ever take the gig?

Comment: He doesn’t fit as host of the main show. And I can’t see him giving up essentially 4 months out of his life to travel with the show twice a year. No way. BIP is such a cushier gig for him and suits him way better. The host of the main show has to act all serious. That’s not Spade.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all your quality content!

I wanted to bring up the casting on Bachelor in Paradise and I’m curious what your thoughts are on limiting cast member’s visits on paradise and not allowing prior leads on Paradise.

It seems like having prior leads, ex, Becca, on the show discredits the idea of the show. The goal of being the Bachelor/ette is to find love and end up with someone. Obviously we know the success rate isn’t always great, but it seems like prior leads ending up on paradise shows that people are trying to promote themselves on spinoffs rather than trying to find love as the lead. It also seems as if some contestants who do better are those who are on one season and then just continue on their normal life. Becca is the only prior lead to ever be on Paradise AFTER she was the lead. Nick was before. So while I don’t fault Becca for doing it, do I think it was all that smart of a decision? Eh. That’s debatable. But hey, her life. She can do what she wants. Not my decision.

Regarding contestants who continuously come back to Paradise, like Demi, do you think it gets a little old? I feel as if these cast members become irrelevant after the prior BIP season is over, and then they want to go on again to be relevant again.

Thanks again!

Comment: Of course that’s why they go back on. They can’t handle other people becoming more popular than them, or someone else getting more attention, so they do things like that. It’s what the show has become. Plenty have done it in the past, and plenty will do it in the future.

I thought BIP was pretty boring, but there are more people I actually like this season. None of them started out with the right people, though. I’d like to see Conner with Rebecca when she gets there. I’m assuming you mean Becca Kufrin? I don’t know anyone else named Rebecca unless I’m blanking.

Loved David Spade. The announcer? Ugh!!! He was awful, really awful.

Comment: Yeah, I don’t know about him. I have no idea who it was but he sure was riled up. UPDATE: I was told it was Lil Jon. Duh. Now it makes sense. If he’s gonna do voice over work for you, it’s not gonna be subtle. All makes sense now and I’m fine with it.

Hi Steve,

There are rumors that Becca K and Thomas are still together. Any truth to this? I’ve seen what’s out there. But I haven’t been told one way or another they definitely are or aren’t. Certainly seems like they’re on good terms and still in touch though based on social media. They aren’t doing the greatest job of hiding it.

Do you think Wells will be named new host? When will it be announced? Bachelor starts filming beginning of October, so sometime before then. Not sure when the actual announcement will be made.

There are rumors Tyler C may be Bachelor. It’s been said franchise needs a heavy hitter bc both Matt’s season and Katie’s were terrible. Do you think Tyler will be named? Is Greg out of the question?

Thank you as always for all you do!

Comment: I don’t rule anyone out at this point anymore. It’s hard to know where they’re leaning. It’s really the only announcement in the franchise they can keep as somewhat of a surprise. Sometimes it gets leaked before they officially announce it, sometimes it doesn’t.

Do you know how much they paid Becca to go to Paradise?—

Comment: If I’m her, I don’t step on that beach for less than $50-75k. But that’s just me. I have no idea how much she made to go down there.

Not gonna lie – kinda let down by the cast list. I felt like this should’ve been the “all star” line up because so many contestants have been on bachelor/bachelorette since paradise 2019. There are a few fan favorites, yes, but just as many boring/forgettable contestants. I know Becca comes in later but I really thought they would go all out on casting the biggest names from the franchise they possibly could.

In your opinion is there just not much interest among past contestants to go to paradise or has the show’s controversies really turned them away from wanting to participate? Or are my expectations just too high and this is just an ordinary season (lol)?

Comment: I’m sure they went after every big name they could. But some people in this franchise tend to think they’re “above” BIP, so they don’t go. And I don’t blame them. Maybe they aren’t above it per se, but just not going is not like gonna kill your career.

Hi Steve –

I’ll start off with some BIP observations. The new announcer sounds like an insane person, a big change in tone. Maybe I’m being a prude and I know Richard Hatch did it on Survivor, but it seems “wrong” for Kenny to be walking around naked. As no one seems to care, it makes me wonder if he is or if it is a black box goof on the audience. He wasn’t naked. He was in a speedo. Forcing nudity on women on a network TV show is just not happening. He was definitely clothed.

I think David Spade was a refreshing change and he fits that this show should be laughed at. Agree 100%.

Curious if you or your readers have any replacement nicknames for Joe now that he is out of the grocery business. Awkward Joe, PTSD Joe, Sad Joe, etc. 23 year old talking a 35 year old off the BIP ledge. I’m sure I could come up with a few but I don’t need Joe stans bothering me so I’ll just let him be.

Assuming Victoria goes home right away, I have to believe producers were pleading with unmatched men to pick her. I would think some desperate attention seeker would pick her.

Curious to see if Demi speaks to people with a heavy emphasis on sex given her reaction to you. No comment. I’m in a lose-lose situation regarding Demi this season so I won’t be offering any opinions on her.

Big Brother – I still can’t believe Derek X told his plan to Christian’s girlfriend. I was hoping they would convince him to nominate Derek F as the vote would be a shock to The Cookout or The Royal Flush. You could tell Christian has no problem attracting women as he responded “2 months is a long time” to Julie asking if he would wait for Alyssa. I’m curious to see how Derek X’s handling of the Christian ouster goes. He’s obviously surviving this week.

Are you as surprised as me that Britney is a fan favorite (won $100 BB bucks)? Endless crying (for a blackbelt) and not a lot of scenes showing she has any strategy. Xavier is growing on me as he does not do those stupid shout outs every time he votes. Azha is probably my least favorite – hate the attitude of “I want to win HOH so you should throw the competition.”

Comment: No on Britney. I can totally see the underdog role for her. I’m sure people wanted her to have the money for having been on the block 3 times. Totally expected her to get $100. Derek X as well. Not surprised he did. Derek F was the other one, right? Not so much on gameplay I don’t think, I just think people find him funny and relatable.

Xavier and Derek X I think are playing the best games so far. Xavier is really smart and I feel if he makes the finals, he wins over anybody. Guy is just smooth. Doesn’t get rattled, is a lawyer so you can tell he’s thinking about every scenario, and of course likable. He’s going far unless he royally screws someone over.

Hey Steve.

I wanted to talk about Big Brother in regards to the Cookout alliance. As a black man myself, I have to say I kinda disagree with this alliance being formed. I get the purpose is to have the first black BB winner, but I don’t think it’s fair gameplay. The CO alliance is essentially getting rid of all other houseguests who aren’t black, just so a black person can win. It’s like a subtle form of racial favoritism/discrimination in this gameplay. I get it. The cast was overwhelmingly white and less diverse in the past from what I’ve heard. But it doesn’t justify targeting other houseguests, in part not just because of their competitive abilities, but because they are not in the black alliance. Imagine if the white houseguests at the start of the season decided to make an all white alliance to target all the other houseguests who aren’t white. America would be in an uproar screaming ” RACIST!!!” However, since it’s black people doing it, it’s somehow justified now. I just don’t think it’s fair, especially since the other houseguests are now outnumbered by this alliance and have no idea they are being duped by a black alliance for the sole purpose of having a black person win. Again, I say all this as a black man myself. I honestly hope Derek X and Claire are smart enough to figure out the cookout alliance and turn the game around. Because if the CO keeps having their way, it’s going to start getting boring and frustrating tbh. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks.

Comment: I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think they’re being malicious about it. And it’s not like they aren’t befriending the white houseguests. I guess that’s maybe the difference. In the past with all white alliances, there really seemed to be a “lets get them out bc they’re not like us” mentality. Granted, I’ve only seen three seasons, but I’ve read enough now in the past to hear that it went on because stuff was being caught on the live feeds that was racist. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see that happening with the Cookout Alliance. Do you see the Cookout Alliance being racist? I’m not viewing it that way.

Hi Steve –

Do you think Wells might replace Chris Harrison? After last nights episode it seems like they are prepping him for that role? Do you think he would be a good host? Who would be your top picks as the next Chris Harrison?


Comment: I could see Wells doing it. Whether or not they choose him, I have no idea. Or if he’d even want to do it full time. I’m not sure. And I honestly haven’t given it much thought in regards to people outside the franchise. I haven’t even seen any names pop up so I’d just be grasping at straws if I were to go that route.

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  1. jlal

    August 23, 2021 at 10:41 AM

    I would love to see Wells replace Chris H. I think he would be great.

  2. dbla31

    August 23, 2021 at 11:32 AM

    jlal, AGREE! 🙂

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