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You always get it right. Your comments today about Nate not mentioning his daughter in a year and a half are SPOT ON. The fact that you’re not a parent and you can see that invalidates everyone who defends this behavior. I can’t go half a day without talking about my kids.

Keep up the great work, and you will be a great dad one day.

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Hi Steve,

Huge fan of yours. I have been reading/listening to you for years. Let me just get to the point:

This whole Nate situation is nuts. Everything you did was perfect. The way you presented it as well as the way you went about it. I went to go listen to “those girls” on bachelor party. What they said about you does not make any sense. It’s not ok for you to talk about it but they can have an entire podcast about it??? They literally said what you said but in their words.

I don’t know how you deal with some of these podcasts that speak about you.

Always stay true to yourself. You’re awesome!!!

PS – loving the daily roundups!! I’m in my car a lot so I’m able to catch up with Bach and other news that way in case I miss a blog post.

Comment: Thank you. I hope I covered everything about that in today’s podcast. But yes, the hypocrisy of asking whether or not this story is big enough to be shared publicly, then spending 40 minutes talking about it themselves is pretty laughable.

Hi Steve!

It really will be interesting if Nate becomes the next Bachelor… most contestants MUST read your site before they leave for the show, right? How could you not??? Assuming most, if not all, of Nate’s women know about his background, a huge majority will be just on the show to gain followers/fame so they don’t care if the lead is actually husband material. Maybe it will make for a more interesting/drama filled show in that case? I don’t think they care. They’re there for themselves and what can happen to their brand post show.

Since we had two bachelorettes narrow their field down to their top actual contenders way earlier than usual this season (typically the lead has 7-8 guys/girls they really like and the rest are TV gold that the producers pick, right?) there wasn’t enough drama and funny business. So next season should be great, knowing that no one actually expects to find love and will just be there to make as ridiculous a show as possible!

Comment: There will always be about 4-6 contestants that are specifically cast for the lead that producers think will probably get far. Everyone else is just filler.

Hi Steve!

No need to include this in reader emails but some quick thoughts re today (Tuesday)s daily roundup. Love the round up, thanks for doing it even with the surgery.

-I believe they sent Kenny and his daughter (from Rachel L’s season) to Disney land and told him and her at the men tell all, so precedent for a dad with a good edit to get it on ABCs dime without being the lead. Obviously Nate could still be bachelor, that just came to mind when I heard you say it. Others have gone as well during their wait in LA for hometown dates to happen, but yes, with where Nate finished, his edit, and getting the tour with his daughter – it’s definitely a big sign. Again, nothing is finalized until they announce it, but he’s certainly one of the names they are talking to.

-I think Rachel’s comment about standing up on the bike was because the seat was so high as we were shown in the bloopers. Making a joke that she needed to stand on the seat since she couldn’t reach the pedals. Well, shit. Stupid me. I guess that’s what she was trying to do. Just actually stand up on the pedals, not on the actual seat. What this proves is that, sometimes, I can be an absolute moron.

-yes the tulips in Amsterdam only bloom a few weeks. They are in a garden called Keukenhof. Bloom time can vary so they got lucky in being there the right time. FYI that Rachel and zachs dinner date was in the Rijksmuseum which is the biggest museum in Amsterdam and has that big hallway with stained glass pieces (I have family that lives in the country so have visited often)

Comment: Well damn. Shows you what I know about gardening or whatever.

Hi Steve,

I guess because there’s 2 Bachelorettes, the season has gone by so fast and there’s a couple of guys I don’t remember seeing. The other problem is the canceling of dates/cocktail parties. So I feel the audience is getting cheated as well as the guys. Is that a production decision or are the girls really that upset? I mean if I was in Europe, I don’t care what happened I’m going on the date. Or wouldn’t the cocktail party be a good place to tell the guys why she was upset. She could tell who handles conflict, who tries to comfort her…Maybe a date wasn’t planned. Although you’ll hear from Kristen Baldwin on the podcast tomorrow that she was told a date was planned. Gabby just scrapped it.

Why would they pick Nate as the next Bachelor? What am I missing? I didn’t like him before all the stuff came out. I think Aven, Tyler or even the guy Rachel sent home during dinner, (the race car driver) would be better. Oh well.

Comment: People still like him. And way more of their audience doesn’t know about the story than do.

Hi! I feel like this season is so disjointed. I love Gabby and Rachel, but feel like we haven’t seen a love story for anyone! I barely feel like I know their Top 4! Could it be that lack of dates? Usually we get 2 one on ones each episode. Sure, there were 2 each episode but only one for each woman! Do you think they got to see the men more than we’ve seen. I just don’t see how they can choose anyone with such little dating time they got! I guess my question is “What is wrong with this season that makes it so Blah?!” I don’t think it’s the ladies!

Comment: Yes, we basically got half the time we usually get on a normal, one lead season. Because with one lead, you have two 1-on-1’s while in LA, then episodes 4-7 once they leave LA, there’s two 1-on-1’s and a group date each episode. That’s 10 1-on-1 episodes a lead usually gets during a season. This season they got 10 total, but that meant 5 each.

Hi Steve,

I hope your recovery is going well after your surgery!

Im confused by the clip we saw in last week’s preview of Jesse supposedly telling Logan to ‘pack his bags’, which we never got to see. Was that clip misleading? Why would production let their host be in close contact with someone who has COVID?

Also, if one of the women’s front runners/top contenders, like Tino, had caught COVID instead, do you think production would have allowed them to stay on in some way and just quarantined until they tested negative?

Comment: I don’t think we’ll ever know the answers to this unless someone like Jesse or Robert Mills says in an interview what the show’s COVID protocols are. And I’d be surprised if that happened.


I wasn’t sure if I would be into your daily podcast because I don’t always listen to your weekly guest if I’m short on time.

I absolutely love it and look forward to it. And damn it that song is so catchy.

Unpopular opinion I just find Rachel’s edit continuously whining and I wish I could fast forward to her happy ending because I like Tino but not how her journey has gone. And there is no way I would want to do this. I would leave the show if anyone rejected me. So I’m not speaking from a high horse.

So I haven’t ridden a bicycle since high school but I have a toddler and wanted to get one of those bike trailer things for her. I’m actually scared of riding bikes and the first thing I did was try to stand up while riding it from the store to my brother’s truck. No clue why, just a I wonder if I can do this moment. PS I’m in my 40’s so high school was awhile ago.

I love diversity, shoot I wish they would give the next bachelor to Ethan. Nothing about your Nate story made me want to watch him. There are plenty that feel the same way. And plenty that don’t. Whoever they name as the lead, there will always be a segment of the audience that loves it, and a segment that hates it and will ask, “Why?”

I know you started with Bachelor spoilers but since you watch Big Brother now and Survivor I hope you can get some guests from those shows or the other podcasters that cover them. Taran who watches all the daily feeds is interesting. I will definitely have more on in the future.

So I’m basically dying about your biggest story you have ever written, did you put a will be out by date on it?

Thanks always

Comment: I don’t have a date yet, no. But if I had to guess, I would say within the next couple weeks. Either end of August, or beginning of September.

Hi Steve!

Just wanted to say I appreciate the blog, and how much time you put into updating us with new content. I have a couple of questions for you since i’m fairly new on the Bachelorette & Bachelor wave.

1. Regarding the spoilers you recently released, how do you determine whether the leads final pick is definite, a lot of people have been getting into my head this weekend regarding gabby’s final pick. Many people assume that everything doesn’t add up, and therefore she ends up with Jason. I feel like that could be possible, but spoilers say otherwise! There’s nothing I can add to make you feel any better/worse. Just know that every single time I release a spoiler, it will always be doubted. It’s never NOT been doubted. And it’s never not had a string of theories as to why it’s not true. So whatever you’re hearing is par for the course. I can’t share HOW I know what I know. I just share what I know.

2. Wanted to also know how you feel about the direction the show is taking this season. I’ve only ever watched Matt James season onwards, which was a shit show in itself. I feel like since his season everything has went downhill. This also might be the norm for the bachelor/bachelorette, correct me if i’m wrong! not that experienced in watching it.

Comment: The two leads thing just didn’t work. They screwed up and didn’t seem to put a lot of thought into it. They did the same show, which cut everything in half.

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