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Hi Steve,

I have two questions about the new bachelor.

Was Clayton who you thought it might be based off of a filming location you heard? No. So good thing I didn’t report the location I heard.

Also, I may have just missed this but have they announced who will be hosting the Bachelor? I know they said Kaitlyn and Tayshia were returning for Michelle’s season but I’ve not heard who for the Bachelor.


Comment: No, they haven’t. But I’m assuming it’ll get out soon. I’ve been asking around and no one seems to know for sure. But we will soon enough.


Just curious, awhile back you mentioned on the podcast that there’s a story in bachelor nation that you’re aware of but you aren’t going to share it. You stated you’re surprised this story hasn’t gotten out yet. Is this still the case? Or has this story already came out.

Thanks for the answer!

Comment: Oh geez. I’m sure I said that, but there are so many, I don’t remember which one specifically I was referring to when I said that.

Thoughts on Tia Booth and what happens with her? I adore her and her humor and I’m curious how things play out. Did she recently insinuate that she has a boyfriend on Instagram stories?

Comment: Yes. Well, I never know what the term “boyfriend” means anymore when it comes to people in Bachelor Nation. But yes, I have heard Tia is dating/seeing/has a bf, but he’s not part of BN. He’s a Nashville guy.

I was just wondering if you’ve heard any rumblings on if Pieper and Brendan are still together? Can’t imagine that relationship surviving but just curious! Thanks Steve!

Comment: I mean, they’ve been seen the most in public since filming ended. I’ve posted a couple pics. But I haven’t checked in in a couple weeks, so maybe stuff has changed since these episodes have aired. Ask US Weekly. They have Pieper on speed dial. Anytime she wants something out there, they magically get an exclusive with her. So if anyone knows for sure, it’s them.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for always bringing great info and insight on all things Bachelor.

You’ve probably covered this before but can you explain how much the cast knows about who is going to be on Paradise or eventually show up later on the beach? You always have people saying “oh I’m looking for to so and so possibly being in paradise” but are they saying that because they know ahead of time the “full cast list” or are they just coincidentally mentioning someone that they’re genuinely interested in who happens to also be cast for paradise without them knowing?

Comment: For one, all these people (or almost all of them) are talking to each other beforehand, so they know who’s interviewed and who’s in the running. The other thing being when you go to interview for it, you tell production who you’d be interested in from other seasons. So production and the cast just kinda knows who’s pretty much coming on. They just don’t know when.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailing. I’m a big fan of yours from the UK.

Do you know if they’ll be going back to the Bachelor mansion at some point?

Comment: Clayton’s season will start at the mansion from everything I’ve heard.

Hi Steve

Been a long time reader. I love your take on this show and how reliable your spoilers are. Added bonus is your love for dogs! ? My question is around Andi Dorfman. I am not expecting specific dirt but is she really as single as she appears and she gives off a vibe that’s she’s better than the rest? Above the Bachelor Nation Alums?


Comment: I don’t follow Andi and don’t have the slightest clue what she’s been up to recently. Also have no idea on her relationship status.

Is Colton actually still doing a Netflix show or is it not happening?

Comment: I haven’t heard anything about since he came out on GMA back in April. So either this was a project that was being pitched at the time, or, Netflix dropped it. The fact it’s been 6 months since this was announced and we’ve heard nothing since makes me think this might not be happening anymore.

Hi Steve,

Just wondering about the Becca-Thomas-Aaron situation. The show made it seem like Becca’s top choice for the date would be Aaron but because he was on a date with someone else she chose Thomas. Do you think they purposefully set it up so Becca got her date card when Aaron was away hoping to stir up more drama or do you think Becca would have taken Thomas either way?

Comment: I’m sure they did. Then I was told that Becca said on her podcast she got into an argument with Aaron at the party, so that led her in the direction to start looking at someone else.

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  1. jlal

    September 21, 2021 at 9:44 AM

    I would love to see Wells become the host. I think he balances compassion, humor, and the serious/not serious nature of the show.

    Can someone tell me what the “thing” is between RS and Demi? Why won’t he talk about her at all? Just curious as I miss that somewhere along the way.

  2. rob22

    September 21, 2021 at 10:47 AM

    As far as RS and Demi, there are two things. One is that RS spoiled Demi’s “coming out” on the show. She felt it was her story to tell. The second thing is alleged “bullying” because of RS’s power position in the media. She felt obligated in some way to do what RS asked her. Nothing sexual, or anything. I don’t remember the specifics, but to me, it added up to not much. The media does have power, and people who want to stay in the media do feel obliged to keep them happy. Those who don’t want to stay in the media, don’t. Fair? I think the media and personalities use each other pretty equally. Where I usually draw the line is when someone is trying to have a private life, not in the media, and are being stalked and harassed. Or, obviously if someone is telling falsehoods about someone. Otherwise, it’s just normal stuff. Also, with Demi, it’s hard to tell how much she was really bothered by these things and how much she just wanted the continuing media attention. Again, maybe someone has more specifics, but it certainly wasn’t the crime of the century.

  3. dbla31

    September 21, 2021 at 11:37 AM

    Here was the big “crime” according to Demi that turned her and some Bachelor royalty against RS. He had a couple convos with her so they were in touch, just in a professional sense. Then he had a sexual dream about her, and he told her this. I don’t remember if he told her the details about it or just said “Hey, I had a sexy dream about you last night, isn’t that wild?” She later played that up like he was harassing her, and intimidating her with his “media power” and doubled down on the ick factor because he is close to twice her age. As with Rob22 I felt under the circumstances it was all overblown. Here is a women who trades on her sexuality to gain popularity and suddenly she’s all prim and proper? GTFOH I can see (and RS has admitted) that what he did could be construed as inappropriate, and I believe he apologized, but I also know guys like RS and am a bit like him myself (although I’m a woman.) He felt comfortable enough with her to express what he really thought was a funny occurrence, him having a sexual dream about her. But instead of just saying “hey, you’re making me uncomfortable” she chose to spread it to her BN friends and make him look like a jerk. So he’s not touching anything about her with a 10 foot pole these days.

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