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Apologies if you’ve recently gotten a email on this lately but I haven’t noticed. Is part of the reason that the recent lower ratings of this show isn’t a huge deal due to the fact that many people often watch it together, or does that not matter much? Aside from ratings being down across all network TV due to the increase in options, Covid, etc. I just feel like the ratings of this show don’t give the full story. I watch this show live every week on 1 TV but in a room with a group of about 5 people, and I know of many others that do the same. My gut says that not a lot of other shows on Monday nights have that high of a ratio of people-to-TV box, if that phrase makes any sense. And the amount of people that interact with this show on social media backs that notion up too. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks!

Comment: Yes, when that happens it only counts as one person watching, but, as @Bachelordata creator Suzana said on the podcast last week, ratings are essentially a guesstimate. There’s nothing that can possibly determine overnight what every household TV was turned to. It’s a sample size of about 20,000 homes that they just average out. I know, it seems like a silly way to determine a shows fate, along with numerous peoples’ jobs, but that’s how it’s done.

That’s why streaming really is a lot more accurate, because that can give the exact number of downloads a show gets. I think it can even determine how long each download watched for. But right now, streaming numbers aren’t published publicly. Maybe someday they will be since I think that’s where the future of TV is headed.

I’m wondering if you saw the podcast Leo from Becca’s season was part of that’s going around on TikTok. Absolutely horrifying. Seems they’ve privated it now but here’s a clip someone uploaded to Twitter.

Comment: Not until you sent it to me. Had no idea. WARNING: NSFW language and some serious trigger warnings.

There’s no words for garbage like that. Garbage humans and I hope their podcast gets banned. Nothing funny whatsoever about that. Leo has been showing problematic behavior ever since Becca’s season, so it’s honestly not surprising coming from him.

Was Kenny really nude?


Comment: Kenny was really nude in the same way that Clare was really having a conversation with a raccoon and a crab during her seasons of BIP.

hi steve!

who is the next bachelor? mike fleiss tweeted that he’ll be announced in the next few days.

Comment: If you can find me the last tweet that Mike Fleiss ever posted where he actually followed through with what he tweeted, I’ll give you a sucker.

Don’t listen to him. No, I don’t know.

Hey Steve,

Thank you for all the great work! Here are a few questions:

1. Are you hearing anything else about the next Bachelor? Michael A still makes the most sense to me, but there are Tyler Cameron rumors floating around… I can also see Noah and/or Ivan being set up for it on paradise (although who knows?). This has been the most asked question since Katie’s season ended.

2. Any details on who ends up looking better in Kendall vs. Joe? I kinda feel terrible for her, even though I know she knew what she was getting herself into. Not sure since that’s clearly subjective in the viewers eyes. The fact that Joe ends up happy and engaged will be enough in people’s eyes to think he doesn’t look bad at all. And I don’t even think Kendall ends up looking bad. I think it’s maybe more of a sad thing for both.

3. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of Game of Roses on the podcast following the aftermath of everything, have they cut ties with you or will they be back? Last time I reached out to them, they were on a deadline for their book. I will try back again soon.

4. How are you doing these days? It seems like things have settled a ton – and I see your long-term readers (for which I am one) defending your growth consistently. I’m great. I think if people really looked into the backlash at the time, a lot of it, if not most of it, was coming from people who clearly were fans of a certain podcast that were hearing that for the first time, immediately piled on, and didn’t realize the site hasn’t sounded like that in years. I’m not proud of the Demi stuff, I made my statement, I apologized publicly and privately, and she didn’t accept it. Nothing else I can do at this point except be better moving forward since that day and I know I have.

5. Thanks for the F Boy Island recommendation! It was refreshing seeing people who were more honest about not being there “for the right reasons”. I’d love to see all the leads (and perhaps their final 2s) on the podcast.

Thanks again!

Comment: You’ll be getting Sarah on the podcast tomorrow. We go over EVERYTHING, and I ask all the questions that I know the fans had for her.

1. Hey Steve. I saw your comment about Joe in your recap. I just wanna say I thought he was genuine on the beach. He seemed to genuinely be choked up when he compared Serena to Kendall, and it really seemed like he almost had some PTSD on the beach by himself. Wells had to reassure him. I don’t think that was an act. I could be wrong but it seemed real and vulnerable, even if he knew Kendall was coming. Maybe he was even having anxiety at the thought of her coming back. I think we should give him some benefit of the doubt. I’m not denying any of that. I was just kind of like “whatever” to the whole thing. He still agreed to do it and maybe he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into until he stepped on the beach. I’m just saying he should’ve. If this was his first time, then no, I’d agree. I just think it was all a bit much.

In addition, there’s no reason to give Joe any benefit of any doubt when he never extended me the same courtesy and had a field day on his podcast, ran with misinformation having clearly never listened to my podcast or read anything I’ve written before, made broad generalizations, showed ignorance, and absolutely enjoyed piling on. So we’re good here.

2. I gotta talk about Victoria L. Smh, I’m sorry, but I literally laughed at the fact she made a fool of herself with the whole goddess story. She literally said” the queen is dead”, and,”the goddess has arrived!” Are you kidding me? Really, Victoria? No humility lesson learned at all. I honestly think she has an inferiority complex and insecurity. I don’t think people should trash her, but I think her behavior warrants criticism to some degree. And don’t even get me started on that ridiculous 5 second look rule she came up with to try to attract guys. That was so cringey, I literally cringed in my bed. I just cannot. No thanks, Victoria. I’m so glad we won’t see her after the first rose ceremony. Thank God.

Comment: It’s just sad at this point.

Hi Steve!

Long time reader, first time writer. Was wondering what you’ve heard about the next bachelor season? Not so much as next bachelor, but more so if they will get back to the bachelor mansion, or do any traveling? Haven’t heard that yet. But seeing Michelle at least got to travel to one place, definitely would think they’d at least extend that to the next Bachelor as well.

I ask because I loved the start of Matt’s season but seemed to lose interest towards the end, and I think I miss the traveling aspect of it all, real hometowns, etc. Have you heard anything regarding this? I know Michelle’s season is doing some, so step in the right direction.


Comment: Before Michelle’s season I was told the plan was to definitely go back to normal hometowns. I have no idea if Delta changed those plans. But we’re less than 2 weeks away from hometowns, so we’ll know soon enough.

I have to say, the best thing about the show last night was David Spade – I love the fact that he clearly has zero f***s to give – but also knows the franchise well, – it really works. And I liked him interacting with Wells as well. Question is – could you see him being the permanent “Paradise” host – forget the rest of the franchise? He’s just perfect in this role, though of course the other rotating hosts might be good too….

Comment: Absolutely. Him playing it straight would’ve been a disservice to his comedy. He’s a HUGE fan of the show, he’s a talented joke writer, and there’s enough self depricating humor where he doesn’t come off as some pompous elitist who thinks he’s above the show. His live IG stories on Monday nights during Bachelor/ette season are very funny, so this suits him perfect.

I hope he’s the permanent Paradise host. Or at least we see him every summer. He’s only on next weeks episodes and that’s it. They should convince him to do longer in the future.

Hey Steve,

Excited to see how Paradise unfolds. Last night was a great set up. Two questions:

-It looked like everyone was drinking water out of wine/cocktail glasses. I assume there is still a drink limit rule? Yes, still a drinking rule.

-any idea what the Aaron/Ivan fight was about that we see in the previews?


Comment: No. Haven’t heard that one.

Hello from Minnesota, home of the best Bachelorettes!

Now that they’re traveling again, sort of, do you know if they’re planning to do real hometown visits? Are they still all getting Covid tested and quarantined before filming? Hometowns, yes, that was the plan pre-season. But like I mentioned earlier, I don’t know if Delta changed that. As far as testing, I don’t know what they’re doing.

Since Matt’s season was kind of a train wreck in terms of “wokeness,” do you think they’re going to try again soon with another black bachelor? They do have some good candidates (Ivan, Andrew, maybe Justin, maybe Mike Johnson.) Or does the gig belong to Michael A. if he wants it?

Comment: If it is, I’m pretty sure it won’t be next season.

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  1. jlal

    August 23, 2021 at 10:41 AM

    I would love to see Wells replace Chris H. I think he would be great.

  2. dbla31

    August 23, 2021 at 11:32 AM

    jlal, AGREE! 🙂

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