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Hi Steve—

Hope the healing is going well! (Though I’m sure it’s getting old really fast). VERY, VERY fast. I’m going stir crazy. However, my new scooter arrived yesterday that I feel way more comfortable in, so I think I will start venturing outside more.

I feel like everyone is getting shorted this season because they are basically shoving two seasons into one because of how they are handling the “two bachelorettes” thing. The guys are getting half as much time (if that) with the leads. The leads are having to make a decision based on less time spent with the guys, together OR individually. Let’s not even get into the number of dates and cocktail parties have been canceled, shortening the contact time even more. And we, the viewers are getting shorted so much on getting to know the guys and getting invested in them and the relationships that may or may not be forming. It just seems like a big ripoff! I was looking forward to a double bachelorette season, but am sorely disappointed. Are other people feeling this way? Yes. Plenty. Instead of double the Bachelorettes, we’ve basically gotten half of what a normal season would’ve given us.

Totally unrelated, but are you still playing Wordle? You haven’t mentioned it in awhile, but I feel like I am now as into it as you were when you were talking about it on every podcast. Ha ha, yes I am. Try to play every night right at midnight too once the new game starts. Right now, I’ve played 209 times with a 96% win %. I believe I’ve missed 7 total.

Finally, in regards to all the Nate stuff–I think he is deliberately misinterpreting the issue here to deflect. No one anywhere has commented on his parenting skills–only on his shitty relationship habits. The good thing about all this is that Nate’s behaviors are out there well in advance of filming, so if he IS the Bachelor, women will be forewarned going in. Not that it will make a difference–they will all believe they are the one person who can make him change his ways. And I couldn’t bring myself to finish listening to the Bachelor Party podcast. They were saying that you said stuff you really didn’t say, and appear to be solidly on the Nate train. Are they one of the podcasts that are subsidized by the Bachelor machine?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: They are not subsidized by the Bachelor machine, no. They are under The Ringer umbrella, which Spotify bought for like $250 million or something a couple years ago. You can google it and read about that purchase. And honestly, I don’t think the women coming on next season really care what Nate did or said to Kelsey and Laree. If the show thought it was gonna be a major issue, they wouldn’t be defending him.

I know the show edits things to appear differently than they actually occurred, but they seemed to show Jesse saying to Logan “you’ve got to pack your bags” after also saying that Gabby was crying. If Logan had COVID, Jesse would not have been chatting with him due to exposure risk, right? That edit just has me confused. Yeah, we never saw that air. Unless Jesse’s lines weren’t to Logan and we’ve yet to see the scene where Jesse says that. Logan’s “I feel awful” line we definitely never saw air.

Can you remind me who goes to Paradise from this season? My recall is the twins, Logan, Tyler and Johnny. Also, any update on your potentially explosive story?

I hope you are feeling better and your recovery goes smoothly. Best regards.

Comment: Off the top of my head I don’t remember, but, just scroll up to the top and click “Spoilers” then “Bachelor in Paradise 8” and there should be columns in there where I cover everyone who was on the show from this season.

Hi Steve,

Since you’re low on emails, my question is if you were a contestant this season, would you choose to pursue Rachel or choose to pursue Gabby? Thanks!

Comment: I hate answering these questions because whoever I don’t say, people automatically assume I hate and I’m favoring the one I do say. Because people are morons and everything is so black and white to them, when in reality, most things are in the gray area.

But if I had to answer it or I’ll be executed by a firing squad, I’d say Rachel.

Hi Steve! Today’s podcast reminded me of the last one you talked about celebrity family feud and how no one loses the fast money round. Go search for the one a few weeks ago with Boyz II Men. They lost and you will crack up and the reason why.

Comment: Oh geez. What did Shawn Stockman and the Boyz do to lose in the final round? I haven’t even seen it and I’m embarrassed for them.

Hi Steve

I have never written in before, but this whole Covid thing really bothers me. I do wonder if any of the others guy got Covid, but with the timing to the hometowns they (production) were able to “hide” it. I do believe if Gabby really wanted to bring Logan to hometowns they would have “made it work”, via zoom/etc. Its also possible that beyond the time filming that everyone was wearing masks? Hopefully since Covid is a serious topic it will be addressed.

Comment: I doubt we will ever get any true answers to this.

Hi Steve,

Not that you’ll have the answer to it, but what I wondered after reading your Nate story, and seeing all the pictures last week was; nobody mentioned Nate’s daughter during the group trips, and parties? There were photos with friends, and family, you’d think someone could say; hey, have you met his daughter yet, or Nate, how’s your daughter doing, or anything along those lines. Right? If I was hiding being a parent, I’d worry that one of my friends, or family members might say something, and asking every single person in attendance to not mention it to the girl I bring around seems weird too. I asked Kelsey. She said none of them ever said anything either.

I’m watching with friends, and after sharing your spoilers with them, they were already doubting me when that promo ran with Rachel saying something along the lines “I barely got out of there alive” after talking to Tino’s dad. I laughed at them saying one, I have confidence in Steve’s spoilers, and two, you obviously don’t watch the show regularly. Of course they will show us some big conflict that may make it seem like the couple isn’t together after all. His father did seem hard on her though, unless it’s just the edit. Guess we’ll know next week.
Love your site, have been reading for years, big fan!

Comment: I mean, it’s very possible the father did give her a hard time and she said that about Tino’s family. But ultimately I guess it really doesn’t matter since she’s with him. There have been plenty of family members in the past who were anti-the one chosen and then by finale night, everything was fine. I’m suspecting this will be more of the same.

Hope your recovery is going well! It would be pretty funny wheeling around Vegas on a scooter. Any ideas for bets yet? AFC/NFC champs? Yes. My future bets are in for the Super Bowl, and NFL and college FB win total over/unders. And you can have them too for the low price of only $999! Kidding. As we get closer to the season, I’ll fill you in on who I bet.

I saw someone on Instagram say that have “tea” to why Logan left the show and that it wasn’t the C*vid. Any other info to this that you know of? Sorry if you have already answered this previously. I’ll say the same thing I say every time I get asked something similar.

-Who is this “someone?”
-How do they know?
-Is there any evidence or proof to back it up?
-If there is, what is it?
-Have they ever spoiled something specific before?
-If they did show proof and evidence, where did that proof and evidence come from?

I’d start there. If you have answers to all 6 of those, then I’d say it’s legit. If you don’t, it’s just a rumor and hasn’t been proven.

Also, I listened to the daily pod today and I thought it was hilarious that people didn’t know you were saying C-ya at the end! I have grown up with my dad saying this and now we pretty much say it the same way you do!

Take care!

Comment: Well look at that. Helping families all around the world bond. Or something like that.

I started watching during Clare’s and Tayshia’s season, so I admit that I am new to the franchise.

However, it seems like there are a lot of dates that end in a hot tub and it always seems to be the same round hot tub with wooden exterior.

I just have to know – is there someone in the production crew who is in charge of Hot Tub Wrangling? I managed to give myself a fit of giggles thinking of the hot tub being loaded off and on the cruise ship at each destination.

Please, if you can, share what you know about the franchise hot tub. Not what goes on in the hot tub, just the logistics of how so many dates end in hot tubs placed in improbable locations.

Comment: No, they don’t have to have a hot tub they carry around with them. I’m sure they just rent one from every city they’re in.

Hey Steve,

I’m sorry to read about your surgery. I hope your recovery goes well; how long does it take to fully recover where you can resume regular activities? I believe I won’t start walking regularly for 3 months. Then physical therapy will start. And I guess depending on how much I do it will determine how long before back to running and jumping. Anywhere from another 3-6 months.

I’m not watching this season of the Bachelorette. I keep up through your spoilers. How do you think this season went with two leads? Meh, it wasn’t well thought out. I have no problem with each of them. They were just put in an impossible position since the show had never done this before in 46 seasons where two leads lasted the whole time.

How long are contestants under contract once they stop filming? One year from the time your finale airs is when all media must be approved by the show. But it’s still basically a lifetime contract where after that, even though you can do whatever media you want, you can’t really expose what REALLY happens on the show. Basically you’re not supposed to share things that were never shown on TV. Some do, but it’s still fairly tame. I’m talking about the stuff where producers told you to do something, or forced you to do something behind the scenes, etc. You’re never allowed to reveal that publicly. Privately, hell, most of them tell people. That’s how we’ve found out over the years some of the secrets.

Finally, huge fan of the WWE. Going to a show next weekend. With Roman Reigns reduced schedule, do you think Drew McIntyre could win the championship at Clash at the Castle? I really like the new talent they are bringing in.

Thanks for all your hard work; I enjoy reading about the show through your columns and spoilers.

Comment: No. I’d be surprised if he did. I think the next person Roman loses to will be Cody once he’s healed.

Hi Steve!

I’ve seen a lot of past contestants talk about still being “under contract” and not being able to take deals, and I’ve always been curious about that. Today Katie mentioned something about her contract or non-compete being “extended longer”. Do you have any insight with these contracts? Is it just leads that have to agree to this, or all contestants? I see leads who have mentioned being under contract still promoting products/influencing during that time, so is it just certain projects they can’t take on until the contract is up, or does the show have to approve what they can and cannot promote?

Comment: Look at the answer two questions above this one.



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