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Hey Steve,

I have been thinking about Clayton being named the bachelor, and I think there is a huge point that I haven’t heard anyone talk about. The women going on to his season will know NOTHING about him, which I don’t think has ever happened before (or at least not in recent years). Even though Matt James hadn’t been on a show before, at least the women had time to study up on him and know general information about him. His personality was shown in quarantine crew Tik toks. For Clayton, I think it’s going to be a really interesting season because all the women are going in blind, and won’t have a chance to study up on him. No girl will even have an idea of what his “type” is or any other details that would in previous seasons help with conversation starters. I think this will lead to a very interesting dynamic with the women and how they interact with Clayton.

Is there a chance the women don’t even know who the bachelor is yet? I assume they have been in quarantine with their phones taken away for the past week.

Would love your thoughts on how this will impact the women and how they approach the season.

Appreciate it!

Comment: Two points here: We discussed this on last weeks podcast with the Game of Roses hosts, Chad and Lizzy. It’s definitely an interesting decision to make. You’re correct, we’ve never had a season this blind before of the women going in knowing next to nothing.

However, women are leaving today and tomorrow to arrive in LA. So they’ve been able to look online since last week to at least see what he looks like and whatever else they could find about him. Looks like quarantine isn’t what it was anymore since they arrive today and tomorrow, and filming begins at some point this weekend.

Hello Steve!

Are you going to have someone recapping Survivor this season? I miss Bryan Fish’s recaps. No. We haven’t had those for years now.

Also, how do you think the shortened season will impact the game? Yeah it’s a good point. It seems like it’s gonna play a factor, but I don’t know how. Looking forward to seeing how the season plays out come tomorrow.

Season 40 was my favourite season, probably tied with the first season, as the best season. Maybe because 39 was awful. Do you have a favourite? Heroes vs Villains, Blood vs Water, and Australia is an old school favorite.

Have you looked at the profiles of the players, and if so, do you have an early favourite? I haven’t. I usually try and go into those seasons barely knowing anything about the contestants.

One quick Bachelor related question/comment:

I remember there was a season of Bachelor Pad when the producers brought in Fans. The attitude of previous contestants was truly laughable. Hoping the fans would not ask them for autographs or fawn over them? Ugh. This truly led the way for the current attitude of trying to obtain more followers. Anyone who claims they go on this show to “find love” are simply full of poop. If they do, that is a bonus but all of them are:

A) Trying to be the next lead;
B) Expanding their SM presence;
And C) Building their brand.

I wish, these people would not be so righteous when they are all in this for the same purpose. Yeah, it’s pretty hypocritical and tired.

Also, toxic bachelor nation need a therapy session . Nobody’s behaviour, regardless of how egregious, deserves anonymous trolls wishing them death.

Have a beautiful day and thanks Steve.

Comment: No, they don’t. Yet, no matter how much we say it, it’s unfortunately happening more and more every season.

Thanks for what you do. Enjoyed the podcast with Game of Roses. Looking forward to the day when contestants accuse each other of having read “How to Win the Bachelor.”

During that podcast, it was mentioned that Peter Weber admitted to checking the internet during a break in the Chase Rice date. Therefore, he knew that Victoria Fuller had a fling with Chase Rice in time for the dinner portion.

I believe contestants are cut off from the internet, and I had thought that leads were also isolated. Is that generally the case?

Comment: Yes, they are. I never heard the full interview, but Peter seemed to insinuate he either lied or snuck in a peek at his ipad for work related issues dealing with piloting, then while he was doing that, checked online and saw about Chase and Victoria.

Hey Steve,

Do you know who will be hosting the bachelor? In my opinion as far as people from the franchise goes they seem to really be hyping up Wells (tweeting articles mentioning him as a possibility and more).

Comment: I have not heard any names outside of Wells. So while I wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up being him, I haven’t heard anything else on it.


1. Who do you predict will win Dancing with the Stars? Well after last night, seems like they’d love for JoJo to win. But I think Amanda and Cody will be finalists as well.

2. Keeping in mind what happened to Brendan, what do you think this means in the future for people who act in inappropriate ways on our screens and/or get the villain edit? Do you think they will start losing followers as well? If so, how do you think this will affect whether or not people are willing to lean into the villain edit (like Victoria Larson or Corinne)? I honestly don’t think it’ll change much. People will act how they’re gonna act and not be thinking ahead all the sudden on how they’ll be perceived.

3. Looking at the promos, it seems like production is happier with Michelle than Katie. Any ideas why? No.

4. The sports betting room at the Venetian looked amazing. What was your favorite thing about it? Outside of Circa’s and maybe the Westgate, I love the fact that you’re close and the TV’s are big enough. The one downside is there aren’t a ton of seats, but fortunately for me that hasn’t been an issue because I always reserve mine ahead of time. But yes for my money, it’s one of the top 3 books on the strip.

5. I am not a very avid football fan but that first game in Las Vegas was amazing. Any thoughts on the new Las Vegas Raiders and how Las Vegas is feeling about finally having a sports team?

Comment: Well, I have them over 7 wins this season, so that’s mostly what I’m concerned with. Off to a great start. Surely they can go at least 6-8 the rest of the year, no? But Vegas is really exploding on the sports scene now with the Golden Knights and Raiders. It won’t be long before they get an NBA team, and a good chance the A’s are gonna move there eventually. With gambling becoming legal in more and more states, it only makes sense for Vegas to now finally have professional sports teams. It’s a win win for everyone. The locals get a team to root for, and, all opposing teams fans can make their one road trip a year to watch their team play and make it a Vegas weekend.

Hi Steve,

1. If the people on the beach all knew about Brendan and Pieper, how come Natasha didn’t know? Why didn’t they tell Natasha? Do you think Natasha was in on it too? People are denying this but I have my doubts. Natasha wasn’t in the dark on it. She specifically asked Brendan about it. So she’d definitely heard. He just lied about his involvement with her.

Game of Roses discussed the power of victimization on your pod, which was excellent by the way! Since NP is co-host of a Bach pod, I believe they selected her to be the victim=more followers.

2. They staggered Brendan and Pieper’s entrances, Joe and Kendall’s, Becca and Thomas’. Do you think Becca and Thomas met before BIP? No.

3. Does production tell cast what to say? I’ve heard rumors they don’t, but it’s hard to believe. They absolutely do. In every situation? No. But I’ve heard plenty of stories where production has told them exactly what to say in an ITM.

4. Have you heard anymore on next Bach host choice from here on out? It seems like they’re grooming Wells for it. Nope.

5. Do you know why BK broke off with Thomas before BIP ended?

Thank you as always for spoiling us so much!

Comment: Not sure on what her reasoning was, but they are definitely back together post filming.

Hey Steve!

First time emailer here. Something I was wondering: I am aware that on all three shows in the franchise things are edited for time and drama but something kinda bothered me about this season of Paradise. Unless I missed something I felt like Tituss didn’t get much airtime as a guest host. It almost felt like a “blink and you’ll miss it” scenario with him on the beach. It seemed to me like David and Lance got more airtime, David especially when we saw him talking to Wells and getting the “scoop” on things developing on the beach since it was early on. I don’t know if I want to say it’s blatant preference by ABC or something but it did make me wonder. Will Lil Jon stay as host until the end?

Comment: Yeah, Titus definitely got less air time than Spade and Lance, but I have no idea what the reason behind it was.

I thought it was reported that Sarah Hyland was down in Paradise with Wells? Is she going to be making any sort of appearance or was she just with him but not on camera at all? I don’t think so.

Am I correct that Kendall came down to the beach without a date card? Doesn’t that make it pretty clear she wasn’t there to meet other people? And is she the only person who has done that in Paradise? I can’t think of anyone else sent down to the beach after day 1 who didn’t come with a date card but I also don’t know all the past seasons super well.

Comment: Haven’t a few people come down this season without date cards, or am I already forgetting things? Just seems like they just make up shit as they go this season.

Hi Steve,

The discussion in your last Podcast was interesting as the point of Bachelor Royalty came up as a big factor in Brendan’s Instagram Explosion.

Natasha came up the ranks quickly when she replaced Hannah Ann on Clickbait about a year ago. Natasha is not royalty in the vein of Becca, Tayshia, Nick, Ben or Joe but she is rapidly entering that level.

Had Ben pulled his caper on someone else…. Maybe Deandra or Tammy he would have paid far less the price of losing 100000 IG followers. Clearly he didn’t understand that the producers will protect their Inner Circle with far more vigor than a fringe player.

What is your take on this?

Comment: Agree. I don’t think Brendan loses that much following if he pulls the same stunt on other contestants. But since it was someone who’s on a Bachelor approved podcast, and there was a riot online specifically telling people to unfollow Brendan and follow Natasha, surely that helped a lot. Because even though Natasha has been a podcast host for close to year (right?), she was under 100k followers before this season began. And in Bachelor IG hierarchy, that’s incredibly low. So this appearance, and subsequent treatment by Brendan absolutely played a major role in increasing her following 4.5 times.

Hi Steve,

This is prob too late to get in, but how in the heck did Matt James get on DWTS? I thought franchise was fed up with him and he, them. Was it bc of Hannah Brown?

Comment: The Bachelor franchise has nothing to do with the casting of DWTS. I think him being on the show is more a product of him being associated with super agent James “Baby Doll” Dixon.

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